April 2016
Issue No. 40
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April is a quiet month for us here at Sylvan Brandt's. Check back next month for more new and exciting news.
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We will be closed Friday, April 29th & Saturday, April 30th. We are sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause. We will resume regular business hours on Monday, May 2nd.

On Sale This Month!

Antique Maytag Wringer Washer

This washer is easily my favorite item in our Loft! It is so cool and I love to think of where it might have come from. Originally $200, mention this ad and get this awesome washer for 25% off!

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Antique Stained Glass Window        

This gorgeous stained glass window is a new addition to our Loft. It is originally from a church located right here in Lancaster, PA. The window is beautiful, but is in need of a few repairs.

  Stop by to see or buy this, as well as other items! 
What Is It?!

In this section, we feature unique antiques that we have discovered. Test your knowledge and see if you know what they are. Send us an e-mail to see if you are correct!

Out Of The Past

120 Years Ago
April 10, 1896
Broad Tire Tax Relief
It is not generally known that farmers who use broad tires are by a recent law entitled to a reduction of one-fourth their road tax. Broad-tired wagons are almost entirely out of use in this section. But the few who still use them should see that they get what the law allows.

130 Years Ago
April 9, 1886
Town Talk and Gossip
- Monday and Tuesday nights some dogs ran over Christian Yerger's hot bed and broke twenty-five panes of glass. Mr. Yerger has his gun loaded and the dogs of Yergerville would better keep out of his yard.
- Call on or address the Hon. John M. Stehman, if you wish to learn a thing or two about anti-discrimination of the new tax law. Mr. Stehman knows all about both and is anxious to enlighten his stupid constituents.
- Mr. Tshudy's wheelbarrow in some manner strayed away. Any one knowing its whereabouts and returning it will be treated to a good cigar or a glass of Tshundy's currant wine. No impertinent or disagreeable questions will be asked.

130 Years Ago
April 9, 1886
Wasn't that on Facebook
In the family of I.F. Bomberger is a spotless white cat, petted for her beauty and feline intelligence. Lately she has become still more noteworthy by taking charge of a brood of young chickens, which she nurses with motherly affection in a box, allowing no stranger to come near and being very jealous if any other cat makes her appearance. Should any of her family stray away from the box, she follows, takes it tenderly in her mouth and brings it home.

* All stories are taken word for word out of the Lititz Record Express. They are credited with all research.

We are almost completely owned and operated by family, and here at Sylvan Brandt we believe in that - family and home. We believe in preserving our past - that our past is what shapes our future. We believe that everyone deserves respect and love, and that collaboration will get us far. We want to help you preserve our strong American history and make your home one-of-a-kind. We promise to treat you like family and want to work together with you to make your home a history-rich sanctuary.




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