Come explore—and taste—Utah’s crops! Utah Agriculture in the Classroom is highlighting specialty crops grown in Utah including tart cherries, peaches, pistachios, honey, and much more. Crops in the Classroom provides teachers with standards-based curriculum linked to health and nutrition, and the opportunity to introduce students to crops grown locally in Utah.

This 20-minute module is designed for 3rd-5th grade teachers in Utah. Teachers who complete this free module will receive a Crops in a Box resource kit worth $150. Supplies are limited.
Click the link below for a complete list of standards-based lessons linked to the Crops in a Box resource kit.
Utah Agriculture in the Classroom would like to give a special thank you to the following producers of Utah specialty crops highlighted in the Crops in a Box resource kit:
Payson Fruit Growers is a co-op of family farms. Montmorency Cherries or "pie cherries" are known for their tartness and color. Payson Fruit Growers discovered dried tart cherries were delicious in salads, covered in chocolate, or just eaten by the handful.
Located in Honeyville, Utah, The Honey Jar offers a variety of honey products including honey sticks, raw clover honey, raw wildflower honey, raw orange blossom honey, and even honey corn.
Did you know Utah produces pistachios? Located in Hurricane, Utah, Red Rock Pistachio Orchards has been providing the community of Southern Utah with fresh pistachios for over 20 years. The dry Southern Utah climate is perfect for growing the most unique pistachio you will ever taste!