Calm Waters April 2020 Newsletter
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Introducing the Coping with COVID Support Group
The weekly virtual support group begins April 29
“Life, as we've known it has changed forever and for many, the losses associated with this change – from not celebrating a child’s birthday, getting to graduate, losing a loved one without honoring their life with a funeral, or simply not being around friends and family – are all forms of grief,” said Erin Engelke, executive director for Calm Waters. “At Calm Waters, we know how isolating grief is but also know how being part of a community can eradicate feelings of loneliness and provide healing.”

Calm Waters introduces a NEW support group, specifically serving adults experiencing depression, anxiety, and grief due to COVID-19. The weekly support group will be hosted from 12 – 1 p.m. beginning Wednesday, April 29 through June 10 and will be conducted virtually. This support group is free and open to the first 100 people nationwide who register online.
Thank You United Way of Central Oklahoma!
The Calm Waters family is so very grateful for the support of the United Way every day and especially in times of great need in the community!

We are honored to have been selected to receive one of their incredibly generous emergency grants, allowing us to launch a Virtual Student Support Group program , helping students throughout Central Oklahoma struggling with grief and loss during COVID-19.

Thank you, United Way!
For information about enrolling your K - 12 student in an upcoming Virtual Student Support Groups, please email
Who Do You Miss?
All of us at Calm Waters are feeling grief about separation from our loved ones, many of whom are immune-compromised. Many of you reading this email are also separated from your loved ones due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Make a gift in honor of someone you miss - and Calm Waters will send them an email or a sterilized letter letting them know you're thinking about them!

  • Please allow a 72 hour turnaround for mailed letters.
  • Gift amounts remain confidential.
  • Donations can be made online or mailed to Calm Waters, 4334 NW Expressway, #101, OKC, OK 73116.
Please Send Us Your Photos!

We would be honored to feature you and your loved ones in an upcoming fundraising and marketing campaign.

Calm Waters is accepting photos of people holding a photograph of someone they are grieving or someone they are separated from because of the coronavirus.

Send in your photos and a couple sentences about your loved one, (Name, relationship to loved one, etc.) to our communications director,
Emily R. Tate at .

Jordan Park, LMRF-candidate and Calm Waters Assistant Program Director, is pictured here with a photo of her nieces, who she cannot see because of sheltering in place rules and the concern for their health.
Please send photos
Calm Waters in the News
Despite restrictions that working from home can bring, our team has been incredibly focused and driven to continue to provide ALL of our grief and divorce support services during the pandemic. We are thrilled that our local media sees value in our services and story and have helped to promote who we are. Here’s a couple of links to some of those recent news stories.
Calm Waters in the Evening News
How to treat mental health concerns because of coronavirus

From concerns about personal health to finances, therapist Heather Warfield at Calm Waters said coronavirus can be difficult on your mental health. She said it helps to have someone to express that to. “Having somebody to talk to about those...

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Center to offer group counseling for those experiencing...

A local counseling center is launching a new support group for those experiencing pandemic-related depression or anxiety."This whole experience is a dramatic change, and with any kind of dramatic change it can be a very isolating, lonely...

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Calm Waters in Print Newspapers and Magazines
Outlook 2020: Community influencers in health care

APR 23, 2020 - Charlotte Lankard Lankard, 81, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice. She's also been director of the James Hall Center for Mind, Body and Spirit at Integris Baptist Medical Center Lankard founded Calm...

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Protecting your family's mental health during a health...

As the world comes to grips with the ramifications of the coronavirus, anxiety, fear and uncertainty clutch many of our families, and our children. In my own household, tension crackles and tempers flare, even as we try our best to operate from...

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Grief and Divorce Support News
Co-Parenting in the Face of COVID-19
What if your quarantine rules are different than your co-parent? What if one of you has an essential role requiring you to work in the public realm? Our Calm Waters clinicians teamed up with OSU professor Matt Brosi to discuss this pressing issue.
Point of View: Co-parenting in the face of COVID-19

APR 23, 2020 - While we are all overwhelmed at the idea of having to quarantine and social distance, the thought of custody and visitation agreements adds an extra layer of anxiety to co-parents during this global health crisis.

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Planning Your Legacy| Calm Waters
We would be deeply honored if you would remember Calm Waters in your will. For more information, please email Erin Engelke, Calm Waters Executive Director.
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