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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

COVID - 19
Everyone at CCMI is hoping you are all staying safe as we are sheltering in place, being aware of social distancing and performing essential services. CCMI staff is mostly working remotely or are working with sufficient social distancing. We will continue to conduct audits and answer questions as best we can. Thank you for your patience as we work through this new work routine. We have temporarily suspended onsite interviews on our California and New York projects. Some of our projects may engage in written questionnaires sent to employee's homes when onsite interviews are otherwise mandated via state or federal law. Let's stay safe.  

Grazing to Maintain Vegetation is Not a Public Work
One of CCMI's clients is now using the grazing of goats to maintain vegetation management. Wanting to be extra sure as to whether this fell within the coverage of California prevailing wages, CCMI was asked to contact the California Department of Industrial Relations for clarification.

The DIR confirmed that the use of goats to maintain vegation management is NOT a public work for which prevailing wages are covered. The goat herder is there to see to the safety of the goats, not to perform landscape clearing, and the terrain of the land is not being altered by the grazing.
Due to Covid - 19, several of the conferences and speaking engagements have been cancelled. Listed below are the events that still have active training dates:

  • June 9 Prevailing Wage Basics and Beyond -Training for Public Agencies; Sacramento, CA 9 a.m.-4 p.m. To register, contact: California Special Districts Association www.csda.net
  • June 16-19 LCPtracker Ignite Conference, San Diego, CA. Deborah is teaching a variety of workshops over the span of the conference. https://ignite.lcptracker.com

  • August 25-28 CSDA Annual Conference: Palm Desert www.csda.net  
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You asked, we answered!

If there is a project with federal money triggering Davis Bacon compliance, is it true that the Agency must include the proper wage determination and contract language in its contract with the prime and the prime must include that same information (not by incorporation or reference) in all subcontracts?
Yes, this seems to be a reoccurring question from CCMI clients. Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations Section 5 governs Davis Bacon Projects. Section 5.5 mandates that the language set forth in that section be included, in full, in any contract between the agency and the prime contractor. AND, the prime contractor must also include this same language, in full, in all of their subcontracts.  
Likewise, there is a similar obligation to include the federal wage determination which will be used on the project. An agency cannot make the contractor look for the wage determination or provide a reference to the wage determination. And, the prime must include this same wage determination in the subcontractor's contract. If this is not done and the contractor or subcontractor fails to pay the correct wage determination, then the agency or the prime (whichever forgot to include both the contract clauses and wage determination) shall be liable for a change order to cover the increased cost in wages. CCMI is always available to help an agency or contractor understand and comply with this requirement.
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