APRIL 2016 
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guiderevisionsGuide to Accreditation Revisions

In 2016, MACTE is proposing several policy revisions to the MACTE Guide to Accreditation. The r evisions are posted for comment on the MACTE website for 30 days (until April 23, 2016). We ask that you read the proposed revisions and provide feedback using the comment form on the bottom of the web page. All comments will be presented to the MACTE Board for consideration at the annual MACTE Board Meeting on April 27th. Published revisions will be announced in May following the meeting.

movingThe MACTE Office on the Move!


MACTE's address is changing!
Starting May 1st, 2016, MACTE's new address will be:

420 Park St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Due to upcoming construction around MACTE's current office building, MACTE regrets to announce that they will need to relocate their office.  MACTE has signed a long-term lease in a beautiful  old law office building (pictured above) located nearby Charlottesville's downtown mall. The MACTE staff has mixed feelings about the move but look forward to being in a quiet neighborhood and settling into a long-term arrangement.  We are letting you know in anticipation of the change in address in your documentation. Several additional reminders will be sent out over the next couple months. 

symposiumtopicsRequesting Input for the 
 2016 MACTE Symposium
Do you have suggestions for the 2016 MACTE Symposium in December? If so, please e-mail your suggestions to info@macte.org no later than June 30th, 2016. The 2016 MACTE Symposium will be held Friday, December 2nd through Saturday, December 3rd. Due to several requests, this year's Symposium will not hold sessions on Sunday. This year's sessions will concentrate on the topic of "Student Outcomes", how to collect the data; what are the instruments for collecting the data; and most importantly, what does the data tell us and what do we do with it? We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

kimberleeawardKimberlee Belcher-Badal Receives AMS Dissertation and Thesis Award

Kimberlee Belcher-Badal (center above), MACTE's VP for State Relations, was selected to receive 1st place for the 2016 Outstanding Montessori Doctoral Dissertation by AMS for her dissertation titled, "Policy Reservations: Early Childhood Workplace Registries and Alternative Pedagogy Teacher Preparation". The Dissertation and Thesis Awards Committee presented Kimberlee with this prestigious award at the Annual AMS Conference in Chicago. We applaud Kimberlee and her successes! 

transitionTransition of State Work
As many of you are aware,  Kimberlee Belcher-Badal  will be finishing out her contract with MACTE as of April 15th, 2016. Moving forward, MACTE's president, Rebecca Pelton will resume the state policy work. We are grateful to  Kimberlee  for joining our staff during 2015 - 2016. Her contribution to MACTE made it possible for MACTE to focus on the preparation of our petition to the USDE for renewal recognition. Now that we have our five year renewal in place, Rebecca will resume responsibility for the state work on the IT and EC levels and continue work with each state's Department of Education. Please direct all future questions regarding your state to rebecca@macte.org.   

Again, we thank Kimberlee for her stellar contribution to the Montessori community and thank her for her work to further the recognition of Montessori teacher education in our country.

For future reference, Kimberlee can be reached at  edpolicyconsulting@gmail.com .

webinarsUpcoming Webinars and Training
Self-Study Writing Workshop Webinar
April 7th, 2016
9:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M. EDT

The  Self - Study   Writing   Workshop  is for Montessori teacher education programs that are ready to begin compiling their  Self - Study  document.  This webinar will focus on Section C of the MACTE Guide to Accreditation. We will walk through each section of the  Self - Study  and discuss specific compilation guidelines.

Cost: $40

MACTE On-Site Verifier Training Webinar
April 14th, 2016
10:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. EDT

Interested in becoming a MACTE on-site verifier for MACTE on-site verification visits? Already a verifier looking to update your knowledge of the on-site verification visit process? The MACTE On-Site Verifier training webinar is for Montessori credentialed individuals who are interested in participating as verifiers on upcoming on-site verification visits for programs going through the MACTE accreditation process. Please join us for a webinar training.

Please note we need a minimum of 5 people registered to hold the training

Cost: $40

boarddecisionsMarch 2016 MACTE Board Meeting Decisions
Board Decisions

Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program
Cincinnati, OH, Director: Marta Donahoe and Katie Wood
Full Accreditation granted (to December 4, 2020) for its Secondary I-II Montessori Teacher Education Certification Program to include the following Substantive Change 6: Change in Ownership to Katie Keller Wood

Houston Montessori Center
Houston, TX, Directors: Betsy Coe
Full Accreditation granted (to November 4, 2022) for its Secondary I-II Montessori Teacher Education Certification Program to include the following Substantive Change 8: Additional Location: Gymnazium Duhovka, Ortenovo namesti 34 Praha 7 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic

Duhovka Montessori Teacher Education Program
Prague, Czech Republic, Director: Dorothy Paul
Full Accreditation (Initial) granted (to December 4, 2020) for its Elementary I Teacher Education Certification Program to include the following Substantive Change 5c: Addition of Age Range to EL I-II

Full Accreditation granted (to December 4, 2020) for its Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Education Certification Program to include the following Substantive Change 7: Relocation of Permanent Site from Cihelna 635/2, Praha 1, 118 00, Czech Republic to Boleslavova 1/250, Praha 4, 140 00, Czech Republic

Montessori Institute for Teacher Education
Wilmington, DE, Director: Raife Cebeci
Full Accreditation granted for a term of 7 years (to November 6, 2020) for its Early Childhood and Infant and Toddler Montessori Teacher Education Certification 

Administration Decisions

Washington Montessori Teacher Education Program
New Preston, CT, Directors: Sheila Coad-Bernard
Approval of Voluntary Withdrawal of its Secondary I Montessori Teacher Education Certification Course Level

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