Newsletter | April/May 2022
Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary
and Herbal Stable Yard
Facing the Winds

April seemed to just fly by. We were so busy keeping everyone safe with high winds and lots of severe temperature swings! Many bran mashes, lots of herbs and keeping masks on day and night were priorities.

The project we simply had to get done before summer's heat was the turbine vent project. Last year, the temperature in the hay barn would be well over 110 degrees day after day. As we approached winter, we filled the barn with hay - feeling less worried in the cool weather, but still, many tons of hay become effective "thermal mass". Stacking it with little air spaces between bales and only buying quality, well cured hay meant we were safe through the winter.

I just love the white turbines! And they have sure been spinning lately. The winds have been relentless... but we have no complaints. Much of our state is burning and the winds have been even stronger where the fires are. We are safe. We send constant prayers for the safety of others.
Becoming a Horse!
There are 4 months between these photos of Pepper. The first is a couple of days after his arrival to Sanctuary. The second is a few days ago. He is looking less like a colt (baby) but still acting like one!
Poor Sage pulled up lame. Consulting with his Vet, we decided it was likely a hoof abscess. I soaked his hoof in warm Epsom salt water in a soaking boot, then packed the hoof daily with "sugardine", a mixture of white sugar and iodine to draw out the abscess.
While the hoof soaks likely were needed, Sage told me his entire leg needed help. He would stand with it submerged in the cold water of his trough! The ligament was a tight cord and his tendon became puffy (probably from walking on his toe to keep pressure off of the hoof). So, I started putting the ice boot on him several times a day. This kept him from standing in his water, took down the swelling and he is weight bearing again on that hoof.

We simply must listen to the horses. They can tell us what they need if we pay attention. And now, Sage's water stays clean and drinkable!
Nina continues to help.
Our need for proper hoof care is ongoing. Nina returned to trim several horses' hooves over 2 days. She will get us on a schedule and we will be trimming, too, to keep everyone balanced.

Hooves and teeth need regular attention!
The constant winds have necessitated lots of meals fed in hay nets, hung inside the shelters - choosing corners where the wind is blocked, for a little peace while eating for the herd.
We shift and work with the horses to get everyone the chance to exercise.
My little helper
Pepper is always curious and always trying to help... even after he gets his hay (the exact same hay as I feed the others from the cart), he follows me around, picking at what scraps are left.

He also loves to pull fly (dust) masks off the other horses! Colts!
LungTa had an eye emergency!

These winds have been more than annoying. LungTa presented one day with a swollen, red, weeping eye. EYES ARE ALWAYS EMERGENCIES. Dr. Heather came right away, stained the eye to be certain there were no scratches or ulcers (there were none) and he went on pain relieving eye ointment several times a day for 10 days - plus Homeopathic Euphrasia orally.

The eye is healed and (as always because he has those old scars on his eyes) he wears his mask 24/7. He was a good patient, willing to get treatments, but he's so tall it made it a "stretch"!
We see each horse here as an individual with physical, mental and emotional needs that are dynamic and fluctuate with the weather, the seasons, their changing bodies as they age and who they live with as a herd.
HORSE CHATS interview - Dharmahorse 2019, second stable yard
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If you can help us with funds to provide the special care these individuals need we would be so grateful. Some were abandoned, starving and blind; some were declared hopeless and heading for euthanasia or slaughter; some were brutalized; some orphaned and injured; some were cherished by owners who passed over or became ill or injured. Each horse needed to be in Sanctuary and we took them in as family.

You can use this DONATE button to access our website & donate from there. If you want to send a check, the address is 6874 Coyote Road, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 88012. Make checks to Dharmahorse. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

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Katharine (our president and founder) has created an Online School of Horsemanship and Horse Husbandry that offers courses on many subjects! This is how we can help the many horses that are not directly in our care.

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I love this video, just because the horses are feisty and the sky is gorgeous. We would love to see more clouds again... and RAIN! This is a nice glimpse into the herd life at Dharmahorse.
Dharmahorse Herbal
We use herbal supplements (of our own making) to support the good health of all the horses here.

For Digestive Tract & Lungs
ANISE SEED, whole or ground, is a profound healing herb for the digestive tract and the lungs. I feed a teaspoon of the powder daily in a mash to a horse who is prone to colic. I will feed a large tablespoon in the mash to a horse who is gassy and cramping and to a horse with a cough. It is a sweet tasting herb that most horses love. 

We don't do this for donations, we need donations to do this!
We wish you well. We hold this planet and all who fly with her in love & light.
Katharine, Mark & the Dharma Horses