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New York Catholic Bible School
New York Catholic Bible School

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Sunday, May 14
Confirmation for Children & Youth with Special Needs

Saturday, June 17
NY Catholic Bible Summit

Saturday, Oct. 14
Catechetical Forum

Saturday, Oct. 28
Catechetical Forum

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  NYC Public Schools Sex Education Mandate  


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Dear Directors and Coordinators, 
      Spring seems finally to have arrived and our spirits are lifted. But more importantly we are celebrating the great feast of Easter and we know that nothing will ever be the same.
     Jesus' resurrection from the dead is the source of our hope. Think of the disciples hiding, cringing, fearful after the passion and death of Jesus their leader, the One who gave their lives meaning and hope. Now their hopes were crushed. They were desperate to make sense of all that had happened as they followed Him, witnessed His miracles, heard His life changing message, felt His love and care for them personally. They were terrified by His passion and death; as far as they were concerned, it was all over for them. More 
For All in Ministry
Sunday, April 23  
Neophyte Mass 
His Eminence Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan invites all who were fully initiated through the sacraments of Christian initiation (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist), as well as the Candidates who completed their sacraments of initiation this Easter, to the annual Archdiocesan Neophyte Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday, April 23, at 10:15am. 
   The period after their initiation is a special time for the Neophytes to explore in a fuller and more effective way the "mysteries" they have experienced.  
    To show his pastoral concern for all those who participate in the Catechumenate process in the Archdiocese of New York, the Cardinal invites all parishes to register in advance their Elect and 
their RCIA candidates who will complete their sacraments of initiation this Easter for the Archdiocesan Neophyte Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Online registration is available here.


Saturday, June 17
New York Catholic Bible Summit 
Join us at Cathedral High School in the New York Catholic Center for the annual New York Catholic Bible School, sponsored by the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office and American Bible Society. Archbishop Christophe Pierre, papal nuncio to the United States, will be the principal celebrant of the opening Mass. Thomas Cardinal Collins of
Archbishop Pierre
Toronto, Canada, will be the English keynoter; Carlos Cardinal Osoro Sierra of Madrid, Spain, will give the Spanish keynoter.
    In addition to two full tracks of workshops  in English and Spanish on the theme, "Missionary Disciples: Bringing God's Word to the Entire World,' there will be special addresses by Roy Peterson, president of American Bible Society, and by Cary Summers, president of the soon-to-open Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. Details on all speakers and workshops, along with registration are available here.    
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Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Divine Mercy Sunday is next Sunday. Those who would like to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy can find it at Relevant Radio.

By Jim Connell, Webmaster

One of the challenges put forth by the NYS Bishops' statement, The Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium, is that catechetical leaders are to develop "the ability to use online opportunities designed to introduce and/or update knowledge and use of technology."  This is from the Comprehensive Plan for the Formation of Catechetical Leader in the Third Millennium, section 1, number 5.  If you are not familiar with this, then click here. Rising to this challenge provides huge benefits for the catechetical leader.  Online learning is readily accessible, a time saver (there is no travel time to or from the location) and you can access the training from virtually anywhere there is Internet access (including your Smartphone).  Online training enables you to keep abreast of trends, develop skills and build your knowledge. And, in many cases, it is free!
One way you can help keep your professional skills updated is by taking a webinar.  A webinar is a group conference in which a speaker will share his/her expertise with the attendees, with time for Q&A.  Sound familiar? It is exactly like going to a talk without leaving your home or office!  A variety of topics are presented in webinars, not only on technology, but on all aspects of catechetical leadership. Our website keeps you posted on upcoming webinars on the homepage under Upcoming Events.  If you have our app (which I suggest you have) there is a area called "Webinars for Ministry" in which you will find upcoming webinars. Don't worry if you cannot attend a webinar at the time that it is held.  Register anyway and you will usually get a link to view a recording at your convenience.  Having attended many webinars, I have benefited from the scope of topics offered and the caliber of presenters. I encourage you to rise to the challenge to use online opportunities to introduce and/or update your knowledge.
From Sr. Patricia McCarthy, CND  
With permission from The Rhode Island Catholic , we are able to bring you columns from Sr. Patricia McCarthy, CND, author and advocate for peace and justice.  

 Why is the Resurrection Such a Hard Sell? 
Resurrection is a hard sell. One would think it would be easier than suffering and crucifixion, but ironically it isn't. No one alive today is unaware of the ordeal of suffering and pain: in themselves, in the people they love, in their own cities and countries. Unfortunately, we are also acutely aware of the sufferings of people around the world through the media. We can see on our televisions and media devices the horror as it unfolds from natural disasters and from evil inflicted by others. We can see the effects of torture and death on the evening news as clearly as if we stood on Calvary looking up at the Son of God as he was dying by the hands of those who hated him. More.
New York Catholic Bible School
 The New York Catholic Bible School, which is part of the Catechist Formation program, provides Levels 3 and 4 Catechist Certification.
  If you are a catechist who has completed Levels 1 and 2 OR you are a director or coordinator of religious education and have completed the Catechetical Leadership Program, you are eligible for a significant discount. Your tuition will be $50 per trimester, three trimesters a year. There is no registration fee.
   Note that the Bible School welcomes all adults, not just those in the catechetical ministry. For these persons, there is an annual registration fee of $35; tuition is $150 per trimester.
New Class coming September on Staten Island. For more details... 
   ...Visit the Bible School website for more details on this program and complete either an  "I'm Interested" or "I'm Ready to Apply" form on line. Be sure to indicate the locale in which you are interested.