April 2021
Welcome to our April Newsletter!
April Birthstone:
Diamonds On The Key offers Diamond Birthstone Jewelry in a variety of designs, including necklaces, pendants, earrings & rings. Visit our Instagram page for more gift ideas! Click on the blue link below:

In addition to being the April birthstone, diamond is the gift of choice for the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. And, of course, today the diamond engagement ring has become a near-universal symbol of love and marriage.
Sparkling with an internal fire all its own, diamond is one of the world’s most sought-after and adored gemstones. Those born in April are lucky enough to call this scintillating gem their birthstone, a symbol of clarity and strength. Diamond is so strong, in fact, that its name comes from the Greek word "adamas," which means “invincible” or “unbreakable.”
Bezel Set Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Drop By The Yard Necklace .25
Bezel Set Diamond Ring
Mother's Day is fast approaching!

With so many mothers performing multiple roles of Mother, Teacher, Caretaker and more, a sparkling gift of a diamond pendant, gemstone earrings or a bracelet will help uplift the spirits of any hard working mom this Mother’s Day!

Click on the links below to be directed to beautiful 14K & 18K Gold and Diamond Fine Jewelry by Diamonds on the Key.

We will be happy to gift wrap the package, include a handwritten note & ship to you or direct to the recipient!
Horn Pendant
Horsebit Circle Pendant
Love Pendant Necklace
Oval Diamond Hoop Earrings
Oval Gold & Pearl Hoops
Gold & Gemstone Hoop Earrings
Gemstone Star Pendant
Square Gemstone & Diamond Huggies
Square Semi Precious Gemstone Ring
Communion & Confirmation Gift Suggestions

Diamond On The Key offers a variety of Fine Jewelry Gift Suggestions, starting at $300, for upcoming First Communions and Confirmations.

Below are a few suggestions, with more options available on our Shop Site.

Gift wrapping and direct shipping to the gift recipient is available.

Call our office for additional assistance with your order. We are happy to help!

5/8" Diamond Cross Pendant
Mini Cross Huggies
Small Rainbow Cross Charm Bracelet
Recent Makeovers & Inspiration
Take a look through your old, dated jewelry and let Diamonds On The Key restyle & update the pieces you no longer wear, by easily transforming them into modern, new pieces for every day!

An insured FedEx label will be emailed to you, to securely send your items to our office, after analyzation and discussion by phone or zoom. All quotes provided in advance of work for your approval. It's that easy!

Send us an email or call us directly to discuss your next 'Makeover"!
ChristinaTermine@aol.com - (305) 851-1460
HEARTS DELIGHT - This "heart lover" wished to reconfigure a beloved necklace with multiple size + heart shape links, this client turned to Diamonds On The Key for assistance, also wondering what to do with a separate large diamond heart that she received as a gift. The necklace comprised of white gold had dulled and yellowed over time and the client had disliked the Y shape for a long time.  The elements and links of the necklace were taken apart and reconfigured as a classic graduated necklace, with the new largest diamond heart placed as a "central motif" to anchor the new style of the necklace, with smaller hearts graduating up either side of the necklace, according to their size. Polishing and new bright white rhodium makes this necklace sparkle like new!
STERLING MAKEOVER - Sterling silver jewelry that had tarnished and blackened over time could not be cleaned with traditional jewelry cleaners, and needed deep professional cleaning, in order to restore the original shine, luster and patina of the sterling silver, as well as not to harm the inner 14K gold frame of the blue topaz pendant. End result were pieces that look brand new!
CUSTOM MADE PENDANT - Seeking a unique pendant, which the client could wear every day, and wanting to add a personal touch, this client turned to DOTK to design and create a custom made large gold disc, with hand engraving.  Several sizes of the disc were discussed, with paper proto types used, and a final decision to "go BIG or go home" at 1.5 inches in diameter! White diamonds were set on the edges for additional sparkle and a hand written inscription from her husband was identically traced and engraved by hand on to the surface of the disc, professing his love to her!
DIAMOND BANGLES - A client's stack of bangle bracelets, worn daily, showed much wear and tear with the white gold metal yellowing over time, clasps becoming loose and diamonds darkened.  Deep steam cleaning and professional polished revitalized the metal and diamonds, with all 3 clasps refurbished with tightening and a final bright white rhodium finish, to bring back the original white gold color, making these bracelets brand new, with much improved sparkle!!!
Diamond & Gemstone Drop Earrings
Shown in Smokey Topaz on Model
Square Gemstone & Diamond Huggies
Small Heart Studs
Round Pearl & Diamond Earrings
Pearl Cross with Diamond
Single Bezel Set Diamond & Pearl Earring