Live your life in full bloom!
Living life in full bloom means living with hope, purpose, imagination, and vision -- in a way that honours the Earth, spirit, and one another.
We are cautiously optimistic that 2022 will be a wonderful year. As we are seeing covid-19 restrictions ease, we are offering wine tastings again and have a year of events back on the schedule starting with 'Spring Happenings in the Hive'. Please take a look to see what we have been up to!
A note about sustainability
as we approach Earth Day on April 22nd
Given our environmental philosophy and challenges associated with increasing costs , we have decided to discontinue providing paper bags. From time to time, we have boxes to recycle and we are happy to provide those as long as we have supply.

We have made this choice to avoid passing on additional costs to our customers, which would be reflected in higher product prices and we are looking at all the ways we can offset expenses.

For example, for some time, we have been giving $0.10 for returns on our wine bottles and honey jars as we sanitize these for re-use. The bottles and jars must have our label as we get a letter of guarantee, at the time of purchase of the glassware, that they are food safe. We are delighted that our customers have embraced this return policy.

We look forward to our customers supplying their own shopping bags, and would love to engage in conversation with you about all the ways we can act green together. We have planted more trees and even switched to an electric lawn mower. Even the smallest efforts make a difference!
(Re-useable Bags)
In an effort to produce less waste, please bring your own re-useable shopping bags to our store as bags will no longer be provided.
Farm Update
After a long winter, we couldn't be happier to see spring arrive. Pruning and planting have taken up most of our time along with caring for the hives to prevent disease and starvation. After all, the hum of the bees is the voice of the garden.

Our Beekeeping Course Is Under Way
We are in the midst of our annual Beginner Beekeeping Course, which is one of our highlights of the year. We wish all these new beekeepers the very best as they begin to embrace the wonder and beauty of beekeeping!
Mason Bees at Campbell's Gold
Nucs and Mason Cocoons
Most of our nucs have been committed, but we have room for a few more orders.

If you haven’t received your Mason bee cocoons, we still have a few packages left. We have already seen some Mason bee activity outside. Shop Now
Farm Tours Update
We suspended our educational group tours due to the pandemic and are not hosting any this spring. We look forward to reinstating these in 2023. We will be offering tours during our Open Hive Thursdays in July and August. These are a great way to interact with the bees when they are at their busiest!
Open Hive Thursdays
Latest Vintages
We have also just bottled our 2021 vintages:

Group Shopping Tours

You are welcome to book group shopping tours during any of our open hours by contacting us by phone or e-mail.

Save the dates!
Re-opening the wine patio starts on May 6th.

Let's Plant For the Bees is on May 21st.

Intermediate Beekeeping Course starts on May 28th.

Mid-Summer Mead Fest is on July 23rd.

This is a mid-summer adult evening party. We are now selling tickets for two and only up to 100 tickets. Each ticket will include two glasses of wine per person and a charcuterie box for two.
See all of our events and upcoming classes!
Happy Easter and Earth Day!
We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Easter weekend and a harmonious day celebrating Mother Nature on Earth Day!
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