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We are certainly getting good use out of our virtual meeting room – we have had all board members in attendance for the second straight month using the equipment. It’s been nice to be able to be together, even when we have to be apart.

While we all continue in uncharted territory, ABC of Iowa staff is working hard to juggle new dates on our calendar, develop “what if” scenarios regarding the postponement or cancellation of other events, and keep everyone informed along the way. Please keep an eye on our website for updated calendars, or keep checking your email for important information.

As of right now, the only event we are moving is the Spring Golf Classic which will now be held on June 24th at Brown Deer Golf Club in Coralville. A decision by the ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship Trustees on 2020 apprenticeship graduation will be made on April 29th.

Despite headwinds created by the COVID-19 pandemic, our chapter’s financial position remains strong. Our 2020 membership retention efforts continue as Jared is reaching out to members who have not yet renewed. We are currently at 86% retention. We know this situation is putting many of our members in difficult financial positions but now is not the time to lose contact with the information and resources that can help your business succeed.

To that end, you can find detailed information about new orders, rules and regulations coming down every day from the state and federal governments that affect how you do business on our constantly updated webpage.
As always, please reach out to me or any of the ABC staff if you have any needs, questions or concerns. We are all in this together – Merit Shop Strong.
Ginny Shindelar, VP of Education and Training Services
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If you’re not aware by now, our education team has been working to take all of our classes online in light of the pandemic. This includes our Plumbing & Mechanical Continuing Education classes. We’re offering four classes in April and May, and we will keep them online through the June dates as well. Details and registration can be found here. Contact Ginny Shindelar at if you have questions. 
Jared Harridge, Membership Director
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One of the best parts about being ABC members is getting together - the numerous events, networking opportunities and FUN things we do together is a great way to connect. Even though life looks a bit different these days, your ABC of Iowa team is juggling the calendar to keep some of those events on the table for later this summer.

Our Spring Golf Classic has been postponed until June 24 at Brown Deer Golf Club in Coralville. Registration will be coming May 21.

Unfortunately, we did have to cancel our After Business Cocktails event in Cedar Rapids that was set for May 6.

As your Membership Director, I want to be able to help you during this very tough time for our state, communities and businesses. Please know that I am here as a resource for our members. Please don’t hesitate to call mor e-mail me with any questions you have regarding how ABC of Iowa is handling COVID-19 or benefits we are providing during this time. We will all get through this together - Merit Shop Strong.
Rich Formanek, Safety Consultant
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Things look a bit different for the safety department these days but we are still working every day to help you and your employees. If you are in need of safety policies in general or specifically to have formal documents in place to apply for bids, please give me a call, I am available and happy to help.

STEP 2020
It is time to submit 2020 STEP applications!
STEP is a world-class safety management system that measures your safety policies and processes on 25 key components.
This process allows you to:
  1. Evaluate your level of safety performance year over year
  2. Recognize areas to continue to implement best practices and improve
  3. Benchmark your safety performance with peers in the industry
  4. Attempt to qualify for other ABC recognition programs such as: Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) status and the National Safety Excellence Award
  5. Show your commitment as a leader in safety
  6. And most importantly, engage your group in a process that statistically shows participants are SAFER than the Industry Average

Fall Stand Down
We were going to be participating in the Fall Stand down - taking a break to focus on "Fall Hazards" and reinforcing the importance of "Fall Prevention". However, this has now been postponed until summer.  You can find more information here .
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