Key Takeaways
Member update by Jim Emanuelson
  • Possible CERT Disaster Simulation event planned in LWR. Watch your email for activation details. Your quick response to the information requested is vital for success.
Radio Committee presentation by Tony Vasile
  • Be precise when using radio.
  • Saying "over" at the end of your communication saves time and prevents confusion.
Lt. Chris Galbraith's presentation:
  • Your first action should be to activate the 911 system -- either call yourself or direct someone else to call.
  • Do NOT help on the interstate or in a roadway.
  • Never turn your back on traffic; provide help from the sidewalk if you can.
  • Provide pertinent information when calling 911, include victim(s) medical history you know or observed.
  • Do NOT help in cases of explosion, gas leak, or active structure or vehicle fires.
  • East Manatee Fire Rescue responds in about five minutes. Units are dispatched before the call to 911 is completed. Any information you can give is relayed to the first responders in route.