April 2020
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Do you have an FHA mortgage and need relief?

There's some new guidelines that will be a huge help for those of you with FHA mortgages. If you are affected by the COVID-19 crisis, you able to defer payments on your mortgage for 6 months AND at the end of the forbearance, the accumulated amount of the deferred payments will not be due at once. Instead, the balance can be added to the end of your loan term. More information here.
Rent is Due - Now What?

The beginning of the month typically marks “rent due day” leaving many landlords and tenants in a complicated position with both sides unsure of their rights during this unprecedented situation.

Take a look at what we are recommending for tenants and landlords during these unprecedented times by clicking here.
Support the COVID-19 Community Care Fund

An unprecedented amount of Mainers (and many others) are being affected by COVID-19. Maine Initiatives has created a Community Care Fund to " make rapid-response grants to the grassroots organizations led by and advocating for those folks who are most at risk in this crisis: indigenous, black and immigrant folks; working class, low income, and poor people; and those that are too often pushed to the margins through incarceration, homelessness, disability, etc. These organizations are our grantee partners. We trust them to lead us in this moment. And they require urgent community support." Join me in supporting their mission.
Donate blood!

MaineHealth is partnering with local business leaders and the American Red Cross to create the “Distance Saves Lives” blood drive, to be held in Portland every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks (by appointment only).  Learn more and make an appointment HERE .
Support Maine Farms

Many farms across Maine have added alternative ways customers can obtain farm products to accommodate for social distancing in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension has created a virtual map and spreadsheet of available local Maine farm products and seafood and alternative pick-up options.  Access the map and list HERE .
Become a Substitute Shopper!

To help address the need for grocery delivery in our community, the Portland Food Co-Op has launched a Substitute Shopper Program. This program serves as a tool to connect volunteers that are able to offer shopping services (“shoppers”) with those in need of groceries (“clients”). Click here to learn more.
The Big Takeout and Delivery List

Everyone's favorite comprehensive Portland food scene resource has compiled a list of restaurants offering takeout and delivery service! Look for your favorite restaurants, coffee/tea shops, bakeries/bagels/donuts, beer/wine/distilleries, delivery services, markets and other food shops by clicking here.
Keeping the Balance: What Keeps Us Going

Like you, we miss the day-to-day transactions and routines of our daily work life. Our day-to-day usually requires us to gather whether it be in-person meetings such as showings or closings or larger gatherings such as hosting open houses, home inspections, and numerous other onsite tasks that bring us together with our clients and community partners. We miss this. Click here to see what the Vitalius team has been up to while self-isolating!