April  2017
Family Newsletter
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Letter from the Head of School 
Dear Marist Families:

There's nothing more important this month than the #savemaristnj Campaign.  This crisis has had a huge effect on all of us.  But as you may know, the word "crisis" in Chinese is composed of two characters:  danger and opportunity.  I choose to focus on the opportunities.
Where are you with #savemaristnj?
I, personally, had an awesome experience this past Sunday.  I asked my pastor if I could speak at our three Sunday Masses. Then I stood in the back of Church, and collected $3,452!!!  I kid you not!  Have you been having similar experiences?  I've started tweeting mine @amiesnik.  (Maybe I'll finally learn to get it said in 140 characters!)  I'd love to see what's going on with you!  Follow me!
What matters most?
  1.   That you tidy up all outstanding balances.  Let's all be zeroed out by end of April 24th!
  2.   That you re-register for next year; don't wait. . . send in that form and post-dated check this week!
  3.   That you participate and/or volunteer in all of the #savemaristnj events, as best you can;
  4.   That you sell more than your minimum of Super 50/50 Raffles.  See Ms. Small if you need more.
  5.   That you spread the word that Marist is here to stay! 
  6.   That you encourage others to donate at www.marist.org/savemaristnj
What else could you do? 

Feel free to download this letter and to approach major donors or corporations or places of business.

Ask if you can speak at your place of worship. Feel free to tweak my two-minute talk.   Download it here.

Think about sharing the story of your son's/daughter's success and happiness at Marist.  Be sure to keep the tone of your letter positive, asking for prayers and support. You can send that story to:
What does the future hold?
I don't have a crystal ball, but I do have hope.  That hope is grounded in hard work, loyalty to a mission I believe in, and students, families, and colleagues who are near and dear to me.  This hope is not unfounded.  In recent conversations I have had with the Brothers, they too are praying that we succeed, both in raising the funds needed to ensure the future and in restructuring the future so we will be self-sufficient.  You should know that many alumni have stepped forward to help me accomplish both. 

I just wanted to share with you that we are not alone in our efforts.   This is larger than any one of us!  We each have to do our best and to God leave the rest!


Ms. Alice J. Miesnik
Head of School

Academic News

Study Hall   begins on Wednesday, April 5 at 2:45.  Any student who failed two or more subjects in the third quarter is required to attend.  A letter will be sent describing the rules, purpose, and cost of this mandatory program. Encourage your son/daughter to do well so that summer school can be avoided.  Remember, tutoring is available in the LMC Monday-Thursday from 2:40-3:40 PM.
Scheduling will be discussed with the juniors and sophomores when we return from break. School Counselors will be talking to each student individually to put a schedule together for each student. 
Remember:  STUDENTS ARE SCHEDULED IN THE ORDER OF REGISTRATION. Hopefully you have,  if your child expects a seat in a specific course.
Year-End Failures :  Students who fail three or more subjects at the end of the year cannot return to Marist High School for the next academic year. A student who fails one or two subjects for the year must attend Marist summer school. Please encourage your son/daughter to improve in a subject if he/she is currently failing.
Academic Awards Banquet Students who have excelled throughout the year will be invited to the Academic Awards Banquet, scheduled for Thursday, May 4 beginning promptly at 6:30. More information to come.

Final Exam Exemptions: There are two ways to be exempt from final exams. The first is having a 91  grade straight across for a class. This meaning 1st, 2nd, Midterm, 3rd, and 4th marking periods. The second way to be exempt is by having a final average of 94 or better in a class. 

Campus Ministry News

Retreats: So many of our students have visited "Esopus" this year on retreat...and the enthusiasm for the Marist
Brother Retreat Center continues. The kids call it "home" and it always gives them an opportunity to see God's generosity in nature, to have quiet moments of reflection and to learn communication skills. It helps that they like the food, and being deep in the woods is an adventure for them!   In a few weeks we will be sending 15 more students to our last Encounter Retreat for the year! We are also looking forward to our last retreat of the year which will focus on our Seniors and their transition into college!

The response to the Junior Retreat was terrific:  Following their beautiful Leadership Ceremony, thirty students departed for Esopus and attended the program that night and during their day off! -- The theme was "Leadership", preparing our juniors to be next year's Senior Leaders. They reflected on the gifts and talents that God has given them and on how they have grown since freshmen year. They also completed an obstacle course that tested their different qualities of leadership. We were also lucky enough to serve the local community of Esopus by doing some "good works" for the retreat center. Activities included shoveling snow, clearing walkways for the handicapped, clearing out some Marist Garages and cleaning the surrounding areas.  They were, as usual, enthusiastic; it's truly a pleasure to take them out. We are very proud of our Juniors!!

More service to the Community The Marist Province held their 4th annual Lavalla Weekend Retreat. We were proud to send up 6 of our students to represent Marist. They had a tough weekend of refugee simulations and "walking a mile" in someone else's shoes. They are now tasked to bring back what they have learned and share with their different communities how we can make a difference in the lives of Refugees around the world!
Community Service: Is your son or daughter looking for an enriching service experience in the next few months? Has your son or daughter completed service and what to get credit for it? Come by the Campus Ministry office for service opportunities and service papers to make sure you get credit for your amazing work in your local community!

Pennies for Patients :  We just ended our 3rd annual Pennies for Patients coin drive! Our goal was $200 dollars in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Marist Brothers. We do not have an official count as of yet, but the generosity of the students cannot be matched. We are proud of the tireless efforts of thinking of others before themselves! An update with how much money we raised will be in next month's newsletter! Stay tuned!

Marist National Day of Service:  As an entire community, we celebrated the Marist National Day of Service on March 29th. We gathered together for a prayer service to honor all of the work we have done all month of March. We were lucky enough to have the Gospel Choir join us in song and pray for all the work yet to be done around the world! We also gathered all of our goods that we have donated to Catholic Relief Services of Union County to assist refugees in their journey to their new home. 

Easter Mass: When we return from break, we will celebrate the Easter  season as a family at 1:00 on Thursday, April 27th. Join us you can. 
Counseling News
ACT Test Results: On February 28th, the Junior class took the ACT.  According to all documents that were provided to the school, paper results will be mailed home to the students 3-8 weeks after the tests were taken.  About a week after you receive the scores by mail, the results will be made available online for the students. So, please check your email for your results!!

ACT Aspire : The Sophomore and Freshmen classes will be taking the ACT Aspire (precursor to the ACT) on April 26th and 27th.  This helps them gain experience taking a standardized test, and helps you to keep track of their progress from year to year.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your School Counselor for more information. 

MAY SATs: The SATs will be given on Saturday, May 6th, NOT at Marist. If your son or daughter is interested in taking this sitting, they will need to apply by APRIL 7th.  The June SAT will occur on June 3rd HERE AT MARIST, and many Juniors have expressed interest in taking that sitting.  Reach out to your counselor if you need help or a Fee Waiver.

College Visits: SENIORS, this is the time of year that you're asked to make THE decision on where you want to continue your education. If you have not yet visited a college that has accepted you, make it a priority to check out campus and classes before you put in a deposit.  Take advantage of any accepted student days and open houses. Similarly, JUNIORS, now is the time to start getting familiar with schools you might be considering applying to in the Fall.  The Spring Open House list has been distributed, so take advantage of that resource and plan a visit today!  

Summer Planning:   Many students have already taken advantage of our resources concerning summer programs. If this interests your son or daughter, but you don't know how to begin the process, please reach out to your counselor today. Please, also consider getting set up with a volunteer project/program over the summer--as many local communities are looking for high school aged students to run a variety of programs.  Both colleges and scholarship programs look for consistency in volunteer activities and summer programs, and there are many studies out there that suggest that students who remain engaged over the summer have easier transitions back into the classroom in September.


Total Number in the Senior Class: 94

Number of Seniors who have been accepted to date: 63

Amount of scholarship/grant monies offered to date: $3,202,412

Please note:  These numbers are contingent upon students submitting their acceptance and reward letters to the Counseling Department. If your son or daughter has yet to turn in their information, please have them do so ASAP. We are aware that many schools do not send out their acceptance packets and award letters until April 1st, so be looking for those in the mail. This information can often be found through a student's admission portal, so encourage your son or daughter to sign-in and check out their status today!

Other News

Activity Period : Students will gather on Wednesday, April 5 for Activity Period for the last time this year.  Please ask your son/daughter what activity they are involved in and how it went.
Arts Festival : Our 14th Annual Arts Festival, a celebration of art, music, dance and drama is scheduled for Friday, April 7.  Don't miss his extraordinary display of Marist talent. The festival begins at 6:30 PM.  The cost of tickets are $5.00 at the door.  We're proud of our students and hope you'll appreciate their talents by attending this festival.
Dress Down will take place on Wednesday, April 5.  The cost is $1.00 for students who dress down.  The money will benefit "Arts Festival"
6th Grade Math Contest will take place on Thursday, April 6.  Students from our feeder schools will be participating.

Dance-a-thon: April 12th, noon to midnight, $12 each. #saveMaristNJ. T-shirts $10 in house and 20 for outsiders.  
Athletic News
A Message from the Athletic Director:   With the Spring Season kicking off this weekend Student-Athletes are reminded to have all athletic paperwork in before competition.  If you should need any documents please visit the school website and click on the Athletic Tab. 

Spring Pep Rally:   The Athletic Department will be hosting the Spring Pep Rally on April 12 from 11:00-12:00pm. Let's Go Knights!

Athletic Department Shout Out :   Congratulations to our Girls Basketball Team for finishing their season with a 23-2 record. In addition to their outstanding season the team has been award many accolades at the county level:


Player of the Year - Breyanna Frazier

First Team - Emely Rosario

Second Team - Zanai Venable and Alyssa Gomez

Honorable Mention - Camila Valencia and Ciara Castillo

Coach of the Year - Reggie Quinn

Are you ready for college?

Take advantages. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office for resources that are provided to student-athletes.  Visit http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes for information geared towards prospective student-athletes. 

Save Marist NJ Campaign Update

Thank you to everyone that have been working hard on the campaign. All of your suggestions and shares are showing the world who we are as Marist! 

As of today 4-3-17 we have $88,828 raised. 
We have some events coming up that we will need everyone to help promote and support please see the attached calendar. 
If you would like to volunteer at any of these events, please contact us. 

Click here to view the April Calendar