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Beyond the Wall
The U.S. incarcerates Americans at globally unprecedented rates. What's more,  within three years of release approximately two-thirds of the formerly incarcerated are rearrested and sent back to prison.

After Incarceration, There's Life Social Impact Campaign

Beyond the Wall  humanizes the social, economic and emotional barriers encountered by citizens (and their families) returning to their communities following incarceration. The  After Incarceration, There's Life  campaign aims to illuminate these realities and provide opportunities for best-practice strategies to be shared in targeted locations. The film and campaign will be influential in assisting with more successful reentry, ultimately reducing the number of our citizens returning to jails and prisons. 
Learn more about campaign goals and initiatives at beyondthewallfilm.com

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Jenny Phillips on the Radio

In advance of the screening at the Peace o n Earth Film Festival, Beyond the Wall Director Jenny Phillips was featured on the radio to discuss the film and the current state of reentry.

Listen here:  WBEZ Worldview Chicago

Cut50's #DayofEmpathy - a single day of action across the country to highlight the strength of the bipartisan criminal justice reform movement - was hosted at the MA State House by MassIncLouie Diaz, Reentry Coordinator and principal film subject, shared his story to a group of lawmakers last month. Click to watch the video, courtesy of MassInc.

Upcoming Screenings

May 2, 2017 | Concord, MA

August 1, 2017 | New Orleans, LA 
Probation Leadership Summit

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