April 2021 Newsletter
April 2021 Events Calendar & Recap
Spring Membership Recap

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Spring membership event. The event was an incredible success, with lots of great connections made. We look forward to the next one with hopes that we'll all be able to meet in person and continue to grow the innovative companies calling New Mexico home.

To take part in our quarterly social events (our next one is in June, in person hopefully!) join us as a member or sponsor.

We're offering 10% OFF for everyone who joins in April.
Investor Opportunities

NM Angels is pleased to host a virtual convening to share investor opportunities. Join us to get connected with EveryDay Contacts and Taos Bakes.

Wednesday, April 14th | 4-5:30pm MT
Office Hours
Join us to connect, learn about the organization, plug into Angel investing, get feedback on a venture, and network on entrepreneurial resources. Office hours are virtual the 3rd Friday of every month.

Friday, April 16th | 1-3pm MT
Tutor Tuesday - Maximizing Brand Value
by Seth Gardenswartz, Black Garden Law
Tuesday, April 20th | 1-2:00pm MT
News from Our Partners
Applications are OPEN!

Applications are now open for a first-of-its-kind event hosted by Activate New Mexico on May 27th, 2021

  • Startup Founders: Looking for that perfect cofounder to strengthen your team? Apply to participate as one of the top startups we’re putting together with great cofounders on May 27th.

  • Cofounders: If you’re a great cofounder looking to join a top startup, apply to participate as part of a curated group we’re pairing up with top startups on May 27th.

Participation is competitive but free thanks to the City of Albuquerque with help from our friends at Global Accelerator Network, gBeta, and more!
The RVC HyperAccelerator is an immersive, week-long accelerator program designed to help seed-stage startups prepare to raise money from venture capital and angel investors. The accelerator consists of a series of intense sessions, following the “Learn-Do-Present and Defend” model in which companies work closely with mentors to develop defensible valuations, venture capital term sheets, capital stack strategies, financial proformas, hypergrowth marketing, due diligence readiness and pitch training.

Interested in participating? Apply to be a HyperAccelerator Mentor! Participation for one day is required, at minimum. If you would like multiple days, we'll pair you up with a different founder. Once you've applied, we'll follow-up with an invite to the RVC HyperAccelerator Mentor Orientation in late May. Apply by May 21st, 2021.

June 7-June 12 (HyperAccelerator Program)
June 29 (Investor Demo Day)
Investor Presentations
Investor Focused Events in April!
Monday, April 19th | 4 pm. 

Albuquerque based company raising Series A creating automated solutions that improve workers' lives. Its first product, Breezy One, fogs a disinfectant to make large spaces safe in COVID pandemic times. 

Tuesday, April 20th | 4 pm

Las Cruces based company raising its Series A to bring to market online video games catering to working adults. 

Wednesday, April 28th | 9 am.

This Deep Dive Session, in partnership with RVC, will take a look at this female led New Mexico company with an innovative product to improve sleep.

Thank You New & Returning Sponsors!
Welcome to our most recent sponsor Feyman Center. Learn about their newest programs and open calls for entrepreneurs to engage with Los Alamos National Labs (LANL). www.lanl.gov/projects/feynman-center
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