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Alaska Seafood awareness efforts make a splash
Seafood is getting a lot of attention this spring, and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is here to meet it. ASMI wrapped up a successful Lenten season in which both new and established restaurant partners broadcasted and promoted the Alaska Seafood brand across the country. 

April is also Sustainable Seafood Month, and ASMI continues to work to educate consumers on Alaska’s comprehensive fisheries management. ASMI secured major press last week when fisherman Hannah Heimbuch of Kodiak appeared on The Today Show to educate audiences about the sustainability, diversity and convenience of Alaska Seafood. Host Carson Daly closed off the segment by echoing, “So the best thing to do is to Ask for Alaska.” 
Learn more about these efforts below.
Upcoming Events
April 29, 2021

May 10, 2021

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Alaska Seafood in the News
ASMI works with writers and editors to share the story of Alaska Seafood.
New Resources
New trade ads remind fleet: ‘Your Pride is Our Pride’
ASMI updated its trade publication ads supporting the Alaska seafood fleet with newly acquired images. See examples above.
Latest COVID-19 Briefing Available Now
All of the COVID-19 impact briefing papers prepared by McKinley Research (formerly McDowell Group) are available here.
Full Transparen-Sea post - like, share
ASMI published a consumer-facing page highlighting the many steps taken by Alaska’s seafood industry to ensure that consumers and customers can choose wild Alaska seafood with confidence knowing it comes from a carefully managed, responsible and sustainable fishery.
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ASMI Activities
Trade shows & forums
ASMI attends trade shows to connect with and facilitate sales between suppliers and buyers.
ASMI facilitates social responsibility panel
On April 20, ASMI sustainability/certification adviser, Susan Marks, moderated a SeafoodSource webinar titled “Social Responsibility, Alaska’s Proactive, Global-Reaching Approach” featuring a panel of Alaska harvesters and global industry members.
Thailand Chefs Master Training with Alaska Seafood
ASMI SE Asia conducted a Chefs Master Training program March 14-16 in Thailand, led by a Thai master chef and expert in working with Alaska seafood. He led ten cookery instructors from five selected culinary universities in tops such as properly sourcing, preparing and cooking a wide range of Alaska species. 

SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock, sablefish, yellowfin sole, Pacific Ocean Perch, sockeye salmon, chum salmon, keta salmon, king salmon, salmon roe, mentaiko and barako.
HIP HoReCa Professional Expo
ASMI Southern Europe attended the HIP trade show in Madrid March 22-24. This was Spain’s first in-person HRI trade show in over a year. During the show, ASMI representatives held meetings with several Madrid chefs, journalists, value-added smokers, importers and retailers.
Chengdu Trade Gathering
A trade gathering was held in Chengdu on March 25 - 26. The trade show attracted over 60 traders, wholesalers and retailers, and was supported by media personnel to drive consumer awareness. The gathering also included a training seminar on Alaska seafood, with 40 well regarded chefs in attendance.
ASMI Presents at NFI Salmon School
ASMI executive director Jeremy Woodrow provided an Alaska salmon U.S. market overview as part of the three-day National Fisheries Institute Online Salmon School. The overview included education about the five species of wild Alaska salmon, competing countries, volume, historic pricing, product forms, distribution channels, and the importance of sustainability to the management of the fisheries as well as to the consumer.
Kodiak ComFish
On March 30 – 31, ASMI held a booth at Kodiak’s virtual ComFish expo, put on by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. On March 30, communications specialist Arianna Elnes gave a presentation with seafood analyst Dan Lesh, from McKinley Research, on the market challenges and opportunities for Alaska seafood.
Social campaigns
ASMI’s sustainability campaign highlights Alaska’s management and traceability through partnerships with chef influencers and Alaska fishermen.
Sustainability campaign
ASMI’s Consumer PR program continues to focus on sustainability with a social campaign to share the key tenets of Alaska’s sustainability story through media relations, influencers, chefs and social tactics to increase awareness of Alaska’s world leading responsible fisheries management practices. The campaign draws on industry voices, drives consumers to the new sustainability webpage, and encourages consumers to #AskForAlaska
ASMI holds promotions around the world to boost retail sales and grow the Alaska seafood consumer base.
Shnucks’ ‘Eat Good to Feel Great’ Campaign
Schnuck’s promoted Alaska sockeye salmon during its ‘Eat Good to Feel Great’ campaign. Results showed impressive sales lift sustained for four weeks past the promotion, and an influx of new customers who purchased Alaska seafood during the promotion.

SPECIES: Wild Alaska sockeye salmon
PROMOTION CHANNELS: signage, website feature, magazine, in-store ads, social media posts
LOCATION: 105 Shnucks’ stores
Special Promotions Section: Lent
Here is a recap of the Lent promotions that were promoted in the domestic market in the last few months.
Dairy Queen USA
During the Lenten season, Dairy Queen International ran a limited time offer on an Alaska pollock fish sandwich. 
SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
PROMOTION CHANNELS: In-store transparencies, window clings, posters, menu boards, press releases, social channels and website
LOCATION: 2,500 Dairy Queens nationwide
Texas Dairy Queen
Texas Dairy Queen promoted Alaska pollock in Texas and Oklahoma.

SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
PROMOTION CHANNELS: Window clings, menu boards, door signs
LOCATION: 500 Dairy Queens
Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers
The fast casual chain featured an Alaska cod fish & chips and fish sandwich, during Lent.

SPECIES: Wild Alaska Pacific cod
PROMOTION CHANNELS: Point-of-purchase materials, social channels, e-blasts, website, SMS text and TV advertising
LOCATION: 400 Freddy’s
First Watch
During lent, First Watch’s digital menus and table cards included a bar code and photo of the Alaska smoked sockeye salmon bagel. 
SPECIES: Wild Alaska sockeye salmon
PROMOTION CHANNELS: Digital menu and table top
LOCATION: 389 First Watch restaurants
Foster’s Freeze
Foster’s Freeze ran a Lenten promotion of an Alaska cod fish sandwich and fish & chips.

SPECIES: Wild Alaska Pacific cod
PROMOTION CHANNELS: Point-of-sale materials in store and at drive-thru
LOCATION: 72 Foster’s Freeze restaurants on the west coast
Golden Chick
Golden Chick added an Alaska cod sandwich to their menu. Golden Chick is a new partner, and a sign of chicken-focused chains adding fish to their menu.

SPECIES: Wild Alaska Pacific cod
PROMOTION CHANNELS: TV spots, billboards, menu panels and yard signs
LOCATION: 200 restaurants nationwide
Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box ran a Lenten promotion featuring a wild Alaska pollock fish sandwich.
SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
PROMOTION CHANNELS: in-store point-of-sale materials and a 30-second TV spot in test markets
LOCATION: 2,240 Jack in the Box restaurants
Long John Silver’s
The fast casual chain Long John Silver’s served wild Alaska pollock in fish sandwiches, dinners, combo meals and snacks.
SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
PROMOTION CHANNELS: TV advertising, print ads, in-store point-of-purchase materials, email blasts, digital and social media. 
LOCATION: 1,000 Long John Silver’s restaurants
Lucky Louie’s Fish Shack
Wild Alaska pollock was the start of the menu and included a sandwich and fish & chips. 
SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
LOCATION: SeaTac Airport, Seattle
The fast casual chain Rubio’s is featuring wild Alaska pollock, coho salmon and halibut on their core menus with a special emphasis during Lent and fresh season.

SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock, coho salmon and halibut 
PROMOTION CHANNELS: in-store promotion materials, social media and a sustainable seafood video featured on the Rubio’s website
LOCATION: 180 Rubio’s restaurants
White Castle
The Midwest quick service chain White Castle ran a successful 3 sliders for $3 Lenten promotion from the end of February through April featuring wild Alaska pollock in their Fish Sliders and Fish Nibblers.
SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
PROMOTION CHANNELS: Alaska Seafood logo visibility and callouts given across direct-to-consumer print mailers and point-of-purchase materials, including drive-thru menus, email blasts, website presence and social channels
LOCATION: 368 White Castle restaurants
Nationwide quick service chain Wienerschnitzel ran a limited time offer from the end of February through April featuring a fish & chips item with deep skin Alaska pollock. 
SPECIES: Wild Alaska pollock
PROMOTION CHANNELS: Callouts of Alaska and Alaska Seafood logo included throughout point-of-purchase materials, menu boards, window clings, drive-thru speaker post signs, website and social media channels
LOCATION: 445 Wienerschnitzel restaurants
ASMI partners with various organizations to further amplify our reach.
Nordstrom Alaska Seafood Promotion
AMSI partnered with Nordstrom and their 200 units and 13 concepts, of which multiple units underwent rebranding with heavy Alaska seafood presence during the month of March for an Alaska Seafood Month. 
SPECIES: Wild Alaska salmon Niçoise salad and wild Alaska halibut tacos
PROMOTION CHANNELS: point-of-sale materials and social media posts
LOCATION: 200 Nordstrom units and 13 concepts
Highlights from the Media Library
New assets available now
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