April 2016 Newsletter
~ April 2016 ~
Your membership is valid through December 31, 2016.

Message from our new president, John Morey:


That was the message AT thru-hiker Carey Kish delivered to CVOA at its annual dinner meeting this year... a message that clearly resonates with members of our very active outdoor club.

A record 116 CVOA members gathered for the annual dinner, a time of transition and change for our group as a new year draws us forward.  Like our members, CVOA isn't stopping!

One exciting new prospect for me is the new Adventure Committee. We held our first meeting and those who attended were full of ideas and enthusiasm. The goal is to create a group that can keep our activities flowing, rather than rely on the energy of an individual. I am amazed at how well activities have come together each year, but worry about preserving the energy. A group effort could keep it pumping!

At the first committee meeting we adopted the idea of "show and go" hikes, bike rides, paddles and other outings. We'll be fine-tuning that as we move forward.

Maybe you have an idea, but don't have the time or comfort level to develop it. Share it with the group at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com.

Once we have a plan, the next step is getting the word out. The newsletter and web site are successful tools. There is a new opportunity this year: WSKI has offered to help us promote our adventures. We'll be looking for volunteers to take our activities live. Let us know if you can help at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com.

New developments at the range. New activities from the Adventure Committee. And a new year to enjoy it all.

Just don't stop!
~ John Morey
TopCalendar of Events
April 11 - Hike and Supper
May 14 - Valley Cleanup
May 15 - Sun. Trap Shoots Opening Day
May 19-21 - Montreal Bike Trip
May 29 - Trap Shoot Fundraiser for Food Bank
June 4 - Saturday Trap Shoots begin, twice a month
June 25 - Golf at Lac Megantic
June 26 - Board and Member Meeting
July 2 - Saturday Trap Shoots now weekly
July 16 - South Bristol Cove Day
August 13-14 - Maine Huts Weekend
September 4 - Trap Shoot Fundraiser - Animal Shelter
September 10 - Paddling on Saco River
September 25 - Turkey Trap Shoot
October 8 - 10 - Homecoming Weekend
Future Events & Adventures
A Hike and A Supper
Monday, April 11, Redington East
Member Bente Holst had such a great time at Nancy Makin's Hike and Soup that she will host a similar event on Monday, April 11 at her home in Redington East. The hike involves the hills of Redington East and takes a little over an hour.
Soup and supper will follow the hike. Please RSVP to Bente with an offering of appetizer, salad/side or dessert so she can plan accordingly. As usual, BYOB. Bente can accommodate only the first 20 folks who reply, and she looks forward to seeing many of you again.
Place to meet: 5:30 p.m. at 2011 Ridge View Rd, Redington East - Rain or Shine
RSVP to Bente at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com.
~ Bente Holst, event leader
CV Valley Cleanup
Saturday, May 14
Save the date: Saturday, May 14th. CVOA will again be helping out the Town of Carrabassett Valley in their annual Rt. 27 highway cleanup. More details in the May newsletter.
~ Betsy Chapman, Adventure Coordinator
Montreal Bike Trip
May 19 - 20 - 21
We have 27 CVOA members signed up for this great bike trip. There are still rooms available at the Inn. If you'd like to know more, go to our website post, or contact us at cvoa.adventures@gmail.com.
~ Glenn and Peggy Bickford, Trip Leaders
Calling all Golfers!
June 25 in Lac Megantic

The spaces for the golf outing are filling up, but there is still room for a few more. To reserve your space, send an email to cvoa.adventures@gmail.com, attn.: Elise and Sandy.

~Elise Gebhardt & Sandy Osterrieder
Board and Member Meeting
Sunday, June 26
Noon BBQ followed by a 1 p.m. quarterly meeting. All members are welcome. CV Location TBD.

~ John Morey, President
Range News
News from the Range
Diane and Ray Stone
Diane's first report....
Spring is here and soon the CVOA Range will be back in the swing with regular Saturday and Sunday Trap Shoots, new Pistol and Rifle Targets, and our Archery Course.
The CVOA Range Raffle was a great success with prizes awarded during our Annual Meeting in March. Many thanks to the individuals and organizations that contributed to our fundraiser and congratulations to our winners:  
  • Grand Prize: Sugarloaf 2016/17 Season Pass: Barbara Butts
  • 9mm Pistol from Howell's Gun & Archery: Jeff Langholtz
  • Maine Huts and Trails overnight package: Terri Trask
  • Handmade, by Diane Stone, Birds Eye Maple Bench: Robert Luke
  • 2 Day Sugarloaf Golf Pass: Ken Olmsted
The Range has submitted a grant proposal to the State of Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife for a 5 Stand course. This would include 6 new clay launchers, field improvement and a covered, wheelchair accessible 5 position shooting stand. To aid in the funding of this project, the Town of Carrabassett Valley has approved a $15,000 grant match if we are successful in obtaining the state grant. We expect to have word from the state by May on whether our proposal has made it through the first approval round. More details will follow grant approval.
With the rapidly warming weather, we hope to start our regular Trap Shoots early this year. The first shoot has not yet been scheduled, but should be sometime in mid-May. We are targeting (get it! Ha!) to have all Range Applications in by April 30th, then have the new badges issued on May 9th. The new gate combination will be on your badge. This combination will also work to access the key to the restrooms.
Our Range membership has continued to grow and we encourage all CVOA members and guests to come out and give the Range a try. Our members will be happy to show you around, explain safety rules and procedures, and encourage you to participate in our Trap Shoots and other Range activities. Costs for guests remain very reasonable at $5 for adults and $2.50 for children under 12.
If you have any questions please contact either Range President Neal Trask or Range Secretary Diane Stone at cvoa.range@gmail.com .
~ Diane Stone, Range Secretary
2016 Range ID Tags
... will be mailed to each Range member in mid-May.
Wanted: Webmaster - Will Train
It's not as difficult as it might sound!

Our webmaster Cliff George has elevated the CVOA website to a vibrant, informative, and dynamic site. He has spent great time and energy to develop our current site, and continually updates it. But it is time for Cliff to move on to other ventures.
We are looking for a new webmaster, but being a webmaster isn't as scary as it might sound. The CVOA website has a solid online presence, and now it needs someone to add content on a regular basis.
Do you have web experience, or would you like to learn more about it? Our webmaster needs only to have an interest and ability to learn, and have some time to make regular additions and changes. Cliff will be happy to work with you to make the transition as painless as possible, and will be available for support for some time.
Interested? Want to learn more? Email Cliff at cvoa.webmaster@gmail.com.
Past Events and Adventures
CVOA's 14th Sometimes Annual Ski Trip - Whistler/Blackcomb!
Report based on a true story.
The 78-member expedition left the Carrabassett Valley behind in search of the piles of SNOW so lacking in their home country this winter. The group split up right from the start, with some traveling to Montreal to fly west, while most of the rest flew west from Boston. A few others traveled on their own secret routes. By traveling different routes, the group was assured to find SNOW.
All of the explorers, except 2, eventually ended up in Vancouver, BC following mysterious instructions sent to them via a strange new electronic means of communicating, called, by some, "email". The two who didn't make it to Vancouver with the rest of the explorers were temporarily waylaid by anti-SNOW forces, cleverly disguised as border agents. But they were no match for Gail and Sally, who ended up sneaking into Canada via way of Seattle and a bus ride through the treacherous mountain pass. (Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch as there is a 4-lane highway between Seattle and Vancouver). They managed to catch up with the other explorers the next day.
Upon arrival at Vancouver there was no SNOW to be seen anywhere near the airport or the city. In fact, people in shorts and tee-shirts were out jogging on the streets and there were multitudes of flowers and shrubbery in bloom. Even GREEN GRASS was spotted. The voyagers were quite worried at this point, as this was not what they were searching for. However their intrepid leader Cindy Foster (you may remember our heroine from a previous story about an attack on Big Sky last winter) pointed to the mountains surrounding the city and said "But do not be disheartened. Look towards the mountains and you will see we have not come in vain!"
As the travelers lifted their eyes to the mountains, they could see, thanks to the unusually clear blue skies, lots and lots of WHITE SNOW! Everyone was happy now and on the rest of the trek north the hearty gang made plans on how best to enjoy this massive bounty. Eventually the trek buses reached a place called Whistler/Blackcomb, and it was clear to our seekers they had found what they were searching for: multitudes of SNOW.
It appears other explorers had previously discovered this place with the plentiful snow, nestled between two large mountains, as there is a huge village here filled with shops, restaurants, bars, and a large grocery store that has all sorts of grub.
Some of the group camped in a nice hotel while the rest roughed it in 2 bedroom condos nearby. There are some amazing mechanical machines here called ski lifts to get people up on the mountain where
_Little Houses_
"Little Houses"
all the SNOW is located. Some even have little houses you ride in as it goes up the hill. In fact there is one lift with quite large houses that goes between two high peaks. Each house (they call them gondolas) on this lift will hold up to 2-dozen people! But alas, these houses don't have indoor plumbing, not even a privy.
So for 6 days the CVOA explorers took on the Whistler/Blackcomb area, fathoming and tearing up all of the more than 8,000 acres of amazing SNOW. The numerous bowls, steeps, trees and groomed trails were all explored with reports of deep powder and excellent conditions all around. And to top it off, more SNOW fell during the week, adding to the adventure. If that isn't enough, there are glaciers here, so they ski year around!
For the most part the group broke off into small contingents, both on the mountains and in the village after skiing. One night the whole group did gather for a nice dinner arranged by Cindy. It became clear why some of the explorers had not been seen much, as they had become known as the 'crack of noon' club.
Their explorations a huge success, the gang returned to Carrabassett Valley to regale their friends and family about all the SNOW they had found and conquered. CVOA is already making plans for their adventure to Telluride out west next winter with their fearless, yet humble leader Cindy Foster in the lead. Stay tuned!
~ Pete Weston, Enthusiastic Traveler

Annual Dinner Meeting with Carey Kish
John Morey and Carey Kish
March 12
White tablecloths and the tempting aromas of an Italian feast greeted a record number of CVOA members attending this year's annual dinner meeting. For the first time, the club swapped its paper plates and pot luck offerings for a catered meal at the Sugarloaf Inn. It won't be the last.
The success was evident by the 116 guests who turned out to dine on Caesar salad, garlic bread, pasta with marinara sauce, grilled chicken and an array of tempting desserts.
And ... no clean up after!!
When dinner was done, our outgoing president Nancy Perry called to order the Annual Meeting. There were reports from secretary Cindy Foster, treasurer Gail Miller, and range chairman John McCatherin. The nominating committee recommended the following slate of officers and board members, which was approved unanimously:
  • President - John Morey
  • Vice President - Joe Loughran
  • Treasurer - Gail Miller
  • Secretary - Cindy Foster
  • Board members - Diane Stone, Mary Berger, Betsy Chapman, Ray Stone (all new this year)
Nancy turned the gavel over to our new president John Morey.
A number of volunteers were recognized for their outstanding service to CVOA:
  • Greg Roux, Tim Richards, Dan Gagne and Rob Healey - Range Project
  • John McCatherin - Retiring Range Secretary, and CVOA founder
  • Nancy Perry - Outgoing President, and longtime CVOA contributor
  • Cliff George - Retiring Webmaster and board member
  • Many trip leaders and event coordinators - for contributing to the fun we have
  • The Trueworthys and Bickfords - for building and repairing picnic tables along the Narrow Gauge trail
The winners of  range raffle were drawn; you can find their names in the Range Report in this newsletter.
The highlight of the evening was a very excellent presentation by our guest speaker. Carey Kish is an author and two-time thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail. Having hiked the AT as a young man, Carey decided to hike it again as a mature adult. His 189 day trek took him from Spring Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, and he hiked 2,189.2 miles through 14 states. The slide show that Carey presented included photos and storied highlights of each of the 14 states. It was an entertaining, informative and inspiring evening.
~ Nancy Perry and Cindy Foster
Whistler Post Trip Photo Party
March 18
Telluride in 2017!
On March 18, an enthusiastic group of CVOA skiers gathered at the CVPL Begin Room for a Whistler photo show created by Lee Souweine. Using photos and videos of his own and gathered from others, Lee put together an 20-minute video show using photos and videos from our great trip to Whistler. 
After some socializing and dessert eating, the group was ready to listen to Pete Weston's presentation about possible ski trips for 2017. He did a great job presenting proposals from our tour operator Great Events & Escapes for trips to Banff/Lake Louise, Snowmass/Aspen, and Telluride CO. Pete also had a number of charts and photos providing information about each resort. We had considered a few other resorts, but as Pete explained, they were not able to meet the needs of CVOA for various reasons.
We did a round of voting, one vote per person, for Banff, Snowmass, and Telluride. With Snowmass receiving the fewest votes, we then had a vote for Banff or Telluride. The clear winner was Telluride for 2017, and Cindy Foster has agreed to be the trip leader once again.
Pete is working with Great Events to put
together a package for our Telluride trip, which will be during the first week in March. We anticipate making the package information and reservation details available in the middle of May.

~ Cindy Foster, Trip Leader

Sunset Golf Course Hike and Supper
March 20

A little get together was planned at Nancy Makin's beautiful home at Village on the Green. It started out as maybe six or seven people. Then the word got out (apparently), and it grew to nearly forty people, which was awesome. Then something great happened along the way: everyone pitched in with appetizers, soups, wine, salads, and desserts.
Nancy set up a hike on the golf course, actually two routes so everyone could go long or go short. A great crowd went hiking, some 25 plus walkers. Views were plentiful of Sugarloaf, the Crockers, and the Bigelows all along the various holes of the golf course; the weather was ideal, and walking was on bare golf paths, some mud, some ice, but very user friendly.
After the hike, appetizers were available, then soups and salad, and even an array of desserts. Thanks to all our great chefs, food was fantastic. Great conversations were going on in all parts of Nancy's home, meeting friends old and new. Just a great bunch of people. Many thanks to all, especially to Nancy for putting this together. Nancy comments "we ended up with 38 strong - healthy and hungry members!!"
You know, once you enter Carrabassett Valley, and join CVOA, your life will never be the same.
~ Rick Young, enthusiastic participant

left to right, sort of: Paul Trueworthy, Steve and Laura Schaefer, Joe and Doris Tutlis, Greg Foster, Don and Linda Gifford, Steve Smith, Cindy Foster, Betsy Chapman, Jerry Thompson, Nancy Makin, Elaine Smith, Pinky Slagle, Bente Holst, Bear Thompson, Glenn and Peggy Bickford, Lore Ferguson, Jan Doherty, Mary and Don Fletcher, John Slagle, Leslie Doolittle; missing - photographer Rick Young
March 27

On Saturday morning, March 27, Bill Perkins went live with host Greg Powers on WSKI-TV. Bill talked about our Whistler trip, and CVOA.
If you missed the show, you can check it out by Clicking HERE. 

Community News
10K Husky Ruck in Portland on May 7

Susan Fraser is looking to lead a CVOA Team in the 10K Husky Ruck around Portland on May 7th. To find out more, CLICK HERE.  

Photo of the Month

At Whistler Blackcomb, at elevation 7,494 feet, there is a mountain outpost called Horstman Hut. It is a small restaurant stop-over for skiers who plan to be transported up Showcase T-Bar near the summit of Blackcomb and Horstman Glaciers. A cornice of snow, carved out next to the Hut, shows mountains poking through the clouds in the distance, resembling islands in the sky.
Photo by Dan Cassidy.

Do you have a photo suitable for "Photo of the Month"? Are you a CVOA member? If so, send your photo to: Cindy Foster, Newsletter Editor -  cvoa.secretary@gmail.com.
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