APRIL 2020

COVID-19 has certainly touched all our lives. It has altered our daily activities and created some additional challenges. We are checking in on each other almost daily. We are discussing how we can best be of service to you and your club's needs in the days and weeks to come. 

Curbside pickup is the new norm at all of our locations. The team is getting pretty good at it, should you need it. Just call, email, or text what you need and where you would like to pick it up and our team will have it ready. Call or text when you arrive and someone from our team, in a safe manner, will bring it out to you.

Truck deliveries continue, but only if you are comfortable with our drivers bringing the to your facility. 

UPS and Fed Ex package deliveries continue, but you need to make sure your local driver knows you are still open for maintenance even though the club is closed. Otherwise the driver may assume he or she can't make the delivery.

Golf Irrigation service continues. The team is still making service calls in a safe, physical distancing way. They are busy with the normal spring start-up activities so if you need them, call or text them so they can get you on the schedules.

Golf Territory Managers are available by phone, email, or video conference to help you with your questions and facilitate getting you any materials you might need. If you've been putting off getting a design, or a quote completed for any upcoming projects, now would be a good time to reach out and get the conversation started!

All that said, stay physically distanced, stay protected, and stay safe. We are doing our best to be here for you when you need us.


Just a friendly reminder as you turn your system on: we have a board exchange program. You may not be aware of this but the best research we can find shows our prices are the lowest of all other nationally advertised program prices.  The price includes a return shipping label and the paperwork so the failed board can be dropped in the box and returned to our facility.  If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, call one of our service technicians to arrange a site visit and we will take care of it for you!  Click here for the board exchange forms.  They are also on our website and another link with additional resources are at the bottom of this document.


Mention the spring special discount when you order and get a 10% discount off the products listed below. Enjoy free freight on orders over $1,000. Additional items can be added to the order for free freight. The discount will be calculated off your normal price. Get your order in soon so you are ready when irrigation season hits!

  • Click here to view Irrigation Tools Flyer.
  • Click here to view Spectrum® Technologies products.
  • Click here to view Underhill® hoses and nozzles.
  • Click here to view Underhill yardage markers.
Make sure you have a few of the 995-102 Riser Hold Up Tools in stock to "snap on" to sprinklers in areas where you may have a lot of water hammer as the system fills. This tool allows for a high volume of water and air to be evacuated from the system quickly and eliminates the need for removing ANY conversion assemblies from the bodies during system start-up. For more information, watch the video below.


Toro's special packaging discounts kick off this month!  Click here for a quick summary of what the savings are!


Inventory Blowout Special - The reverse auction continues with some significantly discounted deals.  

Each Tuesday the lowered prices are published on our website.  Grab these deals now before they are gone!  Click here for the current printed list. First come, first sold!


Turf Equipment and Supply Company now has an online training portal for you and your team. This is great training for the winter months, onboarding new employees and/or educating yourself and your existing crew so you are prepared to be the best in 2020. 

There are hundreds of courses online including the following:
  • Crew Leader: How to Lead & Motivate
  • Crew Leader: Planning & Scheduling
  • Troubleshooting & Solving Decoder-Based Irrigation System Problems
  • Proper Solvent Cementing Techniques for PVC Pipe
  • ...and many more
The training portal is available 24/7 so it's convenient to your schedule. Unexpected rainy day - no problem. Need content for an employee training - no problem. Ground frozen - no problem. New employee but too busy to train - no problem. All great times to access the training portal and improve your team's skills.

The annual fee of $49.95 per login gives you access for the entire year as many times as you wish to visit. Register as a company and do team trainings. Or, register individually and assign courses to employees and then track their progress.

Enroll today at our Online Training Portal here

Listed below are maintenance items to check during the month of April.  This is from our yearly irrigation checklist which can be downloaded here.
  • Install Otterbine aerators early for preventative purposes to combat initial algae growth
  • Drive along all mainlines and check for leaks
  • Audit 1/5th of the irrigation system
  • Check all sprinkler heads for operation, rotation and arc adjustment
  • Install a cattle tag in each field controller to repel insects


Click on any of the links below to explore the digital resources we have available.

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Irrigation Technician ToolBox

Controller Board Exchange Form
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