April 2012 Newsletter (The Transition to Management Issue)

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:: The Leadership Pipeline
:: Three Measures of Success of People Managers
:: Essentials of Leadership 2012
:: The Importance of Dialogue Revisited
Over the course of my 20-year history developing leaders, working to build strong teams, and creating optimal work environments, I've learned many simple, practical and cost effective ways to help individuals, teams and organizations thrive.  The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a forum where I can share some of these simple techniques that can shift your culture forward.
Three Measures of Success of People ManagersMeasure of Success
Quick Tip

When you make the transition to people manager, there is a significant shift in how you spend your time, what you place value on, and what skills you need to be successful. The Leadership Pipeline describes three achievements of people managers that anyone who is relatively new to this role should be thinking about:


1) Clearly defining and assigning the work to be done: planning, organizing, and delegating

2) Building collaborative relationships with direct reports that facilitate open dialogue and trust (not easy when there's a power differential).

3) Enabling direct reports to do the work well through monitoring, coaching, correcting, and appraising performance.


These are the three hallmarks of strong people managers, and it usually takes a year or two (or more) to hone these skills. People are usually promoted to people manager roles because of their technical skills, but it is these three areas that define their success in the new role.



Portland Community College

"The leadership series was very informative, great dynamics and you sure are in the right profession. The material will become my 'Work Bible', I will continuously refer to it."

Semhal Yehdego, 
Classified Lead, 
Portland Community College
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Leadership Pipeline New Edition
The Leadership Pipeline

Reading Recommendation  

I've recommended this book before, but I have to put it out there again for this issue dedicated to the topic of taking on a supervisory role.  If you or a colleague are making the transition into your first management position, this book has one concise chapter that outlines the most important advice you need to successfully transition into your new role. From Managing Yourself to Managing Others provides a great overview of the skills, values and priorities that one needs to focus on when promoted into one's first supervisory role. If your organization does not have a training program for new managers, at a minimum a copy of this book and the focus on this one chapter can be significantly helpful.

Essentials of Leadership 2012
Series Offering  Essentials of Leadership


This series of five 4-hour modules will provide your management staff--no matter what their level of supervisory experience-- with skills and knowledge in the areas of motivation, communication, performance

management, teambuilding, and conflict resolution--all the skills necessary to increase productivity, collaboration, and job satisfaction. Here's a brief outline of the modules in the series:

  • The Impact of Your Leadership Style: Assessing your leadership style, capitalizing on strengths, and minimizing liabilities.
  • Managing Employee Performance: Providing effective constructive feedback, appropriately escalating performance discussions, and mentoring high potentials.  
  • Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts: Best practices for minimizing friction and resolving work conflicts.
  • Boosting Employee Motivation:  Leveraging your staff's intrinsic motivation.
  • Tapping into the Team's Collective Wisdom: Facilitating effective meetings and best practices for group decision making. 
If you would like to bring this series or any given module to your organization, contact Gary Ford.


The Importance of Dialogue Revisited



Last month's newsletter was all about the importance of dialogue. While catching up on This American Life podcasts last week, I was reminded of that importance.

Download the free This American Life podcast #455 Continental Breakup to learn how the absence of candid dialogue is at the root of the current Eurozone crisis. 

The podcast revisits the nearly century-long journey toward a common currency for Europe and how the inability of key players to say what was on their mind when they needed to led to the current threat to the entire Eurozone.

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