April Newsletter 2018

April (Snow ) Showers bring May Flowers,
Many families have returned enrollment forms and were happy to fill out online. Below is the enrollment form if you have not yet done so. We will charge your account for a registration fee so, no checks needed. We will begin to accept new families as of
 April 11th  so please reserve your days.

When we open late, close early or are closed for the day listen to radio stations WQRC, COOL 102, WCOD, WXTK and TV channels 4, 7, and 56. We will also send out a constant contact email. We do not follow public school closing.


Watch Us Play and Learn
The Robins Nest is reaching milestones.

Happy Spring to the Bunny Den.
                                                   Bunny Den News

                         Hopping into spring in the Bee Hive          

                                                                                      Bee Hive News                                                          
      Blast off to space with the Explorers

Explorer News                                            
                              Navigator Team work completing their Task's

                                  The Salt Box School
             Please sign up for April Rec Week Tuesday April 17-20th

                                       Building our bodies and minds in the Beacons                               
               Beacon News

             Lightkeepers celebrate Mexico making tacos and spring butterflies


Upcoming Events
Join us every Friday @9:30 for our weekly assembly
Campus Closed Monday, April 16th for Patriots Day

Please Turn off your car engine in our Parking lot.