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April/May 2013   

Greetings all!


I hope this finds you well and enjoying Spring as much as I am! In this newsletter you'll find a description of May's free group workshop in the Peninsula (note a different time than usual) as well as future topics, my updated group openings and a book chapter review I wrote excerpted from Multiple minority identities: Applications for practice, research, and training, by editors Reginald Nettles, Ph.D. and Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., JD.


Although many of you know me for my group work, I continue to work with individuals and couples in both practice locations.  


I hope some of the material in this newsletter proves to be enriching or informative for you.

Best Wishes,

Jamie Moran, LCSW, CGP


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   Everything You Want To Know About Groups But Are Afraid To Ask!


A monthly free workshop series on groups geared toward facilitators, alternating between San Francisco and the Peninsula.   Each workshop focuses on a particular topic and includes a brief educational overview with time for questions and answers.  MFTs, LPCCs and LCSWs may receive CEU certificates for $10.


5.11.13 | Special Focus Populations & Group: Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Etc.

Location: Redwood Shores Library, 399 Marine Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065

Time: 10:00-11:30am


Some groups focus on specific populations, promoting insight and understanding reflective of the participants' commonalities.  This workshop will explore rationales for these groups including trust, safety, shared experiences and cultural understanding and competence.  Discussion will also focus on struggles that exist in specific communities, as well as issues that may arise for participants when they are "different" than the majority of group members.  Specific examples utilizing gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation will highlight these themes. 


Please RSVP by Thursday, May 9th to reserve a space.


6.8.13 | SF  

Group Members Leaving


7.13.13 | Peninsula  

Navigating Group Conflicts


8.3.13 | SF  

Group Guidelines for Participation and Agreements


9.7.13 | Peninsula  

Common Participant Roles and their Impact on Group Functioning


10.5.13 | SF  

Love, Hate and Other Strong Emotions in Group 


11.2.13 | Peninsula  

Common Countertransference Factors for the Group Leader


12.7.13 | SF

Group FAQs for Facilitators


All San Francisco workshops take place at the SF LGBT Center at 3:30pm-5:00pm.

Link to map: 1800 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102


All the Peninsula workshops take place at the Redwood Shores Library.  These seminars are held from 1:30-3:30, with exception of May 11th, which will take place from 10-11:30am.

Link to map: 399 Marine Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065 


Please RSVP to reserve a space: jammoran@aol.com. 


 Gay & Bisexual Men's Psychotherapy Groups: SF | Menlo Park

Menlo Park | Gay & Bisexual Men's Psychotherapy Group 

Monday 6:15-7:45pm FULL

San Francisco | Gay Men's Psychotherapy Groups 

*All Hayes Valley unless stated otherwise

Tuesday 5:50-7:20pm FULL
Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm FULL
Wednesday 5:45-7:15pm CURRENT OPENINGS
Wednesday 7:25-8:55pm CURRENT OPENINGS
Thursday 6:30-8:00pm CURRENT OPENINGS
*Co-facilitated with Greg Millard, Ph.D., in the Financial District


All groups require a screening interview(s).  To learn more about group offerings or to begin the screening process please contact me for more details.    





Book Review

Multiple minority identities: Applications for practice, research, and training

Edited by Reginald Nettles, Ph.D. and Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., JD.




As our community and nation become increasingly diverse, it is vital that 

service in mental health fields reflect cultural competency.  This book is not 

only timely, but filled with practical and germane clinical examples.  Dr. Nettles, who is a colleague I have met in group circles, wrote of his experience and research in group work in the chapter "Multiple minority identities in group: Within and between."  Dr. Nettles outlines the concept of multiple minorities, or the existence of more than one minority identity within one individual, such as race and ethnicity, same gender relationships and people with disabilities.  A great array of differences can exist within groups, rather than merely between groups.  The competence of the therapist is demonstrated by them having an understanding of and attending to these layered variations in cultural backgrounds.


The following definitions and tools Dr. Nettles provided have been helpful to 

me in connecting with clients from diverse backgrounds, and I hope they 

may be of interest to you:


1)  In writing about disabilities, Dr. Nettles states that the issue is more so the repeated failure of society to provide reasonable accommodations rather than the impact of the disability itself.  Further, he states accommodations are often viewed as "extraordinary measures" rather than seen as ordinary and commonplace, a mentality that supports inadequate support.


2)   Dr. Nettles writes: "Key elements of cultural competence include awareness of issues of discrimination, privilege and oppression, ability to tend to unique world views and cultural backgrounds, and the ability to view clients from a culture-centered perspective."  This definition gives us a framework in which to helpfully reflect and engage in the clinical setting.


3)  Privilege is defined as "the advantages one holds as a member of a dominant group" (Peggy McIntosh, Wellesley College, 1988).  Further, "privilege is seen as normal or normative, is typically invisible to the holder of the privilege and may contribute to pathology in the disadvantaged."  As a holder of several privileges, over time I have worked on being more self aware of how these realities may impact therapy.  Colleagues have also mentioned discussions on privilege have concretely helped them better understand difference in the therapy room.  Readings that detail the advantages of being White, heterosexual, able-bodied and/or male (among other areas of privilege) can be quite instructive.  I'm providing a few resources of this nature below in case they may be of interest to you.  This is by no means an exhaustive sampling of resources.  


"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack"

by Peggy McIntosh

Click here to view article


"Daily Effects of Straight Privilege," adapted from Peggy McIntosh's (ibid) 

article on white privilege.

Click here to view article 


Excerpt from "Digging Deep: Thinking about Privilege," by Eli Clare, 2003.

Click here to view article


"Toward a Pedagogy of the Oppressor"

Michael Kimmel | Tikkun Magazine Nov/Dec 2002

Click here to view article





Nettles, R., Ph.D.(2011). Multiple minority identities in group: Within and between.  In Reginald Nettles, Ph.D. and Rochelle Balter, Ph.D., JD (Eds.), Multiple minority identities: Applications for practice, research and training (pp.95-115).  New York, NY: Springer




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