National Association of Congregational Christian Churches:
The Messenger- April 10, 2017
2017 NACCC Minister's Convocation
Michael Chittum, Executive Director

It is not too early to make your plans. The NACCC office will need to confirm our rooms by APRIL 20, 2017 with the Weber Center!!
Start making your plans now! The Ministers' Convocation will be held May 8 -11, 2017 at the Weber Center in Adrian, Michigan.
The main presenter will be George Hunsberger, who recently retired from Western Theological Seminary, Holland, Michigan. Dr. Hunsberger has authored, co-authored, or edited numerous books, including Bearing the Witness of the Spirit, Missional Church, Treasure in Clay Jars, The Church Between Gospel and Culture, and The Story that Chooses Us. He has contributed many articles and reviews to missiological, practical and theological journals and edited volumes. He is widely considered to be one of the leading individuals in the missional church movement. Full information is available on the NACCC website
Congregational Church of Myanmar created a tailor shop that trains local women. The women are able to use the shop to create items and sell them for their own income. 
We Want to Keep in Touch With YOU
Your National Association values your membership and wants to provide you with current up to date information. There are several ways to stay in touch with the NACCC:

Continue reading the NACCC News: It is filled with updates from member churches, leadership, missionaries, and staff.

2. Talk to your Year Round Delegate (YRD): Most member churches have a YRD, who is tasked with communicating between the NACCC and the church. If your church does not have a YRD, see our website for more information on the role of the YRD and how to become one.


3. Send a delegate and/or church members to the Annual Meeting and Conference: This experience can be extremely valuable. Missionaries from our "Supported Missions", program are in attendance, exciting workshops are presented and you can enjoy the chance to fellowship with other Congregationalists.

4. Give us a call: If you have questions about NACCC services or need assistance in anyway, pick up the phone and give us a call. We are here to support our member churches in any way we can which includes connecting you to useful resources and other leadership.
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2017 Annual Meeting and Conference

NACCC Word of the Month

Richard Fund
[rih-shard [fuhnd]

The Congregational Foundation's John Richard Memorial Fund provides financial support for small member churches who are planning a fine arts program.

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