Foster long-term economic benefit
for Minnesota through value-added agricultural products.
AURI Publishes Shelf Life Guide Through Ag Innovation Partnership
The "Food Product Shelf Life Guide" is a free resource that provides food businesses with a baseline understanding of what shelf life is, and the underlying science and supply chain ramifications.
An Exploration of Food Industry Trends
In collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Washington D.C. and the Dutch Consulate General in Chicago, AURI developed a report on emerging trends, gaps and opportunities that may lead to impactful innovation for the food industry.
May 13 Webinar: Packaging Guide for Scalable Food Businesses
Join Jason Robinson, AURI project development director, takes attendees through the  Packaging Guide for Scalable Food Businesses .
Ag Innovation News
The newspaper is designed to make research and technical information easy to read and enjoyable for the average user. From an initial subscription list of 4,000, it has grown to reach more than 12,000 print and online readers every quarter, covering AURI’s work in the development of new food products, renewable energy, biobased products and new uses for agricultural coproducts.