April 2019
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The Perfect Blue Porch Ceiling Paint
Introducing Frankford Umbrellas
Kinetic Derby Day
Shrimp and Chorizo Mixed Grill
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Ya'll helped us become Columbia's #1 outdoor furniture store in 2019 and we couldn't be more pleased! We appreciate your support and enthusiasm year after year, 43 years, to be exact!

In order to say THANK YOU, we want to give you something special. If you voted for us as Columbia Metropolitan Magazine's Best Outdoor Furniture Store in 2019 (and we will assume you did if you are reading this), we are offering you a coupon (see below) for more of what you need to make your outdoor room even better.

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Introducing Frankford Umbrellas
We are proud to introduce Frankford Umbrellas to Columbia. Made in the USA (New Jersey), and constructed with superior materials and craftsmanship, Frankford has a long and respected history of providing patio umbrellas for both residential and hospitality use.

With selections in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, you'll find a Frankford for whatever needs you have. Poolside, rooftop, beach, free-standing, or cantilever, each has its own requirements for stability and ease of use.

A full line of outdoor fabrics, including South Carolina's own Sunbrella, are available so that you can get exactly the color you want.
Outdoor Rugs Look Great Inside
Every year, the variety of outdoor rugs grows and moves in directions which, a few short years ago, no one imagined they would. Whatever style you want is available--traditional oriental, dhurrie, sisal, pile, loop, flat woven, or braided--it's all available in fibers which will stand up to moisture and ultra-violet rays. Not only that, but they stand up to the rigors of life in a rough and tumble household full of children and pets.

A new addition to Casual Living this year is Jaipur Living with an exciting collection of rugs unlike any we have ever had before. If you are looking for something unique in a performance rug, this is a must-see line. FIY--we also have access to their full line of indoor rugs!
Pick the Perfect (Haint Blue) Paint
Haint Blue is a common name given to any light blue paint applied to a porch ceiling in the south. While many paint manufacturers may mix their own version, it is entirely kosher to choose the blue you like best and call it "haint blue".
Originating in Georgia and South Carolina's Gullah culture, haint blue was made from crushed indigo plants and used on ceilings, shutters, and doors to ward off spirits.
Ceilings were painted light blue in order to cause the ghost to think it was the sky and fly through the space. Doors and shutters were painted to trick the ghost into believing it was water which ghosts were believed to be unable to cross.
As the practice became more common, Southern culture broadly adopted it and the practice continues to this day, with many Southerners taking it with them as they move to other regions of the country.
Heather from Southern State of Mind Blog has created a Haint Blue Color Swatch for your next porch project.
West Columbia Soap Box Derby
Soap box derbies were widely popular in the 1950's and 60's although their start was much earlier. Since 1934, there has been an official championship for soap box derby winners throughout the country. Held at Derby Downs in Akron, Ohio, the best of the best of small town creativity, vision, and ingenuity compete to be crowned champion.
If a trip to Akron is not on your vacation schedule this year, you can re-ignite the rollicking fun of a soap box derby a little bit closer to home. Mark you calendar for Saturday, April 27 and visit Kinetic Derby Day in West Columbia. Relive some of the simple days of your youth or take your kids or grandkids for the chance to see old-style technology and the excitement of creating something and seeing it work. A fun day for all, but, be on notice--you may be asked to help build one for your little daredevil.

Shrimp and Chorizo Mixed Grill
What's better than food that tastes really good? Food that looks really good. Plating food in a way that makes it look appealing is an art form which can entail more time than any of us have at any given meal time. However, sometimes simply combining colors and textures in a meal provides all the variety we need to present a plated perfection.

Shrimp and Chorizo Mixed Grill happens to be one such dish . It's packed with protein, vitamins, texture, and color and lets you look like a celebrity chef when you joyfully place it on the table. Even better-- once everything has been prepped, pop it on the grill and dinner is done in no time. Place it on one big platter and let everyone serve themselves.
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