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OpenVPX Backplane Design:  What is a Backplane Profile? 

OpenVPX design can be tricky.  At Pixus, we are happy to help walk you through the design questions and pitfalls.  OpenVPX Backplane Profiles are routing configurations that match up with Slot Profiles & Module Profiles to ensure that each OpenVPX system is fully interoperable.  Take the Profile in the image above: BKP3-DIS05-15.2.13-x. 

BKP3 = 3U OpenVPX Backplane
DIS = Distributed architecture (vs Centralized or Hybrid)
05 = 5 slots
15.2.13 = The section of the VITA 65 specification where this Profile resides.
-1, -2, -3 = The backplane speed 3.125, 5, 6.25 Gbaud/s respectively

In this configuration, the distributed architecture has point-to-point routing to the slots versus via a centralized switch card.  The 15.2.13 portion of the spec also details other elements of the backplane design, including which  "planes" are routed (control, data, expansion, management, and utility planes) which grouped different types of signals/functions, and more. 

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New Products/Features
Various Front Panel & Door Options for Instrument Cases
Pixus offers a wide range of front panel/door options for their instrument case enclosures.  This includes acrylic glass, solid blanking plate, lockable, and vertically and horizontally hinged types.  With a modular design, we can provide virtually unlimited configurations for 1U-14U electronics enclosures. 
Component Corner
Hard-to-Find Components & Accessories for Electronics Enclosures & Embedded Products Available at Pixus
Pixus offers a vast selection of components for embedded boards and enclosures, even some of the harder-to-find items.  This includes all types of hardware, microswitches, gasketing, keying plugs, and less-common versions of our standard panels, rails, covers, etc.