Mayerley with its new king bed!


March 2016  

I am sorry but you are going to have indulge us for a moment.  In case you weren't aware, on April 3 we were thrilled to welcome our first Grandson, Phelix James into the world.    We received the call on the 2nd at 9am (one week early!)  finished serving breakfast and rushed our guests out the door, before embarking on a mad car dash to Yellow Springs Ohio, yes I know almost 1000 miles. We arrived at 3am just an hour after his birth.   He's gorgeous and Jonathan and Demitria are going to be wonderful parents 
So if you're planning to stay with us this year, be prepared for the pictures from Jo!  
It's that  time of year again for the annual Herring Run and this remarkable event lasts until the end of May. Herrings are anadromous, meaning that although they spend most of their lives in the ocean, they return to the same fresh water ponds or lakes where they were born to spawn. By mid April those ponds have a water temperature of around 55f and the schools of herring navigate up the streams and brooks to their spawning grounds.   Read More..  You just have to come and see this extraordinary event at Stony Brook, just 10 minutes from us.

We're thrilled with the results of our changes to Mayberley (see above).  It's interesting but we have found that given the choice many of our guests prefer a king bed, particularly since many of our rooms are large.  Mayberley is the latest to have a king bed and joins, Witterings, Ladyewood and The Barn.  We hope you enjoy the change, we love the subtle linen colors.

     Jo-Anne and Richard   
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Spring life in Orleans
April only
Need an excuse for a short break and the weekend weather looks good?  Until the end of April book two nights and get the second night for 50%.   Great walks, gorgeous beaches, gourmet breakfasts, yummy restaurants, and year round art, theatre and music, what's not to like! Call us and mention this offer, or make your booking online .
Biking weekend, April 1 - May 15
Weather looks good and our many trails are welcoming you, join us for a two night stay on the weekend and enjoy a 24 hour bike rental for two complimentary of Idle Times in Orleans.  Book online or call us for details. 
Restaurant Week May 9 - 16
  It's R estaurant week Cape Cod 2016, join the fun and experience some of Orleans finest restaurants.  Book two nights at The Parsonage Inn between May 9 - 15 and get in the mood with a bottle of chilled Prosecco in your room on arrival.   Let us know when you'll be arriving, we'll take care of the rest!
Mother's Day, May 8
Thinking of suprising your Mom (Mum) and celebrating a Mother's Day weekend.  Book two nights at the Parsonage Inn, surprise her with a bouquet of flowers in her room on arrival  and a gourmet breakfast with mimosa's on Mother's Day.

 Something for everyone, however as much as we'd like to, offers can't be combined!
Saturday May 21, see a painting move from a sketch to a finished piece, and meet so many accomplished artists. With thanks to Nauset Farms for sponsoring the event by feeding the artists, and inviting the public to watch and create.  

 Spring is natures way of saying, "Lets party!"


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