April 2017
AUGUST 25-27, 2017 -  Fort Lauderdale


The International Swimming Hall of Fame announced the 17 honorees who will enter as the Class of 2017 that will be honored in ceremonies to be held August 25-27, in Fort Lauderdale. The Class of 2017 consists of swimmers Alain Bernard (FRA), Ian Crocker (USA) Leisel Jones (AUS) , Laure Manaudou (FRA) ,   Wu Chuanyu (CHN), Takeshi "Halo" Hirose (USA) & Georges Vallerey, Jr. (FRA) open water swimmers Maarten Van Der Weijden (NED) & Walter Poenisch (USA),  divers Laura Wilkinson (USA) & Zhang Xiuwei (CHN) , water polo players Osvaldo Codaro (ARG), Andras Bodnar (HUN) & Bridgette Gusterson (AUS), synchronized swimmer Anastasia Davydova (RUS), coach Dick Jochums (USA ) and contributor/photojournalist Heinz Kluetmeier (USA) .
More information to come.  

London will be the site of the 2017 IMSHOF Induction Ceremony on April 22, 2017.   Please see IMSHOF.ORG for the 2017 IMSHOF Honourees and further details. We wish them a successful ceremony.
What's happening with the 
International Swimming Hall of Fame?

What will the museum look like in Santa Clara?
We have been working with two of the world's most renowned museum consultants: Cambridge
 by Fort Lauderdale arcitectural designer Christina Lihan
More at: www.lihanstudio.com

Seven and Cortina Productions. They have done innumerable sports museums and believe that the story of swimming, from its ancient origins to its evolution as a modern Olympic sport - told through the use of modern technologies - will create a powerhouse museum. For swimming is NOT just a sport, but an essential lifeskill and passport to a world of limitless recreational, occupational and healthful activities. All of which will be featured in the museum along with a complete STEAM educational program to lure field trips for students of all ages and backgrounds.

What is the status of the Hall of Fame in Santa Clara?
If the history of ISHOF tells us anything, we know that public works projects take time. That said, in 2016 great progress was made to move the project in Santa Clara forward. The initial Environmental Impact Study was completed and certified by Council and the period for court challenges related to the adequacy or certification of the EIS has passed. In September, USA Swimming named the City of Santa Clara the Top Swim City in America! The November elections left us with a City Council that is aware of the potential cost estimates and unanimously supports the project. The City is now moving forward with funding options and we are hopeful that funds will be released to allow for the architectural and construction documents to be created. This process may take two years or more, before actual construction begins for what will become the finest public aquatic and recreation center and sports museum in the world.

Are you still open in Fort Lauderdale?
Back in 2013, the City of Fort Lauderdale informed us that they were going to completely re-develop the Aquatic Complex, demolish all pools and buildings on our peninsula and that we would be provided space within a four story parking garage for our museum. This would have required ISHOF to go into storage for several years and raise $4-5 million dollars to create a new museum. After careful evaluation, our board notified the City that we would not participate in the new project and that we had accepted a proposal to relocate within an aquatic center in Santa Clara, CA. However, until the time came for demolition to begin in Fort Lauderdale, or the new facility was built in Santa Clara, we would continue to operate in Fort Lauderdale. Now it appears that Fort Lauderdale will not go forward with the demolition and instead will refurbish the existing facilities. ISHOF has resumed conversations with City staff to remain in Fort Lauderdale indefinitely. Meanwhile, although the Santa Clara project is moving forward, we are at least two years away from breaking ground on the new facility. So - YES, we are still open in Fort Lauderdale and believe it will be advantageous for both Swimming and ISHOF to have both an East Coast and West Coast location.
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What's in store for 2017?
Beyond developments in Fort Lauderdale and Santa Clara, we look forward to a very exciting 53rd Honoree Induction Weekend from August 25-27 in Fort Lauderdale. Our 2016 Yearbook will go out to our members in the first half of 2017 and we are planning several new exhibits. We also will have segments filmed at our museum airing on national and international TV channels.
Novella Calligaris finds her picture on the cover of Nuoto in the hall of fame library

 ISHOF HONOR SWIMMER Novella Calligaris 
visits the ISHOF
Novella Calligaris was the first Italian to win Olympic Medals in Swimming. Upon retiring as an athlete she began working as a journalist for RAI and still covers major sporting events. Since the 1980's, she also developed a career in   international marketing and integrated communications for major Italian and international companies.


Parents and brother of 2017 ISHOF Swimmer Camille Muffat
Michelle Konkoly, 2016 Paralympic 2x gold medalist (50 & 100m freestyle) with her mother
Relatives of 1924 Olympic Swimmer Clyde Goldwater
R. Jackson Smith's daughter Suzy visiting with her longtime friend Peter
Todd & Jake McClave, Wally Spence's grandson & great grandson
Anya Mostek, coached by George Breen at 2014 Mid Atlantic Zones
The Craft family from Ohio after training with Gary Hall's race club in Islamorada for a week
Alan Ford's son Don


Presented to Gary Cox by  YMCA Rogers Award Committee Chair Jim Ryan  

 Longtime Schroeder dive coach, Gary Cox received the Joseph G Rogers award at the National YMCA Diving Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on March 31.  Gary took on the job of reviving the YMCA diving championships in 2008, when the athlete count was 23.  This year the event attracted 168 athletes.  For this reason and for so many others is why Gary was recognized.

Donated by Bob Bennett (1960 OG bronze 100m backs troke, 1964 OG bronze 200m backstroke)
Here is how he described his experience:  "Before the early 1960's, swimmers suffered with sore, red eyes caused by hours of practice each day in heavily chlorinated pools. Someone decided there was a better, less painful way to workout.
One of the first ideas to protect the eye was a new innovation, the Large "Contact Lens". These lenses had red rings around the outside so that they could be found on the bottom of the pool if dislodged.
After the Olympic Games I was chosen to test the lenses. They were so big that they were hard to insert under the eyelid and made you look like an alien space monster. Asides from those negative aspects they did help with the chlorine problem. I decided, however, that I would rather put up with the chlorine. Oh, if we only had the goggles of today!"


Fay Poenisch presents the Hall of Fame with the poster and the famous cigar that Fidel Castro left behind after visiting her husband Walter's guide boat that would make him the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida for world peace in 1978. Poenisch will be inducted in the Hall of Fame this August with the class of 2017.


Presented to ISHOF by Marilia Budiakova
Professor Wen Zhonghua and Professor Li Ange present Bruce Wigo with several books about the history of swimming in China (below on left).  Wigo also received books and objects from the Hong Kong, Macau and Chinese Federations for ISHOF's Henning Library (below on right).

World Record Holder At 17, World Champion at 18

FORT LAUDERDALE - The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) sadly reports that Andy  Coan has passed away after a long illness in a Hospice facility in Boca Raton. He was 60 years old. In 1975, at 17 years of age, while representing Pine Crest High School and swimming for ISHOF Honor Coach Jack Nelson, he broke Jim Montgomery's 12-day old world-record in the 100 meter freestyle. More:

A memorial and celebration of life will be held on April 29, 2017 at ISHOF at 2pm.
Bring memories!


Fort Lauderdale  - January 29, 2016 - Evelyn Tokue Kawamoto-Kono,  a two-
time Olympic bronze Medalist at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, passed away in Hawaii on January 22, at the age of 83.  Born on September 17, 1933, Evelyn had been one of the few remaining figures from the remarkable 2nd wave of Hawaiian swimming greats immortalized in Julie Checkoway
' s remarkable book,  " The Three Year Swim Club: The Untold Story of Maui's Sugar Ditch Kids and Their Quest for Olympic Glory. "


Niki Stajkovic, a member of the FINA High Diving Committee, has passed away, just shy of his 58th birthday.  In its condolence letter to his wife Nicole, FINA wrote: "We will remember him as a person who cared in the first place about the safety of the athletes and did all to present them with perfect and safe conditions, so that they could perform at their best in the sport that he loved".
Stajkovic was a 5-time Olympian for his native Austria from 1972-1992 (skipping the 1984 games), with his highest finish being 8th at the 1980 Olympics. That included a debut in Munich in 1972 at just 13 years old. He won 2 European Championship medals in his career off the 3 meter: silver in 1987 and bronze in 1981.  Administratively, besides his FINA duties, Stajkovic was sporting director for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series. More:
PAC Burns down.... a look back

 Once the home of the Philadelphia Aquatic Club (PAC) the Philadelphia Aquatic Center burnt down on March 6, 2017. Built by entrepreneur and swimming coach, Tom Williams, (Michigan '41) it was one of the leading

clubs in Pennsylvania for many years. Recently it has been operating as a fit ness center. This video includes a clip from Forbes and Ursula Carlisle's 1965 film, "Swimming the American Way."  
You might remember Tom Williams.... a charter member of the ISHOF......

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