Brain Science Update 
April 2018 

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"Successful TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 series. 8 happy seniors over age 60. The 2 young women helped me facilitate some of the classes. SO MUCH fun!" 

Mary Barbour, Program Coordinator
Pitkin County Senior Services

Brain Science Update
New Findings in Brain Health

Get Up & Move! Your Brain May Be Shrinking 
UCLA researchers looked at the relationship between volume in the brain's medial temporal lobe (MTL), an area closely associated with memory, physical activity and sedentary behavior in older adults.

Retired? Be Sure To Keep Your Mind Busy
Researchers examined the impact of retirement on everyday intellectual performance, including attention, thinking speed and memory.
What's New @ TBH
Training, Talks and More
Coming Soon! TBH FLEX, Brain Fitness for Adults with Memory Challenge
Sign up HERE to be among the first to learn all about our new TBH FLEX Toolkit promoting optimal brain fitness for those with memory challenge. Available Summer 2018.

OlympiActs | Mid-Atlantic Region
Total Brain Health is proud to contribute the Total Brain Health Games for Acts Retirement-Life Communities' annual OlympiActs on June 24th for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Cal-a-Vie Spa 
TBH is thrilled to have another successful event at Cal-a-Vie Spa where Dr. Green taught the science of memory improvement and brain fitness to guests.
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Brain News You Can Use
Current Science from the Web 
In Their Own Words: Living With Dementia 

Portable Brain Imaging System to Shed Light on Concussions 

These Techniques are Proven to Boost Certain Cognitive Functions 

Too Much Sitting Is As Bad For The Brain As It Is For The Body: Study

What Not to Say to an Isolated Older Adult  

Why You Shouldn't Bother With Memory or Brain Health Supplements  

TBH Memory Level 2.0 Toolkit

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Our next-level memory strategies course is here! Click HERE to learn more.

You can expect:
  • 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders
  • All new ramped-up memory training workouts
  • New strategies along with reviews of traditional techniques
  • A "Memory Best" Daily Challenge for out-of-class engagement

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TBH Around the World 
"A great big shout out to all of you who joined us recently at the American Society of Aging Conference. We are so grateful for the chance to have shared this amazing time together." - Dr. Cynthia Green, Total Brain Health, and James Lewis, The Duke Center for Living

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