April 2024 Health and Cultural Observances
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The National Alliance Coalition Health Advisory Council provides this newsletter to make it easier for employers to tie select national health and cultural observances to health and wellbeing strategies. For a complete list:
April is National Minority Health Month
Improving the health of racial and ethnic minority communities
Celebrated every April, National Minority Health Month:
  • Builds awareness about the disproportionate burden of premature death and illness in people from ethnic minority groups.
  • Encourages action through health education, early detection, and control of disease complications.

When patients are provided with culturally and linguistically appropriate information, they are empowered to create healthier outcomes for themselves and their communities. Learn more:
Understanding Alcohol Abuse, Stigma and Treatment
Addiction is a disease, treatment is available, recovery brings joy
National Alcohol Awareness Month is dedicated to increasing public understanding awareness of alcohol use disorder, including its causes, treatments, and recovery. It's also a prime time to decrease stigmas associated with alcohol misuse and addiction to remove barriers to treatment. Workplace education ideas include:

  • Arrange an awareness talk with a subject-matter expert.
  • Partner with an employee whole person health expert (view the National Alliance publication, "In Pursuit of Whole Person Health").
  • Provide "safe space" resources that enable employees to reach out for help (train supervisors and managers to handle substance use concerns, offer 24/7 tele-mental-health access...)
  • Encourage alcohol-free workplace events
Did you know?
  • Those who indulge in binge or heavy drinking often have poor work performance due to lethargy, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety and other symptoms.
  • More than 29.5 million Americans over age 12 are estimated to meet criteria for an alcohol use disorder.
View these workplace health promotion tools:
Testicular Cancer Awareness Month
If found and treated early, testicular cancer is up to 99% curable. Most tumors are metastatic, meaning they have the ability to spread to other organs such as the lymph system, lungs, and brain, leading to serious illness or death. That's why raising awareness about the importance of self-exams and screenings is essential.

Employers can share basic education, self-exam instructions, and support services information for people affected by testicular cancer to help men avoid late-stage detection.
National Alliance Resources of the Month
Back-to-basics tips for achieving whole person health and wellbeing support workplace communications efforts (feel free to customize with your logo):

Additional National resources related to April observances: