May 3, 2021
Kings Subbasin submits Annual Report on groundwater sustainability progress and conditions for water year 2020
Reported groundwater storage declines highlight the importance of developing infrastructure to capture and recharge surface water in wet years to offset groundwater pumping in dry years
The North Kings GSA, together with the six other GSAs in the Kings Subbasin submitted the second Annual Report to the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) by the April 1, 2021 deadline. Dryer conditions in water year 2020 (Sept 2019 - Oct 2020) resulted in less surface water deliveries across the Kings Subbasin and a higher dependence on groundwater to meet demand. Groundwater storage decreased an estimated 550,000 acre-feet subbasin wide compared to the storage increase of 210,000 acre-feet reported in the previous year's Annual Report.

Although a dry year, North Kings GSA member agencies were still able to deliver an estimated 441,700 acre-feet of surface water supply thanks to strategic management and carry-over storage from the prior wet year. The table below indicates the percent of historical diversions for water years 2015-2020 on the Kings River, the majority surface water source for the Kings Subbasin.
The 2020 dry conditions are not a surprise to the North Kings GSA, who in their Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) planned for fluctuations in surface water supply availability. The report underscores the relevant goal of the GSA and its member agencies to develop projects even during dry years in preparation to capture and recharge high flows during wet years. Increasing recharge capacity creates a buffer of groundwater supply for use during dry years including this one, with Kings River runoff projected to be 27% of average for the April-July period.
The North Kings GSA member agencies are taking steps in that direction to prepare for a resilient water supply while achieving sustainability.

This last year, the Fresno Irrigation District (FID) acquired and began construction on 150 acres of new groundwater recharge basins.

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District secured funding for a flood control basin that will recharge water during summer months to help achieve sustainability while improving groundwater levels for a nearby disadvantaged community.

Two additional recharge projects, FID's Savory Pond and City of Kerman's Lyons Park Basin, recently received $1.4 million in grant funding from DWR that will add an additional 1,035 acre-feet of annual recharge capacity.

In addition, the City of Fresno saw its first full year of operation at its Southeast Surface Water Treatment Plant helping significantly reduce the City's dependence on groundwater. The City's shift to using more surface water to meet its demands is the most significant change to groundwater/surface water use in the area for the last 40+ years.
The North Kings GSA and its member agencies will continue to execute projects that lead the region to groundwater sustainability for its landowners and residents, preparing to strategically capture excess surface water supply in future wet periods.

The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires GSAs to submit annual reports to DWR on April 1 of every year. The report includes an overview of groundwater conditions, surface water supply, water use, and progress updates on implementing Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs). View the full report on our website here.
Two North Kings GSA groundwater recharge projects receive $1.4 million in SGMA Implementation Grant awarded to Kings Subbasin
The two projects will add an additional 1,035 acre-feet of annual groundwater recharge capacity for a resilient groundwater supply to benefit landowners and nearby community residents
The Fresno Irrigation District's (FID) Savory Pond Project and City of Kerman Lyons Park Basin Project were awarded $1.4 million included in a total award of $4.8 million to the Kings Subbasin from the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) SGMA Implementation Grant program.

Both projects located in the North Kings GSA will directly achieve sustainability goals by capturing surplus surface water for groundwater aquifer recharge. The Savory Pond Expansion Project also provides a direct benefit to a disadvantaged community, Shady Lakes Mobile Home Park, and several private well owners located near the project.  

“Groundwater recharge projects are not only critical to achieving a sustainable groundwater supply under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), but they also serve an important purpose for our local landowners and community residents,” stated Kassy Chauhan, North Kings GSA Executive Director. “We have to increase our capacity to store surface water in wet years to develop a secure water supply even during dry years for irrigation and drinking water. This grant enables us to do just that.”

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer and Clovis City Councilman Bob Whalen sworn in to the North Kings GSA Board of Directors, Drew Bessinger sworn in as alternate
New members to the North Kings GSA Board of Directors were sworn in and served at their first meeting on April 22, 2021. 
Mayor Jerry Dyer was sworn in to represent member agency City of Fresno. Director Dyer is the 26th mayor of Fresno and assumed office in January 2021. He served the Fresno Police Department for 40 years, including appointment to police chief in 2001. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from CSU, Fresno, and master’s degree in Management from Cal Poly Pomona. The seat was previously filled by former Mayor Lee Brand, one of the signatories on the submittal of the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). Director Michael Carbajal, Director of Public Utilities, is the alternate for the City of Fresno seat. 
Clovis City Councilman Bob Whalen was sworn in to represent member agency City of Clovis. Director Whalen was first elected to serve on the City Council in 2003 and holds a Juris Doctorate from Regent University and bachelor’s degree in Finance from CSU, Fresno. He is involved in the community serving several Boards including the San Joaquin College of Law, Clovis Salvation Army, and Fresno County Council of Governments, among others. The seat was previously filled by Jose Flores, now the mayor of Clovis. Drew Bessinger, current Clovis Chief of Police, was sworn in as Director Whalen’s alternate. 
North Kings GSA Board approved a revised version of the current year's budget with fewer expenses than expected
The North Kings GSA Board approved a revised budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year with expenses projected to come in at $590,915, a reduction from the previously approved budget of $682,800.

Budget items were adjusted depending on actual expenses that have occurred to date and are projected for the remainder of the fiscal year. The fiscal year concludes June 30, 2021. 
Board adopts Signing and Spending Authority Policy
The North Kings GSA Board unanimously adopted the Signing and Spending Authority Policy (NKGSA 2021-002) at the April 22, 2021 Board Meeting. The policy establishes spending authority limits for the Executive Officer of the North Kings GSA.

For expenditures previously approved in the annual budget, the Executive Officer is given authority through the policy to approve spending under $50,000. Expenditures greater than $50,000 must go before the Board of Directors for approval.

Items not previously approved in the annual budget have different thresholds. Expenditures greater than $5,000 must go to the Board of Directors for approval while items under $5,000 are up to the discretion of the Executive Officer.

The policy is available on our website here
North Kings GSA partners with Kings Subbasin GSAs to host webinar for schools
The North Kings GSA Board partnered with four Kings Subbasin GSAs to host a webinar on April 20th for school water operators, facilities managers, and other interested parties.
Participants were given the opportunity to learn about the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, heard from Kings Subbasin GSA leads on local groundwater management, and learned from Fresno-area landscaping expert Scott Miller, owner of Gazebo Gardens, Miller Landscaping, and the Fresno Chamber of Commerce CEO. Missed the webinar? You can watch it on YouTube here
MORE FOR SCHOOLS: The School Facilities/Water Operations Groundwater Guide includes water conservation and landscaping tips, as well as a checklist to help school sites anticipate any issues that may arise with their well over the SGMA implementation timeline.
REMINDER! Domestic Well Owner Groundwater Guides are available to assist with well management
We’ve developed Groundwater Guides to assist domestic well owners understand how to best manage their well. The guide includes a checklist to help well owners manage their well and plan ahead in light of current and projected groundwater conditions, as well as tips on how to tell if their domestic well is vulnerable to going to dry. 

Quick-Reference Groundwater Guides for domestic well owners are available in Spanish and Hmong.
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