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April 2015


From book birthdays to book fairs, from National Poetry Month to new catalogs and beyond, it's been a great spring so far for us here at EBYR.


We're busy as bees, happy as larks, and "leaping like calves from the stall."


Given our recent burst of creaturely attributes, it's only natural that we should also have been inspired to feature books for animal lovers on our website this month ----  and to give away three great animal-loving books from one dynamic duo this week on our blog.


Read on to discover which set of books you could win in this month's giveaway ----  and more besides:

Read, think, and be well!


Rachel Bomberger

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

An Amazing New Book Trailer!trailer

The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch celebrated its "book birthday" on the first of this month. Illustrator Don Tate made a drawing . . . 

. . . so we thought we'd get in on the celebration and make a video, too (with author Chris Barton as narrator)!


There is indeed much to celebrate about The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch ----  it's already received two starred reviews, one from Publishers Weekly, and another from Booklist! Order the book to find out for yourself just how amazing this book is.

April Giveaway: Three Great Books for Animal Loversgiveaway

Today is the U.S. release date for Animal Supermarket, an imaginative tale sure to delight animal lovers of all ages. To celebrate, we're giving away this book and two more books for animal-lovers from the award-winning author-illustrator duo of Giovanna Zoboli and Simona Mulazzani!

Two winners in our April giveaway will receive Animal Supermarket , The Big Book of Slumber , and I Wish I Had . . . .  Enter the giveaway by clicking here, and read the contest details on Eerdlings. You can also save 30% on our entire featured collection of books for animal lovers through the end of the month!
Coffee Break: National Poetry Monthpoetry

Poetry, like public speaking, seems to rank among humankind's greatest fears. (Sometimes that's true even for bibliophiles!) But fear not ----  Ahna and Katherine are here to allay your fears and demystify poetry for your and your young readers.

This week on Coffee Break, this fearless duo shows you some creative but easy ways to make your own poetry:

Poetry Workshop
Poetry Workshop
And last week they discussed some great kidlit books filled with engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking poetry:

Anapestic Tetrameter and Other Things for Kids
Anapestic Tetrameter and Other Things for Kids
It's a great time to dig into some poetry and even try your hand at some verses of your own. Even our Eerdlings  guest posters are giving it a shot. Here's a limerick from translator Laura Waktinson (outlining the plot of Mikis and the Donkey), just in case you need some more inspiration :

There once was a donkey called Tsaki
Who carried too much on her backie.
When that made her so sore
Her friend said "No more!
Grandpa, don't give her a thwackie!"

Don't forget to subscribe to  Coffee Break on EBYR TV. Other episodes from this month include Blogging 101 and a profile of  new spring books.
Bologna Isn't Only for SandwichesBologna

A bologna sandwich may be boring, but a Bologna Book Fair is not. Every spring kidlit writers, illustrators, and publishers from around the world ----  including yours truly here at EBYR ----  meet at the Bologna Children's Book Fair to share conversation, ideas, and books.

EBYR has something of a reputation for excellent translated works (our books have won two Batchelder Awards and three Batchelder honors!), and this is the place where many of those books and authors are initially found.

EBYR President Anita Eerdmans and Associate Publisher/Art Director Gayle Brown are Bologna veterans, and they both report a great year at Bologna and say they came home with many fascinating projects to explore further. Click here to read more from Gayle about the great books born out of the Bologna Book Fair in years past.

Gayle Brown and Anita Eerdmans at the 2015 Bologna Book Fair
Hot off the Press: The Fall 2015 EBYR Catalog!catalog

The EBYR Fall 2015 catalog is hot off the presses and in the mail! The catalog is a great way to get an early look at new titles ----  including The Dog That Nino Didn't Have, the source of the cover art ----  while perusing great books from previous seasons and gems on our backlist.





You can always view the catalog online, and if you'd like to receive it in the mail, make sure to sign up for the mailing list!

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New Releases

Animal Supermarket
  By Giovanna Zoboli
Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani 
  The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch
By Chris Barton
Illustrated by Don Tate
By Jan De Kinder
Top Sellers

  Mikis and the Donkey
By Bibi Dumon Tak
Illustrated by Philip Hopman 

Mister H
By Daniel Nesquens
Illustrated by Luciano Lozano
I Am Marc Chagall
By Bimba Landmann
Vincent van Gogh and the Colors of the Wind
By Chiara Lossani
Illustrated by Octavia Monaco
 Brother Hugo and the Bear 
By Katy Beebe
Illustrated by S. D. Schindler 
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