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"Wow! Somebody Must Have Really Loved That Child!"

I have been thinking lately about this small child's vest in our collection. It is a very finely made vest; as a beadworker friend said the first time she saw it, "Wow! someone loved that child!" 

The front of the vest has exquisite lines of beads in a broad assortment of colors. If you take a moment to dissect the colors and lay them out side by side it is surprising to see how the colors do not work well together. But the maker's intertwining of them in carefully constructed rows, carefully choosing bead color adjacencies creates an order from which a beautifully arranged pattern emerges. 

But while the beadwork is marvelous, it is the chickens (!) on it that brought the exclamations about the vest --"what a lucky child!" 

Bruce Bernstein,
Director of Innovation & Senior Curator

Child's Vest, c1880 Omaha (attrib.) Nebraska Coe Center #NA1115. One of over 1,700 Native-American objects in our collection. Visit any First Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. to see it - or call for a private tour.
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Fun Fact for Film Buffs: The Ekoi (or Ejagham) headdress appeared in the 1958 movie, "Bell, Book, and Candle, " with Kim Novak and James Stewart. RTC No: AF0004, Date Late 1800s.
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