April 2021
Events, Safety, Training, Advocacy Benefits & More!
Upcoming Events
April 15th: Top Golf Drive for the Stars Legislative Fundraiser Colorado Contractors Coalition advocating for Colorado subcontractors ! The American Subcontractors 
Assn CO, Associated Wall & Ceiling Industries, Colorado Roofing Assn, National Utility Contractors Assn-CO, Rocky Mountain Steel Construction Assn host the 2021 Legislative Fundraising Event, 5th Annual Drive for the Stars Golf Tournament. A variety of sponsorships and registration options for singles and teams are available. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER/SPONSOR
Safety Meetings/Training
April 14th: Webinar - Mental Health and Wellness in the Construction Industry Register/More Info Here

April 14th: Safety Roundtable - Join us for the April Safety Roundtable. This is an impromptu meeting of safety professionals in the industry that would like to have a casual roundtable discussion on various topics. For this month, Kris Graham will provide a short 15 minute presentation on specialized trench protective measures, such as road plates for end protection. We will spend the remainder of the time discussing the challenges associated with trench protective systems. REGISTER/MORE INFO HERE

April 23rd: Safety Lunch -Join us for our April Safety Lunch. This month's topic will be OSHA Construction Update for 2021.  This discussion will focus on enforcement priorities and the use of resources in the coming year. Newer regulations, policies and initiatives affecting the construction industry will also be covered. REGISTER/MORE INFO HERE
Private Retainage 2021
HB21-1167 has officially passed the House and we are now on to the Senate! We had 52 out of 65 members of the General Assembly vote in SUPPORT of HB21-1167. That is TRULY incredible and a testament to all of our collective work to move this issue forward in a collaborative, bipartisan way! 

What's Next? - Contact your state Senator via email or setup a meeting or let them know how this reform will help your business.
~Save the Date~
NUCA Colorado Scholarship Application Out End of April
Virtual Washington Summit May 26th, 2021
Clay Shoot June 18th, 2021
Have Utah Ties?
An effort is underway to explore and gauge contractor interest in forming an independent NUCA Utah Chapter – serving utility contractors based in Salt Lake City and surrounding area. If you or someone from your company would like to participate in the exploratory committee, please email Ken Sommer, ken@nuca.com. Participants include Andrew Bock of Vortex Companies and the group’s initial founders
NUCA Advantage Benefit
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NUCA offers several unique insurance programs to our members. Be confident that you have the right benefit solutions for your organization and employees through NUCA Advantage.

Be sure to view our NUCAAdvantage.com website for more details about each of these NUCA Advantage benefits!