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Spring is here, thank goodness! A season full of transformations and rejuvenation all captured perfectly within your Cincinnati Parks!
Please read on to learn about many exciting events, projects and opportunities to engage and support the city’s most treasured parks & greenspaces.
In the month of April, we challenge YOU to go visit Inwood Park and its beautiful hills and vistas. Inwood Park is approximately 20 acres, located on Vine Street about two miles from downtown Cincinnati. The land was acquired for the park in 1904. Inwood Park features a historic piece of artwork, in honor of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn ('Father of Gymnastics'). Visit Inwood Park and uncover this secret treasure!

Get outside and enjoy your Parks!

With sincere gratitude,

Jennifer Hafner Spieser
Executive Director
Cincinnati Parks Foundation, the official philanthropic partner of Cincinnati Parks, is committed to building broad-based private/public partnerships supporting the conservation and enhancement of our city's parks and greenspaces.
Volunteer Spotlight
This month's volunteer spotlight is on Sheila Simmons. Sheila works for Huntington Bank and was an integral part of this year's Sponsorship Committee for the Hats Off Luncheon. Huntington Bank graciously hosted this year's Sponsorship Committee meetings.

Sheila partners with the professionals of the Huntington Private Bank to provide strategies and guidance to her clients and their families. She and her husband keep busy with their 14 year old son, Tommy. Her top 3 interests include fashion (both personal fashion and interior design), cooking, and outdoor adventures (hiking, watersports, and lounging on the beach!).

She became involved with the Cincinnati Parks Foundation when her dear friend, Christine Schaub, who works for Fifth Third Private Bank and has served on the Sponsorship Committee for the past 3 years, encouraged her to participate on a committee. Sheila has attended the Hats Off Luncheon in the past years - "what an amazing event!"

When asked about highlights of the Hats Off Luncheon, she said "You guys certainly have it figured out. Lots of great organization and a collective desire to deliver an amazing event to the public and its donors."

We think you're amazing, Sheila. And we couldn't do any of this without the volunteer efforts of so many, including yourself! We are so grateful.
Hats Off Luncheon - Get your ticket!
This year's Hats Off Luncheon is going to be one you'll never forget. It's going to be a celebration of joy, beauty and positivity that we all experience when at one of our beloved Cincinnati Parks. Haven't bought your ticket yet? Just click on our  Hats Off Registration page  and all the information you need is right there at your finger tips.

We hope you will join us on Friday, May 10th as we spend our day together in one of our most beloved parks, the  John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park . Thank you for all you do to make our parks and our city such a special place. We can’t wait to see you at this year’s  Hats Off Luncheon .  
Celebrate Earth Day!
Earth Day is on Monday, April 22 and there are a lot of us who are looking to see what we can do to celebrate this special day. Looking for something to do to help our Earth? It can be as simple as planting a tree, keeping the car in the garage, unplugging the t.v., or taking a hike! Whether it's big or small, anything you do to help the Earth will have a great impact on our future.

Imagine what we could do if we took care of the environment every day, and not just on Earth Day? Why not look into what can be done throughout the year, and make taking care of the environment a regular part of how you live? Plant a garden, hang your clothes to dry on a clothes line, eat vegan for a day...celebrate our beautiful Earth!
Special Thanks
Cincinnati Parks Foundation would like to express our sincere gratitude to  Zip’s Café and  Great Lakes Brewing Company for their continued support. As part of Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s “April Month of Service,” their employees are teaming up with the employees from Zip’s Café to once again make a difference in the Cincinnati region.

The two organizations have partnered over the last few years to help raise money for environmental nonprofits throughout Cincinnati.

Their week long campaign, "Have a Girth, Save the Earth" will run from Monday, April 22 (EARTH DAY!) through Sunday, April 28. How can you help? Show your support and go to Zip's Cafe!
Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory
Did you know?
We all have heard the saying "April showers bring May flowers". You may be surprised to hear that April isn’t a rainy month across the United States. In fact, it's the fourth rainiest month, and flowers actually begin blooming in April, not May.

So where did this saying originate? As it turns out, the saying started in the United Kingdom where it tends to be a bit soggy in the spring.

So, keep your head up and notice the sun shining and flowers blooming this month. Go visit one of your favorite Cincinnati Parks and take note of the flowers popping up all around you. Find a new April flower, every hour!