April 2017
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Early Childhood Essentials Classes
Kent District Library provides free Early Childhood Essentials classes. These classes, sponsored by Great Start to Quality, can be used for professional development hours for childcare providers or helpful information and tips for interested parents and caregivers. April classes will include Outdoor Play, Discipline and Choices and Parent Communication. Pre-registration is required for classes. Please visit our events page for a full list of classes. Adults only, childcare is not provided.
Early Literacy Practice: Talking 
Go on a spring nature walk with your child. Discuss what you see on your walk in detail. Every time you elaborate on what your child sees and experiences with new words, your child expands their vocabulary. Encourage your child to pick out a few treasures to bring home (leaves, sticks, stones etc.). When you are home, have your child share their treasures with family members and friends. Read the new book Abracadabra, It's Spring! to go along with your walk. 

Early Literacy Practice: Writing 

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Ann Power is not your typical alphabet book. Each letter is accompanied by one or more yoga poses that start with that letter, as well as an illustration and rhyming vignette that demonstrate and explain the pose. Each pose is easy for children as young as three to do and learn. This book is a great introduction to both the alphabet and yoga.
Believe it or not, yoga can be a fantastic way to build pre-writing skills in your child! Doing yoga requires coordination and concentration. Additionally, some poses, such as the Knot, Pretzel, and Windmill poses, require your child to cross the midline of their body, which is an important development for a child when it comes to reading and writing.  
Early Literacy Practice: Reading 
A nest in a tall tree, a nurturing mother bird, and a fearful baby bird.
Ready, set, soar - Nope!
A wonderful story about having a new experience and embracing it.
Five little ducks went out to play (Wiggle five fingers on one hand) 
And met five quail that came their way. (Wiggle five fingers on other hand.) 
The five little quail went to get a snack (put quail hand behind back.) 
And the five little ducks went quack, quack, quack (use hand to form duck bill.)
Early Literacy Practice: Playing  
Use plastic eggs to create matching games! First take the eggs apart and have your child try to match the colors to create solid colored eggs. To make this a bit more difficult, make some eggs with one color on the top and another for the bottom. See if your child can pick the correct colors to match the eggs you made. For older children, practice letter recognition by writing uppercase letters on the top of the egg and lowercase letters on the bottom. Create new matching games together then find out what came first with the book First the Egg by Laura Seeger.

Early Literacy Practice: Singing   
If you find yourself dancing and singing with your little gardener, this spring book is a wonderful addition... just in time for planting. Jo MacDonald Had a Garden 
features a classic song and the story of how a little girl provides for all of the little creatures in her backyard.

Looking for an Old MacDonald app? Try Old Mac by Duck Duck Moose. This free interactive app lets little fingers drive a tractor, tip a cow, shave a sheep, feed a dog, and even makes the farmer dance; all while singing a rather clever version of this favorite song.