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EMUC's Vision is to be a thriving Spirit-filled congregation; diverse, inclusive, and engaged with the community and creation.

The Mission of EMUC is to offer opportunities for all persons to experience the love of God through Jesus Christ.

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During Holy Week, we walk in the footsteps of Jesus from his entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday) to his crucifixion (Good Friday). Red, is the colour associated with Jesus' passion (his suffering and death) and is the traditional color for Palm Sunday and the next three days of Holy Week. On Maundy Thursday, White or Gold symbolizes our rejoicing in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. But at the end of the Maundy Thursday celebration, the mood changes abruptly: all decorations are removed and the Communion Table is stripped bare. On Good Friday, either Black or Red is customary-although the use of no color at all is also appropriate. 

On Sunday we sing halleluiahs in a festival service as we celebrate the resurrection. The season from Easter to Pentecost is also called the Great Fifty Days. The liturgical colour for the Easter season is celebratory White or Gold. 
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JackiesMessage  Jackie's Message

Where Will You Be in 2027?

In case you were noticing the odd date- yes! 2027.  Often I make typos in what I print up.  If I had not been so stubborn in High School, refusing to take what I thought was an "all girly course", I would have learned the humble art of typing, along with all my male and female fellow students.

Breaking into our stubbornness - that is what God is all about.

Lent is nothing more than a macrocosmic version of what we do each Sunday in church.  When we offer our humble prayers of confession, we come as close to God as we can be.  And, yes, that is one of the parts of the service that is most often misunderstood, and even unwelcome, yet it is a key moment.

This afternoon I had the immense privilege of officiating at the funeral service of Gesina Harmond, who was a part of our Erin Mills community.  Like many of us, she was kind of "in and out of church", just like we all are. Some of you may remember her, and some not.  What the immediate family told me of Gesina was that she "packed those boxes for the needy people in our neighborhood".

That stuck a cord with me for two reasons; first, this is what they recall of their Mom's involvement with the church, and second, that the shoe box ministry has been going on so long.
At the end of the funeral service I like to close with the precious words from scripture: "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!  Enter into the joy of thy lord."
These words celebrate what we all do for God...those of us in  Glory - and those of us keeping up the good work of Christ "here below".

Well done, good and faithful servants of Erin Mills United.

It has been a hard six months- for you, and for me.  Since you have said goodbye to your beloved pastor, you have embarked on a faith filled Lenten journey that began long before Advent.  The vital ministries of this family of faith have continued, undaunted - maybe challenged at times - but undaunted.  I am so blessed to be a part of you for this "in between time".  I am also very humbled by your pastoral and missional vigour.

You began your Lenten journey which began in October, and now you walk with the whole church to the cross and beyond. God is honoured and glorified by your service "in faith, for a better world."    
Rev. Jackie Burnie: Supply Minister 
WorshSched Holy Week and Easter Services
Sunday April 9 at 10 am  Palm Sunday
Wednesday April 12 at 6:45 pm  Prayers, Communion and celebration of Maundy Thursday.
Thursday April 13 starting at 9 pm to the evening of Saturday April 15  Vigil - sign up on the bulletin board to spend 1 hour in prayer or reflection during this time.
Friday April 14 at 9 am  Good Friday service followed by a hot cross bun breakfast.  

Sunday April 16 at 10 am  Easter service with the Easter dance and festive music.

Everyone who contributed items to this year's Out of the Cold program.  It was a great success once again.  
Thanks to David Leeder & David Brignall for taking everything over to the Open Door at Square One.
Ian Love for cleaning the HVAC room.
David Brignall - replacing many burnt out light bulbs.
Mary Anna Williams for organizing the Euchre Night.
Sylvia Arnold for filling in as Minister for one Sunday in March.
All who helped clean tables & linens for the events.
The Search Committee - one year of service.

  LC From the Chair of the Leadership Circle
Happy Spring!

It is wonderful to feel spring in the air!  I admit to being a fair weather walker, so I have loved the recent evenings that have been warm enough to enjoy a walk around the neighbourhood again.  And it appears many folks, like myself, are also coming out of the woodwork to enjoy throwing baseballs, riding bikes and interacting with neighbours again.  The sense of community is reignited after a long winter and it's like we have all been on vacation, despite continuing to live beside each other for the past few months.  We were heartbroken when we had to put our dog down back in December and despite that being almost 4 months ago, all our neighbours are just hearing about our loss now.  Spring is a time to get caught up on all the news of the households around us.  We've been hibernating.

That never happens around EMUC.  No matter the season, it is wonderful to be part of a community that provides care and support throughout the year.  I realized that it always feels like spring here!  We reach out, offer prayers and stay connected throughout the year.  We communicate ongoing activities and offer invitations to interesting and engaging presentations and outings.  And when we ask for help, so many of you respond to that call.  I am grateful to be part of this wonderful faith community.

I thank you very much for your response to the first 2 months of our new Fundscrip fundraising program.  Wow!  We have already raised $300.00.  I know fundraisers often require a committee willing to set up, clean up and organize teams.  The beauty of this gift card fundraiser is that we can generate important operational funds with little to no time commitment or volunteers. 

 Orders will continue to be placed on the last Sunday of every month.  If you haven't explored this fundraising option, please take an opportunity to look at an order form and consider purchasing a gift card from one of the many retailers represented by Fundscrip.  Thanks again to the folks who have submitted orders.  Your support is truly appreciated.

Please watch for all the ways to stay connected and consider joining us for our special services as we approach the sacred holiday of Easter.  We look forward to reconnecting with you if you have been away for the winter.  Come celebrate the season of spring with us!

Joanne Hines, Leadership Circle Chair
Past Events

The March meeting of the IFPJ Group was held on March 23, two days after the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  A message from the UCC Moderator acknowledging the day was shared.  In her message, The Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell notes that "hateful actions based on race or religion seem to be in the news every day". She invites us to "become practitioners of the spiritual discipline of love" and outlines what that might look like.  

Please see the link below for the complete text of this message.  The second link is to the closing prayer that was shared at the meeting.  It is entitled "Recommitting to Justice, Equity and Peace" and was composed by Alydia Smith, Program Coordinator, Worship, Music and Spirituality at The United Church of Canada.

Dianne Hope

A few months ago, a new EMUC book club was started, with about ten members.  Each month we meet at a member's home and spend a pleasant evening visiting and discussing the current "book of the month".  The book we read for our March meeting was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.  This book is part historical fiction, part mystery and wholly engaging.
The story starts in 1913 when a four year old girl is abandoned on a ship sailing from England to Australia.  Like many other current novels, this book switches between several different timelines.  We come to know the little girl, Nell, as she tries to find out about her past, as well as her granddaughter following a similar quest many years later.  As those stories unfurl, we also learn about the lives of others who came before them and what they faced.  There are many intriguing characters and seemingly unrelated story lines which are gradually revealed to be interconnected, as well as the walled garden referred to in the book title, and a writer of fairy tales, some of which are included throughout the book.
This is a long book, but nevertheless hard to put down.  Most of the book club members loved the book, though there were some differences of opinion about some elements; such as the frequently speedy shifts between one time period and another, or the value of the fairy tales to the main story.  The overall consensus, however, was very favourable and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for an absorbing and enjoyable book to read.
Janet Morrison
Upcoming Events

Women for Women met on March 3 for a lasagna & salad dinner followed by a presentation.  About 30 women enjoyed listening to Anne Bokma, a former EMUC participant, who talked about her "Year of Living Spiritually".  Anne is a writer and regular columnist in "The Observer".  She shared her experience at the Women's March in Washington as well as some of the spiritual practices that she is trying this year.
The next Women for Women's event will be on Friday, April 28 at 6:00 pm.  Come & learn how to prepare your garden (or balcony containers) for spring.  Rachel Scattergood, a horticulture technician & floral designer, will present tips on pruning, weeding, plant selection, etc.  Send any questions you have to before April 15 to help Rachel cater her presentation to your needs.  Dinner will be a spring-themed menu (vegetarian & gluten-free options) & this is a bring-your-own plate/cutlery/cup event.  Cost is $10.  Save the date.  Invitations will be sent out soon.
Cathy Scattergood
Spring is here. The days are getting longer and the snow is fast disappearing.  This is an invitation to our Spring Euchre and Dessert Evening.
Where: Erin Mills United Church in the Lower Hall.
When:  Saturday, April 29.  Arrive to sign in at 6:30 p.m.  Play starts at 7 p.m. sharp.
Cost: $10.00 per person.
Why: To enjoy great cards, win prizes and, of course, yummy desserts. 
Who: Whether you have a partner or are a single player, all are welcomed.
What to do: Email Mary Anna Williams to reserve a seat, include the number of attendees. You may pay at the door.    

Don't miss this event.  We would love to see you.   or 905-820-5305.

Ladies, golf season is coming soon! Bogies to Birdies celebrates its 5th  anniversary this summer.  Plan to attend the Opening Social on Tues, May 2 at 7 pm at EMUC.   Mark your calendar!  

Come to help plan for this year's Nine and Dines.  New golfers are welcome.  Please sign-up on the sheet on the bulletin board.

It is the Garage Sale Time again.  Start your spring cleaning early.  We are looking for donations of books, art works, housekeeping goods, toys, small working electronics, small furniture items, indoor and outdoor plants, hardware items, and anything else you may want to clean out of your home. Please no clothing, TV's or computer monitors.  Also no damaged goods.
We are also looking for many volunteers to help out with sorting and pricing on Thursday and Friday, May 4 and 5.  Sales people are needed first thing Saturday morning when the doors open at 8 am.
Please contact Patti King ( ) or sign up on the signup sheets at the back of the church.  Please consider being a captain for the various jobs that need to be done.  Captains would be responsible for co-ordinating your group of volunteers to make sure there are enough people selling things on Saturday.  I would be responsible for getting your volunteers; you organize the jobs.
Thank you for all your help.  Looking forward to another successful sale.
Patti King, Garage Sale Co-ordinator
EMUC Striders welcome all outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers on the next outing on  May 14  at Centennial Park in Etobicoke with car pooling from EMUC parking lot at 12:00 noon.
As we celebrate Canada's 150 year, it is worth noting Centennial Park was opened in 1967 to recognize Canada's 100th birthday. The land the park now occupies was once a dairy farm.
During the hike we'll also have opportunity to v isit the three greenhouses at the Centennial Park Conservatory*.
*Among the highlights are permanent collections of plants from around the world. Visitors can enjoy tropical plants that bloom year-round, unusual fruit trees such as sour sop and papaya, and a great collection of cacti.

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