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May News & Updates
Join us in celebrating and recognizing companies who despite dealt with the stressful challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, displayed and delivered outstanding safety performances. These Performance Awards are hosted in collaboration with SLCUC (Southwest Louisiana Construction User’s Council), the LAIA (Lake Area Industry Alliance) and SCSWLA (Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana) for the industry's dedication to cultivating a strong safety culture. We are excited to announce Coach Dale Brown, former Head LSU Coach, as our keynote speaker.
Defensive Driving
Our Defensive Driving course teaches participants how to recognize and change risky driving behaviors. Join us:

Saturday, May 1st & 15th @ 7:45am

Learn how to be a safer driver. All instructors are DTA certified. Email us for more information or registration.
Looking for ID badge printing services? We offer custom company photo badges for employee identification. Ensure your work environment is professional, safe and secure with custom photo ID badges. No minimum requirement. Badges will include logo, photo, name and employee title.
Featured Course: A13RSP
ARSC Respiratory Protection Training
The objective of this ARSC Respiratory Protection Training is to fulfill the OSHA training requirements and ensure participants have an understanding of the proper selection, use, inspection, maintenance, storage and disposal of respiratory protection and associated equipment.
GateCheck Site Security & Access Control
Now providing efficient verification of Contractors' compliance with site-entry requirements as they enter Owner/Operator facilities.

For more information or to get started with GateCheck, please contact us.
Now offering OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 virtually and at our locations.

To register or for questions, please email info@scswla.org or call (337)436-3354 ext.1502
Don't miss out on your company's membership discounts for courses in 2021! Members of the Safety Council receive valuable benefits and are invited to special events.
  • Discounted Training
  • Discounted Room Rentals
  • Customized Badging
  • Invoicing Privileges (Upon Credit Approval)
  • Onboarding Training
  • Custom Course Development
  • Unlimited Access to Training Records
  • Videography
  • Special Events and much more!
Southwest Louisiana has a new upgraded and redesigned PQF system. The new system is called “industry PQF or iPQF” and was officially launched in January 2021.

This product supports SWLA small business. The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana will cater to specific needs and lessen administrative burdens for your team. Some of the great new features include:

Marketplace for owners to select qualified contractors:
  • Get noticed through specialty work and your safety record

Other great features:
  • Enhanced support and easier navigation
  • Notification to indicate missing information before submission
  • Real time email notifications upon expiration date
  • Local personalized service

Please reach out to us to schedule a demo and get your company PQF information converted.

For more information please contact Ashley Daniel at Ashley.Daniel@scswla.org.
The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana has upgraded our offerings. We have converted to a new operating system.

Please email info@scswla.org for more information or to obtain virtual training on how to register our registration trainees.
Room Rental

The Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana offers convenient and affordable conference spaces which you can reserve for the hour, day, or week. To make the best impression, reserve our conference rooms that are equipped with high-speed internet and state-of-the- art presentation equipment. Call us at 337-436-3354 or Email to find out more on how to book space today.
After a Fatality
The impact 'never goes away' the emotional aspects of a tragic incident can remain years afterward.
Click here for article.
OSHA standards and the ‘competent person’
One expert believes “there’s confusion out there” about what defines a competent person and who qualifies.
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2021 Job Outlook
How do safety pros feel about the current job market? Has the COVID-19 pandemic raised the profile of the profession?
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