Dear Friends,

As April is the 4th month of the year, we can reflect on the 4th milestone in the DIR model. This milestone is about a child’s ability to sustain a problem-solving interaction with another person, with all of the complexities that are involved. A child needs to be persistent, flexible, and tolerate feelings of frustration or disappointment or worry and anticipation as they work together to reach a shared goal. A child learns to appreciate the perspective of another person, which is the beginning of developing empathy and compassion. A child also develops a deeper sense of themselves, and confidence in their own abilities. At PCDA, it is a joy to see children developing these skills as they work with parents and peers, in playful problem-solving activities. As you read the newsletter below, please consider how you can join us in learning more about DIR and in supporting and celebrating this important work.

Dr. Diane   
Executive Director