• Dine & Donate Fundraiser at Mary's Pizza - Download this flyer and head to either of Mary's Pizza Shack locations in Sonoma on Monday, April 10th. 20% of your purchase will be donated to Teen Services Sonoma!
  • New hours for Operation Bicycle - Now open for business Monday thru Friday 3:00-7:00 pm!

Spring is such a beautiful time in the valley. There is a sense of new beginnings and fresh growth, and it kind of feels that way at Teen Services as well. We not only have our remodel complete, but a full staff is in place and they continually inspire me with their new ideas and energies. They are truly invested in our teens, the organization, and one another.

At our weekly staff meetings, we not only discuss the progress of each of our programs, but we also take a close look at how we can better serve our teens. We also learn from others. Following a recent professional networking breakfast at Hanna Boys Center, we were reminded of the importance of listening to the voices of those whom we serve. As a result, this spring we will be holding a teen member orientation/focus group to check back in with our registered teen members and their parents to learn how we are meeting their needs and how we might strengthen our support to them.

It is amazing what self-reflection and a few little tweaks here and there can accomplish, and we are applying that philosophy across the board. Even Cowboy Cab will have a fresh look this year!  With a new venue, plus fun and creative programming, you will not want to miss this June 3rd event!

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Lovin' Oven Teens

Impact100 Sonoma is a member of a national organization - the Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network (WCGN). As such, Impact was invited to nominate a grant that they felt has "transformed your grantmaking organization, a grantee's organization, and/or your community." They selected to write about Teen Services Sonoma as the recipient of the 2011 $100,000 Impact Grant that funded the Skills for Life program (now called Ready to Work).

We are pleased to announce that Impact100 Sonoma and Teen Services were selected to receive one of the three Spotlight Awards for 2017. Wendy Hoffman, President of Impact100, described the grant to TSS as one "that demonstrates how local investment in the community can result in profound changes." Celia Canfield, Past President, and Wendy (shown left) accepted the award at the March WCGN conference.

When interviewed for the Spotlight Award nomination, Cristin added, "The Impact Grant was a catalyst for us. What began as a grassroots effort is now an established and highly respected organization that is offering a future to our teens and a qualified workforce for our community. Impact continues to open doors for us. They are the gift that keeps giving, even six years later."

An article about this award and the transformation of Teen Services Sonoma is featured in the current March/April 2017 issue of Valley of the Moon magazine!!


Getting ready for Round One of Speed Networking

Just imagine: 10 tables, 5 teens and 5 adults at each table, and each person getting 30 seconds to deliver an "elevator pitch" to either intrigue a potential employer or to attract a potential employee. Then after all pitches have been made, everyone pulls a number to determine which table to head to next and the process starts all over again.

That is the gist of this highly popular networking event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with five youth-serving organizations: Teen Services Sonoma, Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma, Hanna Boys Center, Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, and Sonoma Valley High School. Teens increase their work-readiness skills and gain exposure to the business community and a surprising number of lasting connections are made.

Alondra Perez (left), a TSS Ready-to-Work graduate, described her experience: "It was so nerve-wracking at first, but by the end I got the hang of it, and it was really fun. I wouldn't have been able to do this if it weren't for the Ready-to-Work program."

Alondra also made an important connection at the event and is now working with our Lovin' Oven Coordinator Kenzie Finch.

The Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance created a fabulous video with some highlights from the  event.  Click here to watch it!

Heading off to the theatre (from left to right): Jodie Leeds, Kathryn Pencil, Lyllie Singletary, Diego Flores, and Gabby Peterson 

In our March newsletter, we mentioned Doug Mo's generous donation of free tickets for teens to attend a performance by Transcendence Theatre. From the comments below, it was clearly a great event:

Kathryn Pencil: This was so much fun! I was not sure what to expect, but I was hooked after the first act. The serious and comedy acts mixed really well together. Having it held at the Luther Burbank Center gave it a more theatrical environment. But I really want to go to the one at Jack London State Park!

Lyille Singletary: The show was incredible; my favorites have to be "Night at the Prom" and "Boy Band". During "Boy Band" I got emotional because they performed one of my all-time favorite songs Build Me Up Buttercup. That song holds a special place in my heart, and it made the night even more special. Thank you!

Diego Flores: I enjoyed the show a lot! I did not expect it to be as funny as it was. Some of my favorite acts were "A Love Story" and "Party Dress". Though I do not know much about musical theater, it was enjoyable being around so many people who love it.


You will not want to miss our signature event this year - June 3, 2017 !  Thanks to the efforts of our Events Chair, Angela Ryan, and Board Member Tammy Samut, Cowboy Cab 2017 will be an event to remember!  

  • a new venue - Sonoma Cornerstone in the Tyge Williams Cellars Barn,
  • appetizers and dessert prepared and served by our teens,
  • a fabulous sit-down dinner prepared by Ramekins,
  • plenty of liquid refreshment,
  • the chance to learn how to do-si-do and promenade, and
  • fun games that will bring back childhood memories.

More details in our May newsletter and on the TSS website, but mark your calendars now!


"Volunteering with the Teen Center really made me realize how great I felt when I was doing something selfless."

Jerica Tercero                  Age 26

Owner of two salons in Sonoma: Peace N Beauty Salon and Crush Beauty Bar.

To read more about Jerica, click HERE...

Jerica was also highlighted in an interview by Anna Pier in the March 9th issue of the Sonoma Valley Sun .

Next month, we will feature another of our amazing alums.

Teen Services is pleased to be able to offer Serve Safe Certification plus Service Etiquette classes to our Sonoma Valley youth. Certification is required by the state of California for anyone working in the food service industry, whether that be the Lovin' Oven or in one of our local restaurants.

The cost per student for materials, instruction, and refreshment is only $35 and yet it opens a gateway to employment in the food service industry.

This summer we would like to provide scholarships to 30 local teens, but we need your help! Please consider a fully tax-deductible contribution to sponsor one or more youth - only $35 per student - in our Serve Safe Certification program.


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