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April Funding Focus Newsletter Special Release #2
What is a Limited Submission?
A limited submission solicitation (RFA, RFP, etc.) places a cap on the number of proposals that Auburn may submit to a sponsor. Auburn coordinates limited submissions by sending out a notification via this newsletter and creating competitions in the Auburn University Competition Space (also known as InfoReady).To apply to any limited submission posted below, click on the above link and search for your competition reflected on the page. Please refer to the Limited Submission Procedures page for a list of requirements.
Limited Submission Announcement

The DOE SC program in Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) hereby announces its interest in research applications to explore potentially high-impact approaches in the development and use of data reduction techniques and algorithms to facilitate more efficient analysis and use of massive data sets produced by observations, experiments and simulation. The principal focus of this Program Announcement is to support applied mathematics and computer science approaches that address one or more of the identified PRDs:
  1. effective algorithms and tools that can be trusted by scientists for accuracy and efficiency,
  2. progressive reduction algorithms that enable data to be prioritized for efficient streaming,
  3. algorithms which can preserve information in features and quantities of interest with quantified uncertainty, and
  4. mapping techniques to new architectures and use cases.

Please note that the requirements for this submission
differ from the standard limited submission.

Institutional Limit: 2 Pre-applications (limited to 1 per PI only)
Internal Deadline: April 26, 2021 4:45 pm
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