• NUMBER 4 •
• VOLUME 53 •
APRIL 2022
Letter From Our President,
Susan Allen
Greetings to CFG Members, New and Old!

Spring arrived!!! Isn’t this the most beautiful time of year? I love to watch new growth on trees, plants, and flower blooms as they burst open!

As your new President, as of April 1, it is time to thank Cheri Jolivette for her service for the past 1 ½ year as President! We went through some challenging times as a Guild; making adjustments to what was going on in the world. Cheri was tenacious and patient in the process, keeping us all on track! So a big shout out to her! She continues as our Past President. So much was accomplished!!!! Thank you Cheri!

Our first live meeting was held in March and attended by about 65 people. It was wonderful to see “full” faces again, and bump elbows with friends. The meeting space met the needs for the day.  Our wonderful speaker, Diane Ericson, was riveting with her many experiences and creative talents. Her workshop was so enjoyed and I have seen some amazing garments in progress as a result!

Have you looked at the Spring Gallery on our website? The current theme is “Dream in Color”.  So nice to see creations by so many different members and hope you will contribute one of your pieces to the next gallery. Submissions open May 1 and close May 31.

Enjoy the sunshine, flowers, longer days and warmer weather!
CFG is looking for help with Publicity
The CFG board is looking for help with PR/publicity to:

  • increase public awareness of the guild;
  • increase membership;
  • increase our presence on social media;
  • increase attendance at meetings and workshops.

Are there members with familiarity or even expertise with PR and/or publicity who would like to form a small task force to tackle this?

Any questions or to offer help in any way, please contact CFG president, Susan Allen, sallenow1@gmail.com
Reports For Members
Please click on the red boxes below to read these documents
Any membership related questions, please contact:
Carolyn Walwyn, Membership Chair, at Carolyn.walwyn@gmail.com

News From
Our Program Chairperson, Karen Miller

June 8, 2022 evening meeting
Kerr Grabowski - Zoom lecture, The Challenge of Making Work “just for me”

Live, Virtual Workshops June 9-11 & possibly 13-15
$160 10-12 students,
Deconstructed Screen Printing

We have been in conversation with Kerr Grabowski about the format for her virtual class presentation. She will send a supply list ahead of the class in time to order what we need, and prepare YouTube videos describing setup and dye mixing for those who are newer to the process of deconstructed screen printing. The three days of class will run from 9:30 to 4 on Zoom with taped demos morning and afternoon and access to her throughout the day for questions. She hopes to have people share pictures via email of their progress at the end of the day so she can do a slide “critique” later.
At this point Kerr's class is full with 12 students and has a wait list...but put your name on the wait list if you think you might be interested as plans can change and a space might open up.
Kerr will soon be communicating directly with class participants regarding supplies, etc.

Susan Brandeis has two full classes of 16 at present.

See our website: https://www.columbiafiberartsguild.org/ for further details.
Online Exhibit
Upcoming Exhibits

I hope you have all had the opportunity to check out our latest CFG Online Gallery Exhibit with the theme Dream in Color. We appreciate all of you who submitted work this past year and hope you will continue to do so. The Committee has decided to change the format for the upcoming year to two exhibits a year.
The first theme is Free Motion Stitching. Submissions open May 1 and close May 31. The gallery will be on the website July 1. Please, only submit work that has not been accepted to an online gallery exhibit previously. The second exhibit of the year will showcase Hand Stitching.
Here is an example of fiber artwork that highlights free motion stitching:
Ten Blueberries in the Landscape
by Jill P Hoddick
Photo credit: Hoddick Photography
Ten Blueberries in the Landscape
close up
Photo credit: Hoddick Photography
In order for us to showcase your stitching, we will be asking for two professional quality photos - a full shot and a detail shot that highlight your machine stitching (see examples above). If you need help with your photography, please ask. Review the photography pointers below. The Committee is committed to putting the Guild's best work up on the website for the public to view. We hope you will consider entering any fiber related work you have created that showcases Free Motion Stitching.

Further questions can be directed to Jill Hoddick at hoddick@up.edu

Tips for Photographing Fiber Art submissions for the CFG Website
Follow submission directions; ask questions contact Jill Hoddick hoddick@up.edu
  • Use a solid color white, black, or other neutral background which contrasts with your subject: Avoid props or artsy backgrounds.
  • Avoid shadows and glare: subject should be evenly lit with strong, diffused light.
  • No visible hands, fingers, feet, clips, pins or hangers holding flat subjects (quilts, scarves, etc.).
  • Garments are 3D and should be presented on a mannequin, dress form, head form or stand, hanger, or model: model must not detract from art subject.
  • Mount camera on a tripod if you have one.
  • Be aware of location of camera eye relative to subject - align camera with center of subject.
  • Exception: Some 3D pieces may benefit from odd angle shots (hats, vessels).
  • Avoid “selfies”.

You may find lessons at iphonephotographyschool.com (with Emil Pakarklis) helpful as you photograph your work.

Members' Work
Send in photos of your recent fiber art work: finished or not!
  • What fiber art are you working on at present;
  • Have you just completed a fiber art piece;
  • Do you have a work in progress you'd like to share;
  • Those who took Diane's workshop last month - would you share your creations, finished or not, in the next newsletter?
Your fiber art does not have to have won a prize, been accepted into a show, been sold, or been made public in any way for it to qualify for inclusion here! It just has to be YOUR FIBER ART!

When sending an image, please provide the title if it has one, the size if it's finished and credit the photographer if it wasn't you. A little information about the work would be great too.

Thanks, Sue Redhead (newsletter ed)
News From Linda Reichenbach

Hi everyone, Just a note to wish you a happy spring and to let you know about some exciting events happening soon.

First, I have a piece showing in the Dalles Art Center for the month of April for the Gorge Artists open studios.

Right: Mount Hood Blues 18" x 36"
Photo credit: Charlie Reichenbach
The open studios this year will be on April 22-24, from 10 to 5 each day. There is plenty of parking and new works will be shown. The address is 5840 Highway 35, Parkdale, Oregon.

I will also have work available at the Gorge Discovery Center in Mosier, Oregon from May 2-June 12.
I will be exhibiting with my group, Beyond the Block.

Left: Wapiti 30" x 25"
Photo credit: Charlie Reichenbach

With beautiful days ahead, please join me at one of these events. Hope to see you there!
CFG Member Judith Quinn Garnett Profiled in
Quilting Arts! New Work at Morgan Conservatory

Susan Brubaker Knapp profiles Judith Quinn Garnett in the Spring 2022 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine noting her "bold colors, and focuses on line, shape, texture, and geometry” with some work featuring "non-typical materials—repurposed and recycled elements like coffee bags and packaging, industrial waste and metal bits—pushing the boundaries of the definition of an art quilt."
The profile is accompanied by an extensive set of photography of Judith’s work and can be found on pages 10-14 in the magazine.

In other news, two of Judith's new works are on show in Cleveland, Ohio at Morgan Conservatory’s "10th Annual Juried Exhibition 2022." The theme of the exhibition, appropriate in this year as the pandemic finally ebbs, is Introspection/Retrospection. 

These works continue Judith’s stitched painting path within a new visual direction. The first two images in her new work portfolio section are in the Morgan show. They can be seen on her website at:
Left: Tailor's Shears No.1
Photo Credit: Nora Quinn Garnett
News From Glenda Mah

My piece (right), Rise Above, has been selected for the Sacred Threads 2022 exhibit.

I also participated in a workshop in Ashland, Oregon with Diane Ericson and Paula Kovarik. It was an amazing retreat and a wonderful experience being with such creative women from different textile backgrounds. My focus was working with Paula Kovarik and I learned so much. I have got a stack of 12 x 12 squares ready for practice and am planning a study in black and white for my first mini project. See samples below:
Collage made from sample squares
Late night thread therapy project after
seeing the news in Ukraine.
Both are pretty amateur attempts, but I keep reminding myself it's a learning process and way, way outside my "box".
News from Karen Miller

Below are photos of a garment Karen created the week after Diane's class for CFG.
High Fiber Diet Group
What tightwire are you walking on? Life is full of balancing acts.

Often one teeters on the line between things in conflict. They may be literal, personal, political, ecological, financial, temporal, or artistic. To walk the tightwire requires one to be bold, daring, and free from fear.
Whatever your inspiration, enjoy the process and embrace the tightwire when creating art work for this exhibit.
Art work will be submitted at the July HFD meeting.

If this theme sounds intriguing or if you like to explore ways to interpret a theme with whatever fiber technique you use, consider joining HFD. There are opportunities to volunteer on the exhibit committee as well as the venue committee, which is continually building relationships with possible exhibit venues and submitting proposals to venues.

Our next Zoom meeting is April 19.
Contacts for more information:
Creative Wearables Group

Our Next Meeting is in Person.....

Creative Wearables will be touching fabric together at last -- starting April 18 at 10am.

Meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday at 10am at our NEW space (off Dosch Road, past Neva Shalom):
   St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 
   Portland 97239

Next meeting April 18 - Sherry Doty will be demonstrating garment draping techniques and sharing samples of her work.

Last meeting in March - Beverly Shogler shared her garments and tips using a Cricut Machine: https://youtu.be/bC0pZtLjw68  

Creative Wearables has made 2022 a year of Recycling Challenges:
  1. March Challenge 1 -  Deconstruct a favorite and make it new   https://youtu.be/YyWoJQ5ha78
  2. June Challenge 2 -   3 Plus Upcycle - take 3 or more "gently used" pieces and make them into another garment
  3. September Challenge 3 -  "Retro Chic" - use a vintage pattern (80's or older) to create a wearable for today
All garments will be considered for the Lincoln City's Cultural Center Fiber Arts Studio Gallery exhibit Jan-Feb 2023. Join us on our Facebook page below for updates.

A BIG thanks to Jane Wolfe for keeping us connected during Covid. Her leadership, video, and internet posts have been a gift to all of us.

Joyce Kelly, our new facilitator, has lots of hot ideas for the future. Join us and find out more.  joycekellydesigns@gmail.com 
News from Jean Burbach

Here is Jean's completed first quarter Creative Wearables challenge -
which was to "deconstruct a favorite and make it new":
old favorite
new - front
new - back
Everyone is invited to stay in touch and share projects on our Facebook page at:
Surface Design Group

Kim Thittichai set up this workshop for CFG members and non members alike
after our fabulous lecture from her on February 9

A New Starting Point in 2 parts (PDT)

2 part workshop Tues 26 & Wed 27 April, 10 – 1 (PDT)
Show and tell, Wed May 11, 10 – 12 (PDT)
Cost per person 70 euros

To sign up and pay by credit card for the class go to the workshop page on Kim’s website www.kimthittichai.com The class is called A New Starting Point in 2 parts (PDT).
If you have trouble signing up, please contact Peggy Ellis, peggy@redbarn37.com

This video and link to Kim’s blog will give you an idea of what the class will be about: https://youtu.be/P7vCJ33mQQY

In this 2 part workshop you will discover and develop the redemptive qualities of old newspapers and books. Create fascinating surfaces on which to print and stitch. Using painted Wonder Under and gilding flake we will explore the possibilities of layered textures combined with firm interfacing, to end up with pieces of work that can be used to make boxes, vessels or decorate a canvas.

Supply list:
  • An iron, not your best one if possible
  • A basic sewing machine – we just need straight stitch
  • Scissors – not your best ones
  • Machine threads
  • 2” paintbrush plus jar brush fits in
  • Apron, latex or other gloves
  • Baby wipes and a roll of paper towel
  • Dressmaking pins – old ones are fine as we will be painting them!!!
  • Hand stitch threads and needles, we MAY have time for some hand stitch and just a basic selection will be fine
  • *4 newspapers - various shapes and sizes and different languages if you can get them plus 1 or 2 old novels, technical books, picture books.
  • Maps, music, pages from old technical books, anything you find interesting
  • 2 yds of Wonder Under NOT Heat n Bond
  • 6 acrylic or poster paint colors (water based), plus 2 or 3 metallic paints if desired
  • Gilding flakes
  • Sequins, dried flowers, skeleton leaves
  • 5 colors of polyester organza. No more than ¼ yd of each
  • A few printing blocks (your own or commercial)
  • Transfer foils
  • A roll of baking parchment - non stick baking paper
  • ½ yd Decovil 1: Joanns sells a 17”x54” roll of Pellon #526 Decovil. It’s a heavyweight single sided fusible stabilizer. (Kim also suggests Decovil 1 Light as an option but that doesn’t seem to be available over here.)
  • ½ yd firm sew-in interfacing, eg Pellon #70
  • A canvas: Up to 20” or 2 smaller ones
  • PVA glue

*You can paint 10 sheets of newspaper or book pages before the workshop to save time. Just splash an old dye, ink or paint about! We will still paint some pages in the workshop to obtain certain colors you might need.

Set up your workstation with an old towel to iron on and work near your desktop or set up a laptop or iPad in front of your workspace.

Do not use any oil based products or aerosols in this workshop. If you can smell it – don’t use it!

If you have any questions please contact Kim: info@kimthittichai.com
Gathering of the Guilds
Columbia Fiber Arts Guild members Joyce Kelly and Teresa Ruch will be selling their art at the Gathering of the Guilds show in the Portland Handweavers guild area, May 6-8 at the Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland. Admission is free but parking is not. Joyce will have handbags/purses many featuring antique/vintage purse frames. Teresa will have hand dyed yarns and hand dyed woven accessories along with upcycled overdyed leather and upcycled silk scarves.

Stop by and say hello!
Help CFG while you shop on Amazon
Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy the same wide selection of products, low prices, and convenient shopping features as on Amazon.com and donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases on Amazon to a charity of your choice. All you need to do is start your shopping at smile.amazon.com. The donation will be made at no extra cost to you and you can choose Columbia FiberArts Guild as your charitable organization.

It’s a win-win, and it’s simple:
  • Log onto Amazon’s non-profit site at smile.amazon.com;
  • Do your shopping;
  • When asked, designate Columbia FiberArts Guild as the charity of your choice;
  • Check out as you normally would on Amazon;
  • Amazon does the rest. They will donate a percentage of their profits to CFG at no extra cost to you!
Donations for Volunteer Art Project
Donation of Art Supplies Needed

In July, I am traveling to Romania and will be doing an art project with the children in an orphanage in Brasov. (www.firmfoundationsromania.com). I will carry supplies for a project, which is to have each child create a Prayer Flag. 

Do you have unneeded art supplies that you could donate? Since they are a non-profit, they rely on donations. Art supplies are used in the after school programs.

Let me know if you have donations! Obviously, weight is a consideration but I will take as much as I can carry! Thank you!

Susan Allen
President, Columbia FiberArts Guild

Hat Knitter needed by CFG Member
A request from CFG member, Jane Wolfe:

I have silk yarn and silk ribbons and would love to have a hat as I’m allergic to wool and acrylic.

Would be happy to pay someone who knits. Contact me at jwolfe@quantumleaders.com or 949-278-2165.

The Fine Print
Please send items for publication in the newsletter to:
The Columbia FiberArts Guild meets quarterly in March, June, September and December. No newsletter is published in those months. The newsletter is published seven times a year: October, November, January, February, April, May, July/August. Deadline for articles is around the 10th of the month of publication and will be detailed in the email reminder for articles.
2021-2022 Executive Board & Committee Chairs
President:  Susan Allen
President Elect:
Secretary: Lottie Smith
Treasurer: Beth Wells 
Online Exhibits: Jill Hoddick
Membership: Carolyn Walwyn
Newsletter: Sue Redhead 
Outreach: Katie Walwyn
Program: Karen Miller
Program Elect:  Peggy Ellis, Lottie Smith, Emily Stevens
Webmaster: Doug Garnett &
Judith Quinn Garnett
CFG Board Meetings 
Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday when there is no quarterly meeting and are open to the membership to attend. Contact the President for more information.
Committees are: Exhibits, Membership, Newsletter, Outreach, Programs, Publicity and Webmaster
Minutes of meetings are posted in the CFG Newsletter.

Creating with FiberArts together for over 50 years . . .