Volume V | March 2020
Hello Tavon Community,

I want to thank you all for your support during these rapidly changing events. We are so lucky to have such a supportive, caring community. As I mentioned in an earlier email, it is important to remain connected, now more than ever. I want to remind everyone about the Tavon Parent Facebook group. Here is the link if you would like to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheTavonExchange/  
Colette Ricketts is the administrator and will accept your friend request.

Colette will be putting together a food drive for the Tavon Staff. You will receive more information about what is needed. Please watch your email or visit the Parent Facebook group. 

Thank you to all who have donated to the Staff Relief Fund. Staff will be able to request support to pay rent, utilities, car payments, and other necessities. Other than a select crew, all staff will be requesting unemployment. While this brings in some much needed income, it is not the full amount of their current paychecks. Please consider donating to either the food drive or the Staff Relief Fund. Every little bit is appreciated. 

In other news we have officially decided to move to a virtual auction . Stay tuned for more information about this in the upcoming weeks.  

Finally, the crocus are blooming at Tavon. A sure sign that spring is coming!

Thank you for all your support.
Stay healthy, socially distant, and remain connected to the Tavon Community!

Therese's Tip: Here is an easy way to raise money for Tavon. 
During your birthday month we would love it if you would consider doing a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for Tavon. It's a simple way to help us continue our mission and programming. Click this link for instructions on how to set-up a fundraiser on Facebook. 
Ideas and Resources for Members to do at Home!
  • Participate in a virtual art class. Info here
  • Read a social story about what is happening here
  • Lunch doodles with Mo Willems here
  • Practice math and reading with these free resources
  • kindergarten level here
  • first grade level here
  • second grade level here
  • third grade level here
  • fourth grade level here
  • Story time yoga here
  • Tour a museum for free here
  • Check out Scholastics learn from home site for free lessons here
  • Tour the world and cultural sites here
  • Play a Harry Potter Escape Room here
  • Listen to Audible Stories here
  • Check out this list of free educational subscriptions here
  • Try these at-home science experiments here
  • Try an online college course for free here
  • Tour a farm virtually here
  • Watch your favorite Broadway Musical here
  • Join a Dungeons and Dragons group here
  • Talk to a buddy from The Arc here
  • Check out this list of learning here
  • Great Wolf Lodge activities here
Ideas and Resources for Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers!
  • Read and practice these self care tips here
  • Guided meditation using the Calm App. Try for free here.
  • Financial resources for Washington residents here
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019 here
  • Join the Tavon Guardian Facebook Group here
  • If you missed the free parks day, April 11th is another day in which you can visit the Washington State Parks without displaying a Discover Pass. More info here
  • Tips about Coronavirus and the Autism community here
  • Compilation of resources from The Arc here
Tavon Directory has been updated.
Click Here to access the directory. Please check your email for the password.
A Note from the Garden
Spring Greetings, Tavon Community!

Amidst all the uncertainty we can still count on all the seeds beneath the ground to burst upward toward the sun, and the trees to bud forth new growth giving the gift of dappled shade later this summer. 

Apart from our two roosters, it has been very quiet at Tavon during this closure. The greenhouse however, is buzzing with new growth. Tomatoes, lettuce, flowers, and other veggies are slowly growing in the safety and warmth of shelter.  

The garlic that has been in the ground all winter will get fertilized April 1st with blood meal, high in nitrogen, giving a push to grow tall and green. By the time everyone returns, the garden will be tilled and some of our tiny starts will be growing freely outside.

It's funny that in a time of great physical distancing our community has come together so incredibly to support one another. We are truly grateful for all of you!
Staff Relief Fund:
Many of you have already donated to our Staff Relief Fund, which was started to help our staff cover basic living expenses such as groceries, gas, and rent. I cannot THANK YOU enough for your generosity and care for our staff during this time--I'm incredibly humbled by your support. The staff are constantly expressing their gratitude to be passed along to you. Many staff have continued doing private caregiving, but I imagine those opportunities will dwindle as the stay at home order is in effect and staff will be in greater financial need. Our goal is to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables :) We now have a dedicated link to access and donate to that fund if you would like to give: 

Staff apply to the fund with a specific bill or need, and Tavon issues a check directly to the party owed (landlord, etc.) I've also been asked on average, how much income are staff losing weekly. This varies, but on average, our staff are losing $560/week in wages. 
Food Drive for Staff:
A group of Tavon parents/families has initiated a food drive to collect items for our staff. Wow, thank you! I've attached 
an info sheet that details requested items as well as scheduled drop off dates and times if you would like to contribute actual items. 

A note from Holly
We have already seen an incredibly generous response from the Tavon community. I have been humbled by your support. On behalf of Tavon and all the staff, I want to thank you for all you've done for Tavon and our staff--from providing private caregiving jobs to donating gift cards and food and giving to the Staff Relief Fund--the staff feel very supported by you all during this time. Lastly--please let me know if a Tavon member is especially struggling with loneliness/disconnection. I'd be happy to connect them with a staff person or another members for them to chat/Face Time with! 
Featured Question
Q: How can we stay connected to Tavon during this time? 
A: Follow us on social media! Our amazing Assistant Program Director, Sam Schaubhut, does a fantastic job of keeping our social media posts fresh, engaging, and up to date. It is the best way to get info about daily activities to be a part of (did you our staff Anna's cooking video for how to make macaroons? Or the link to take a live dance class from our wonderful teacher Robin?) All this and more will be shared on social media daily, and is more effective than me emailing you every day :) We are on Facebook and Instagram--click the social media icons at the bottom of this email for direct links! 

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