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The Catawba County Extension Office will continue to serve you and your needs.  Our office is closed to the public but we are still working remotely.  All of our previously scheduled classes, workshops, and extension events have been cancelled or postponed. Please e-mail our agents or call our office for any questions or consultation needs that you have.  Visit our website for all the contact info:

Upcoming Events and Activities

Hickory Farmers Market- Last day of winter market and new 2020 season

Local Foods Guide  - Our local farmers have eggs, meat, veggies and more

Organic Weed Management for Gardeners - zoom meeting April 3, 12-1 PM

Spring Lawn Care  - zoom meeting April 10, 12-1 PM

Summer Veggie Garden Tips and Hacks - zoom meeting April 17, 12-1 PM

Weeds and Diseases in Lawn and Garden - zoom meeting April 24, 12-1 PM

NCDA Agronomic Division no longer accepting routine soil samples

As of March 30th until further notice, the NCDA  labs will be operating on a limited basis, accepting only samples deemed 'priority' or 'essential'.  The samples being accepted include the following:  soil diagnostic, nematode diagnostic, nematode pinewood, nematode molecular diagnostic, plant tissue,  solution, soilless media and waste samples not covered by the NCDEQ waiver on liquid animal waste.

Homeowners are encouraged to hold off on sending in routine soil samples for testing. 

Waters Agriculture Labs is a private lab that can process soil samples for a fee.  Visit their website for more info:

Information for farmers, markets, safe food sourcing and  preparation, how to protect yourself, your family and community

Organic Weed Management For Gardeners
Dr. George Place
April 3, 12-1 PM

Spring Lawn Care
Dr. Adam Smith
April 10, 12-1 PM

Summer Veggie Garden Tips and Hacks
Dr. George Place
April 17, 12-1 PM

Weeds and Diseases in Lawn and Garden
Dr. Adam Smith
April 24, 12-1 PM

These zoom meetings are free and open to the public. Simply click on the link. This is a great opportunity to share info and ask questions.

Opening Day for the Summer Season
April 18th
Farmers Markets have been deemed essential businesses similar to grocery stores. Our local markets take the health of their customers and farmers seriously and are following guidelines set by state health officials.  Please visit the above website for hours, location and explanation of safety precautions.

For other updates on sourcing local foods 

                                             Last Day of the
Hic kory Winter Farmers Market
Saturdays outside
 The Hickory Soup Kitchen
110 2nd St. Place SE
Saturdays Only
10am - 12pm
Nov. 2 to April 11, 2020 
Vegetables, Fruit, MeatEggs, Tea, Coffee, Honey, Bread, Baked Goods                                                   

Do you need a fungicide for your early planted soybeans?  Take a look at this 5 minute video summarizing NC State soybean research

Do you have marestail?  It is a safe bet that round up won't kill it.  Take a look at this recommendation for managing herbicide resistant marestail



Catawba County Local foods Guide
Time to update for 2020
We will not be distributing the print copy until the stay at home order is lifted. The web version will be updated continuously

All farmers in the guide have been given resources to help them safely harvest, package and distribute food and are being updated by Extension if protocols change.
To view resources shared with farmers visit

Please let us know if you would like your farm or food business to be in the Local Food Guide.

 Requirements are that you produce, sell or utilize local foods sourced from within 50 miles of Catawba County.

The Guide will be printed in February and is also available in a mobile friendly version. See link above.

The listing is free, we just need a questionaire to be filled out and a picture or logo. Please contact April Vigardt at for more information.
WarmSeason Annuals Novel Fescue   
Catawba Valley Cattlemen's Association Meeting 
April meeting: Canceled 
Please check out:  
Look down the red column and click on "Extension Publications
Read on Fertilizing your pastures,Click on:"Forage Fertilization"
Read on when to plant all types of grasses, Click on: 
"Planting Guide
Please check out: 
To help your children and grandchildren, You can learn about judging animals. if you have an animal to show you may show it from this site. Find the Virtual Farm Show and click on this for your family to learn all about showing animals directly from the farm and win prizes!

You will receive  a newsletter on Farm Safety
Catawba Valley Cattlemen's Monthly Newsletter
Questions - Call or text the Livestock Agent:
Glenn Detweiler on his cell: 405-219-1902
Call Brandon Bowman CVCA President or text Amanda Whitener,Treasurer
828-217-3120                                Text  339-788-0943

Educational Meeting Strip Grazing Holcomb blend Beef Expo 2018

Connect to the Clover
Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m.

Want to learn about some different opportunities in 4-H. Grab a healthy afternoon snack and log-in to learn different 4-H topics and opportunities 

Register to attend the session(s) of your choice at   A link to log-in to the zoom session will emailed to those who register, prior to the scheduled session.  

April 15 - 4-H Club Basics and Overview
April 22 - 4-H Presentations
April 29 -  Adult and Youth Volunteer Opportunities with 4-H
May 6 -  Project Books: What, How's and Why's to Project Books 
May 13- Terrific Teen Opportunities with 4-H 

Parents and youth who are part of 4-H clubs, as well as others that just want to learn more about 4-H are welcome to join-in. 4-H Alumni can join and learn about our current 4-H program, too. Each session will include some information, Q&A and discussion, and activity. Hope to see you in virtual 4-H on Wednesdays.
Volunteer Opportunity
Healthy Living Challenge 

Want to help us create a NEW parent-child healthy living program that would include a weekly online class, healthy living challenge, and physical activity goal to complete individually at home.  Youth AND adults welcome! We could use your ideas and input as we plan. To join our virtual planning dream team, email We hope to launch the program in May.  
4-H Presentations

Presentations are a unique 4-H contest where youth present a 5-12 minute "talk" with visuals on a topic of their choice. You can do a presentation on most any topic of your choice. Now is a great time to get started working on your presentation for this year.

Presentations will have a different format this year. We just received news a few days ago that District and State presentations will be moved to a virtual format this year so we can continue to observe social distancing recommendations through the summer. If you plan to participate in the presentation contest, sign-up at or email 

As we get more information about plans for this year,  we will keep you posted. Families can also look for some online presentation help sessions and workshop to help you prepare.

 Family Consumer Science (FCS) - 
Food and Nutrition

"Farm to Fork" Recipe Page

Visit the " Farm to Fork"  recipe page for recipes and resources to help you prepare produce that you grow or purchase at local farmers markets.

Attention - Aspiring Food Business Entrepreneurs:  

Click on the link below for answers to questions regarding starting a food business. Whether you are interested in selling value-added products at a farmers market or starting a 
food truck. You will find information to help you, including agencies that regulate food businesses.

Need help with food preservation?

Stop by the Extension office and pick up a complimentary guide with instructions on how to can and freeze selected fruits and vegetables. For your convenience,  the guides have been distributed to several local libraries but supplies are limited.

You can also visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation  website for extensive information on how to preserve your favorite foods. 
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Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination statement

North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University commit themselves to positive action to secure equaopportunity regardless of racecolor, religion, creed, national origin, sexage, disability, or veteran'status. In additionthe two Universities welcome all person without regard to sexual orientation.  North Carolina State University, North Carolina A&T State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and local governments cooperating.
Persons with disabilities and persons with limited English proficiency may request accommodations to participate by contacting Catawba County Extension Director, George Place, at (828) 465-8240 or or in person at the County Extension Office at least 14 days prior to the event.

Las universidades NC State y NC A & T están comprometidas colectivamente a llevar a cabo acciones positivas para asegurar la igualdad de oportunidades y prohibir la discriminación y el acoso independientemente de la raza, el color de la piel, el país de
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Universidades NC State y NC A & T, el Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, y los gobiernos locales. 
Las personas con discapacidades y las personas con dominio limitado del inglés pueden solicitar adaptaciones para participar comunicándose con el Director de Extensión del Condado de Catawba, George Place, al (828) 465-8240 o o personalmente en la Oficina de Extensión del Condado al menos 14 días antes al evento.

Yog hais tias koj  xav tau kev txhais lus Hmoob, thov hu rau peb tus extension thawj coj, George Place, ua ntej nws thiaj li yuav nrhiav tau kev pab koj.  Nws tus xov tooj yog 828-465-8240.  Ua tsaug.
Dr. George Place
Catawba County Cooperative Extension Director
Agricultural Resources Center, Newton, NC 28658