Campion Welcomes the Taylors

The Taylor family is excited to join the Campion Church family! Michael and Anndrea, along with their minivan full of kids, are looking forward to the chance to head west this spring and to join our pastoral team. This is the latest chapter in what has already been a whirlwind of a journey for them; when they first met, Michael was a devout atheist who was enamored with a devout Adventist, Anndrea. She faithfully and lovingly witnessed to him, revealing a loving God who was working in and through her. (He still jokingly refers to himself as a "victim of prayer.")

Almost two decades later, they have been blessed with several incredible opportunities to see the reality of God working in their lives. When they loaded up a tiny U-Haul and went to Andrews University for their bachelor's degrees (Michael's degree is in theology, and Anndrea's is elementary education), they trusted in The God Who Provides.Through their calling into ministry, and their chance to continue their education (Michael at the seminary for his Masters of Divinity, and Anndrea at Western Michigan U. for Educational Leadership), God continued preparing and equipping them for the challenges ahead. The biggest project He was preparing them for (thus far), however, was in their own family: they are coming to us blessed with 6-year-old Hannah, a set of 4.5- year--old twins, Hayley and Heidi, and ANOTHER set of twins, the almost 2-year-old duo of Hudson and Holly.

The Taylors are excited to be able to connect with a church family who values ministry, education, and young families. They've heard wonderful things about the Campion community already through their connection to a handful of current and former members (including a classmate of Michael's during both of his trips to Andrews University, our own Pastor Nestor Soriano), and they're also ready to head out into some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world here in Northern Colorado. Please join us in welcoming the Taylor family when they arrive at the beginning of May!

The kids, in order from left to right are: Hannah, Hudson, Heidi, Holly, and Hayley.
Ministry Team
Lead Pastor
Micheal Goetz

Evangelism/Worship Pastor
Nestor Soriano

RMC Literature Ministry Pastor Matt Hasty

Campion Academy Chaplain
Nancy Meszaros
Office Administrator/Treasurer
Teresa Johansen

Head Elder
Dick Stenbakken

Member Care Team
The Pastors
Carol Turk
Becca Herber
Campion Academy Principal
Don Reeder

HMS Elementary Principal
Paul Bragaw
Our Mission
The Campion Church is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist movement seeking to

 Jesus as our Friend and Savior

a Caring Community

 Share the Everlasting Gospel

Fulfilling the Mission: Know, Grow, Go
What Wondrous Hope April 3
The resurrection is more significant than we think. 

Pastor and author Timothy Keller writes, "If Jesus rose from the dead, then you have to accept all that he said; if he didn’t rise from the dead, then why worry about any of what he said? The issue on which everything hangs is not whether or not you like his teaching but whether or not he rose from the dead.” Did you catch what Keller is saying? Our Christian faith hinges on whether Jesus rose from the dead. No resurrection, no Christian faith. Real resurrection, real faith. 

We believe that the resurrection was a historical reality. In honor of the resurrection, we are offering a special day for you to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. There are two events on Sabbath, April 3, that you won’t want to miss. First, at 9:00 and 11:30 am, we will be blessed with an Easter cantata entitled, “What Wondrous Hope: A Service of Promise, Grace, and Life.” The cantata will be led George Swanson and a talented group of singers. Second, come to our campus between 3:00-5:00 pm to experience a special drive-through passion story. You will be inspired by the passion in several stations. 

The resurrection event is the perfect opportunity to invite an unchurched friend. We look forward to seeing you on April 3. 
New Signs Point the Way
By Ken Albertsen
With the finishing and opening of the new addition on Campion Church, new signage was inevitable. Not only visitors to the church but also long-time members began to see identification added to old rooms as well as to new unfamiliar doors and their spaces. The Communications Committee led in the project.

The following list shows the progress and change that has happened over the past year.
Exterior Signs:
  • Handicapped signs on Academy Drive just east of the church walkway.
  • Visitor parking signs against the north sidewalk near the new church entrance.
  • Traffic directional signs leading to the Fellowship Hall and alternate handicapped parking.
  • Outside signage at the south church entrance and platform entrance room (formerly the choir room).
  • Church logo, phone number, and times posted at the new north entrance.
  • Church logo at the original east and west entrances.
  • Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall window signage at the west end.
Interior directional signage:
  • Wall lettering upon exiting the sanctuary.
  • Placards at the transition hallway between old and new addition.
  • 3-D lettering at the entrance to the new addition.
  • 3-D lettering at the entrance to the children’s classrooms.
  • Lettering on the window identifying the library/committee room.
  • Flag signs for five restroom doors.
  • Fellowship Hall signage in the hallway.
  • Identification signage for more than 30 doors in the old and new addition.
Rob Kahler Represents Elders on Worship Committee
The Campion Church elders’ team’s organization chart is divided into the head elder and five sections: Worship, Evangelism, Administration, Discipleship, and Member Care. The elders in each of these sections assist the pastors by helping with cooperation and communication as well as leadership and mentoring in the individual areas. This month we are looking at the Worship Section:

Only one elder is assigned to this section, and that is Rob Kahler. Kahler is a member of the Worship Committee, and he works with Pastor Soriano, representing the Worship Committee to the elder’s team, and taking suggestions or information to the Worship Committee. Pastor Soriano says, "An elder for worship supports the worship committee and media team with presence, leadership, and participation." If you as a church member have suggestions or questions regarding the worship services, you can contact Kahler or anyone on the Worship Committee.

Kahler is married to Vicki and they have a son, Elliott, both of whom you see assisting with the worship music team either singing or Elliott with his violin as well. Rob works as critical environment operations manager at IBM in Boulder. When he has spare time, he likes 4-wheeling, ham radio, and mountain biking.
All About People
New Members
Erica Franklin

Erica Franklin grew up in Cortez, Colorado, and graduated from Campion Academy in 2008. Franklin attended Walla Walla University and received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology. We appreciate Erica’s dedication as Campion’s Associate Girls’ Dean since August, as well as both the Algebra 1 and Anatomy and Physiology teacher.

Erica recounts a memory that has been part of her spiritual journey. She said, “I was raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and was baptized before coming to academy. However, I was rebaptized during Senior Survival and that is the baptism I find the most meaningful.” Also, when asked how she’d like to be involved in the Campion Church, Erica responded, “I found a lot of meaning and enjoyment in my small group during grad school at Walla Walla, so I will probably join another small group here.”

When she’s not busy teaching class or mothering the girls, Erica enjoys soccer, hiking, photography, cooking, and sleeping. Not to mention, she has a cat named George that has traveled with her to 20 different states.
Interview by Tiffany Dien
Erica Franklin
Gabrielle, Rhane, and Sierra Felix  
Gabrielle is originally from Romania, but comes to us now from the Boulder Church. Sierra (15) and Rhane (pronounced like "rain" (12) were baptized by their favorite Romanian pastor in Florida about two years ago, so their memberships are transferring from there. Sierra is a sophomore at Campion Academy, and they all live in Lewisville. Because of commuting time, and the fact that Gabrielle says she is a shy, private person, she not sure yet how she can be involved in the Campion Church, but wants to be involved.

A certified nursing assistant (CNA), Gabrielle manages her own business, and is a bit of an entrepreneur, so that as a single mother her hours are flexible and she is able to spend time with Sierra and Rhane. The three of them enjoy traveling, Florida being a favorite destination, but sometimes going coast-to-coast. They enjoy playing family games such as those Gabrielle played as a child, and outdoor activities, including gardening. They even have chickens which they find interesting and fun—as well as fresh eggs.

The Campion Church welcomes the Felix family.
Interview by Ardis Stenbakken
Gabrielle Felix with her daughters Rhane and Sierra.
Isaac and Suzie Sendros 
The Sendros family arrived in Colorado from Orlando, Florida, about a year ago but have already become an important part of our church family. They say, “We love this community and Campion Church!”

Isaac Sendros is the Administrator (CEO) of the Avista Hospital in Louisville, coming from AdventHealth, Florida. Suzie is a very busy home-school mom. They have two sons, John (6) and Isaac William (3). Since arriving in Colorado, they have taken up skiing and love to do anything they can do with the boys, including tennis and golfing.

At church Suzie is already a worship team leader and will be singing in the Easter cantata; she is also a teacher in Adventurers. The whole family is active in the “Academy, We’re Your Family” small group. Because of his heavy work load, Isaac has no official church position at this time, but Suzie says he is very supportive and watches the boys while she is up front, at practices, and involved.

The Sendros family is also involved in a number of charitable organizations, both overseas and in their local community. 
Interview by Ardis Stenbakken
The Sendros family.
Baby Jaiden Chamberlain Dedicated
February 27, 2021, the Campion Church was blessed as John and Catherine Chamberlain dedicated their new son Jaiden Drew, who joined their family on October 21, 2020, joining his big sister Remmington. Jaiden’s grandparents were also able to come for his special dedication done by Pastor Goetz. He dedicated Jaiden with the verse from Proverbs 3:5: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” and spoke of Jesus dedication and the story of Joseph, which John and Catherine have chosen as their prayer for him.

The name Jaiden has a Hebrew origin meaning “God has heard.” Jaiden’s middle name Drew has a Welsh origin meaning “wise.”

Pastor Goetz asked that the church be allowed to speak life into Jaiden, calling this moment “precious” in our eyes, but “powerful” in God’s eyes, that God wants to bless, increase and use Jaiden for His kingdom. With the name that John and Catherine have chosen for Jaiden, he is destined for greatness through the power of God, who has heard the Chamberlains' prayers.
By Julia Hansen, Photo by Darcy Force
Matt Hasty Ordained to the Gospel Ministry
By Micheal Goetz
Photo by Mickey Mallory

We as a Campion church want to praise God for the ministry of Pastor Matt Hasty. This past month, Sabbath, March 20, he was ordained to the gospel ministry in an afternoon service. Pastor Hasty has impacted our campus and congregation with his mobilizing stories and encouragement of sharing just a piece of printed material with everyone we come in contact with.  
Orianna Allen
On Sabbath, February 27, we had the privilege of being part of the baptism of Orianna Allen, daughter of Nick and Valerie Allen. Orianna is home-schooled and in the 4th grade. She requested baptism because "she loves Jesus and wants to give Him her heart." She enjoys the music at Campion church and wants to be involved with the audio-visual team.
Welcome to our church family, Orianna, and may God bless you.

Jake Seeley
Sabbath, February 27, marked the baptism of Jacob Seeley, son of Michael Seeley. Jacob (Jake) requested baptism stating, "I grew up in the church, I fell away but as I continued to search for truth, the Holy Spirit led me back." Jake says that he likes the positive and loving community of the Campion church and wants to be involved in whatever capacity he can be useful.

Jake was born and raised in Colorado. At the age of 19, he and friends left Colorado and moved to Arizona where he lived a life apart from God. Recently he looked at what was happening in the world and decided that he had better reconnect with God and the church. He then moved back to Colorado and his family and decided to be baptized.  He now has a job at a pizza parlor while going to school to become a dental assistant. He is very interested in and has experience in audio visual, music, and live sound.  

We are so pleased that you have chosen to join our fellowship, Jake, God bless you.
Interviews by Muriel Indermuehle
Orianna Allen with Pastor Goetz.
Photo by Darcy Force
Jake Seeley with Pastor Goetz.
Photo by Darcy Force.
We are blessed in this church to have so many young people, but we are also blessed to have many wonderful senior citizens. This month we are featuring three special people in April:
  •  Ralph Sack – 102 
  •  Donalee Fasnacht  97
  • Gene Stafford –94
Greet them and wish them Happy Birthday when you have the opportunity.
Coming Events
Service Schedule
First Service 9 - 10:10
Sabbath School 10:20 - 11:20
Second Church      11:30 - 12:40

Services streamed live from or Campion Church on Facebook
April 3, 11:20 am
What Wondrous Hope, Easter Cantata.
A service of grace and life. Join online or in person.

April 3, 3-5 pm A drive-through passion story. Arrive between 3 and 5 pm for a 30 minute reflection through dramatization of the passion of Christ.
Campion and HMS Richards School News
HMS Richards School
Noeli Hernandez is an 8th grade student at HMS Richards Elementary.  This is a story that she wrote in response to the question, “Who is Jesus? Share Him from the eyes of someone in the Bible." Noeli hopes that through her story you might see Jesus from the eyes of a sinful man. 
- Mrs. Jordan

HMS 7th and 8th Grade Students Aren't Waiting to Plan Their Future
Earlier this year I contacted several Adventist Universities to ask them if they would send us a mug with their logo on it for our classroom. For those of you who don't know, during writing each day the students can use their special mug a sip a cup of tea while writing amazing stories, research papers, poetry or persuasive writing pieces. After that conversation, Jessica Williams, the recruiter from Southern University sent me an email. She asked if she could visit our classroom in the spring to talk with the students about ways that they could prepare in high school for a successful transition to college. It was a wonderful idea and I agreed. 

At the end of March, Jessica Williams, recruiter from Southern Adventist University, took time from her schedule with academy students to speak to Carey Jordan’s 7th and 8th grade class. She spent about 40 minutes with my students. She emphasized that there are two things that are important when planning for college. First, she said to "do your best right away;" don't wait until you are a junior and then wish that you hadn't gotten that low grade because you didn't care when you were a freshman. Second, "get involved;" be a well rounded person, try music, sports, leadership, SA, church involvement and more. The students had lots of questions and enjoyed the conversation with Miss Jessica. It was a great experience; it allowed the kids to see how their future is affected by the choices they make today.  While it may seem unusual for college recruiters to reach out to students before high school, Williams spoke to the students about the ways they can prepare in high school for a successful transition to college. 

Jordan reflected, “the students had a lot of questions and enjoyed the conversation with Miss Jessica. It was a great experience; it allowed the kids to see how their futures are affected by the choices they make today.”
By Jill Harlow with Carey Jordan
Campion Academy
Banquets, Staff Changes, new bronze cougar, Covid testing, and more!

Church Business
Offerings this Month
April 3: Local Church Budget
Don’t you just love it when you are working on your home budget and discover that you have more money to spend than you thought you had? Now you can do some of the maintenance or special projects that have been waiting. It is the same with a church budget. A little extra money to the church budget helps with some special things that could not happen otherwise.        
April 10: Hope Channel
Hope Channel TV is the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is a global network with 45 channels that cover Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the islands of the Pacific. Programs on each channel are created for the local culture and languages, sharing that God is love and He has revealed Himself in His Son, Jesus Christ. The mission is to help people prepare to live for Jesus and be prepared for His soon return.

April 17: Local Church Budget
Did you notice the article in this newsletter about all the new signs in and around our church? They cost money but make such a difference for our friends and guests. More developments will be coming as the budget allows. Watch for the improvements you help make possible.

April 24: Rocky Mountain Conference Advance
Many churches are planning now to have evangelistic type outreaches later in the year as the pandemic opens up. The RMC Advance offering helps pay for many of these—in fact, 40% of the Advance offering goes to evangelism.
Building Campaign Status
The church treasurer just received a check to pay off the building addition loan and start funding the kitchen remodeling. So the loan is paid off!

Kitchen Remodel --Goal of $150,000
Plans are being submitted to contractors and the county for a building permit. God has blessed with one third, $50,000, of the $150,000 needed to remodel the kitchen.

Thank you to all those who have faithfully and sacrificially given for the new addition and the updating of our church.
Pastor Goetz
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