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April 2018
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ServSafe Training 
When it comes to ServSafe Training - make sure you're comparing
Apples to Apples
  • ServSafe Manager Book (not a study guide)
  • Lunch
  • One day class
  • Exam


Review of ServSafe book prior to class is highly recommended - passing grades are not guaranteed.
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2017 Food Code
Latest changes to Food Code
The 2017 Food Code has been released. How are the changes going to affect you and your business? One important change: The PIC must now be a Certified Food Protection Manager.
Continue reading for a full list of updates .

Gluten Free Options
Check out this delicious Gluten Free dessert that everyone will enjoy.

Bonus: it's loaded with probiotics.

Spring time - Weight Control time
Some simple rules to help you reach your goal:

  1. Don't set unrealistic goals: "5-10# loss by Memorial Day"
  2. Start slow and add on to it each week: "one 30 second plank twice a day, next week add in 10 lunges"
  3. Eat more protein: "1/2 cup greek yogurt at breakfast"
  4. Drink more water: "4 ounces before every meal"