Volume 21 | Issue 4 | April 2021
A new expense form has been created by our Treasurer. After the by-law changes in January of this year, Policy 4: Reimbursing Members now states:
When members require union leave from work, their shifts are sometimes required to be covered. According to Article 15, Section 5, B) (iv) of the Collective Agreement “Relief necessitated by leave of absence for Union Business shall be paid at straight time.” Should a member accept straight-time union relief and gives up a regular day off the union will pay a union relief honorarium. 

If the relief is for a 12-hour shift, the honorarium is $300. 
If the relief is for a 10.40-hour shift, the honorarium is $275. 
If the relief is for a 9.20-hour shift, the honorarium is $250. 
If the relief is for an 8.20-hour shift, the honorarium is $225. 
This has changed from the previous $250 for all shift lengths. Remember, you must work the full shift length in order to receive the honorarium. You can print the new Expense Form at the bottom of our website's front page.
If possible, forward your expense form via e-mail to: treasurer@unifor594.com
to the following 594 members:
No retirements for April 2021.
We would like to celebrate the accomplishments, achievements and announcements of our members. To ensure we don't miss anyone, we will rely on each and every one of you to let us know of any schooling, births, marriages, etc. of your friends & coworkers that we can share with the membership!

Please let Ashlyn know of these noteworthy milestones at info@unifor594.com or message her directly.
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Employee & Family Assistance Program
Mental Health can affect anyone at any point in their life.

Did you know that one in three workplace disability claims are mental health related? Many supervisors and Union Executive have completed the Mental Health First Aid training. Please, if you are struggling, contact EFAP or reach out to a trusted confidant.

EFAP is through Homewood Health and is available 24/7/365. Call 1-800-663-1142