the Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook

April 1,  2010

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Urban Agriculture
April Classes
Urban Agriculture
Our plucky experts are researching new frontiers in urban agriculture: raising sheep in a bathtub. Forget rooftop bees and backyard chicken coops - that's so 2010! The newest way to local sustainable protein, not to mention fluffy hand-knit sweaters, is by raising your own sheep! 

Throw off the industrial agricultural yoke! 
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We have some great new classes coming up in April, just custom designed to you pioneering cooks. We're really ahead of the curve this month, so check out our classes below! 
April Classes!

Midwestern Molded Salads

April 7   $65

Knife 202: Knife Throwing 

April 8   $100

Methamphetamines: Home Production

April 11   $250 and 25%

Molotov Cocktails

April 12   $75

Party like it's 2004: Naked Lady Sushi!

April 12   $80

Pigeon a La Plancha

April 13   $75

DIY MRE's: Using Modernist Techniques for End of Days

April 14   $75

Glass Blowing: Making your own Canning Jars

April 18   $40

Neanderthal Diet with the Meat Hook: All Raw, Half Rotten

April 19   $75

Brooklyn Business Plan: It's ALL in the Name

April 20   $150

How to Serve Man

April 21   $40

Home Alloys: from Bronze to Steel

April 21   $50 

Manifold: Make the Most of your Commute
April 25   $150

Rat Trapping, Slaughter and Butchering 

April 26   $80 (rat included)

See you real soon!

Harry and Taylor
the Brooklyn Kitchen

Tom, Brent and Ben
the Meat Hook