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April 2015 - Issue 118
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2015 SENG Conference Registration is Now Open!

SOAR with SENG from 
July 24-26, 2015 
at the Denver Marriott Tech Center
Denver, Colorado  


Reserve your spot now for a 2015 Conference Sponsorship Opportunity


We anticipate at least 450 attendees at this year's conference, making it an intimate setting for sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers. Attendees include families, educators, gifted adults, and medical professionals (including mental health professionals) from across the U.S. and other countries.


Reserve by May 15 to ensure you receive ALL benefits! 


Announcing the new 2015  

SENG Conference Children  

and Teen Programs!


Youth ages 5-17 will participate in a program to take place at the University of Denver. It will be a summer adventure designed to meet the needs and desires of gifted learners. Designed and facilitated by a coordinator with a degree in Gifted Education and over fifteen years of experience in the field.

The bulk of the 5-12 year old participants will be participating in classes that are S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) inspired and center around the idea of innovation, while the middle and high school students will be having their own adventures unique to Colorado.

The Youth Program Registration is a separate form from the Adult Registration Form. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian attending the full conference. Click below to register for the 2015 SENG Conference Youth Program.

Apply for the 2015 James T. Webb Scholarship
Deadline May 19, 2015
The James T. Webb Scholarship currently extends the opportunity for identified gifted and talented students from culturally diverse populations and families in financial need to participate in the SENG Annual Conference. Students attend the youth program while their parents attend concurrent adult sessions.
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2015 SENG Diversity Series, Part I   
April 30, 2015
Families and their Gifted Children:

Developing Talent and Advocating for their Own
Presented by Dr. Joy Lawson Davis

This webinar will provide an overview of research and exemplary practices as related to family engagement with gifted learners. A special emphasis will be placed on the talent development and advocacy strategies of culturally diverse families who have raised successful gifted children. Focus on culturally relevant strategies as well as improving the connections between schools and families will be discussed.


Click below to register or learn more about this event...

NEW! May SENGinar
May 12, 2015
Stealth Dyslexia: Flying Under the Radar 
Presented by Dr. Dan Peters
In an educational era that promotes "meeting expected grade requirements," gifted children with learning disabilities are most often missed, and stealth dyslexia has become a primary culprit. Due to their advanced thinking and compensatory strategies, many gifted students with dyslexia exhibit "average" performance, while still struggling to sound out words, read fluently, spell, and write.
Members receive a $10 discount on all live SENGinars (excludes CE courses).
Dear SENG Friends,    


Dear SENG Friends,


I am pleased to introduce SENG's new Interim Administrator Elizabeth Ringlee! SENG has experienced a number of transitions over the past year and it is a pleasure to welcome Ms. Ringlee to the SENG family to lead the organization in the interim. Ms. Ringlee was selected by the board of directors based largely on her support of SENG's mission and due to her extensive experience in project management, task management, development, public relations, and work with executive boards.


Ms. Ringlee has dedicated the last 14 years of her life to the study of the gifted, describing herself as "a committed advocate for gifted issues." She served as SENG Arizona State Liaison for two years and is the mother of two profoundly gifted children. Ms. Ringlee possesses a reputation for outstanding performance, team development and creativity. She is driven, detail oriented and committed to exceeding established goals.


In addition, Ms. Ringlee possesses extensive experience in strategic planning, brand management, and new business development. An accomplished re-launch specialist with a proven track record, Ms. Ringlee demonstrates an exceptional ability to employ analytical skills in identifying and resolving ineffective management systems, marketing strategies and business operations.


Ms. Ringlee brings her extensive experience as a manager in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to SENG. I am very pleased to welcome her and look forward to working with her as we continue moving SENG's mission and vision forward!



Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn 


Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn, SSP, NCSP

SENG Board President 


There is No Formula for Unschooling Profoundly Gifted Children

By Amy Harrington

When your child jumps from a lock step age/grade standard curriculum to college and professional level work at age 8, you have a radically accelerated child on your hands.


Without letting "unschooling" into our lives, my child would be stuck in another boring, anxiety producing, regressive year of one-size-fits-all state mandated curriculum. As "unschoolers" there is no floor nor ceiling thwarting his learning and creativity. He freely explores interests that are several years above and beyond K-12 academics which allows him to satiate his voracious mind at the pace and level that he needs. I have taken on the role of motivator, brainstorming collaborator, and facilitator of his exceptional needs. We are partners in this journey of intellectual exploration. Read More..

Thinking Along the Same Lines 

by Tracey Riley 


While the literature and advocates in gifted education espouse the importance of facilitating opportunities for like-mindedness, what does it mean to be like-minded? Our research team asked four gifted year 8 students (ages 12-13), their parents, and teachers this very question. Interestingly, all of the students described like-minded using a derivative of the word "think" and this was further supported by their parents and teachers. However, there were subtle differences between sharing common thinking processes (that were different from the norm) and having similar outcomes of thinking. For these gifted kids, it was more how they think, than what they think. As Rex1 told us, "It is someone who thinks not exactly the same, but in a similar process." Read More... 

In The Spirit of Service 

by Kate Bachtel 


SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPGs) unite parents of gifted children, who at times may feel alone in their journey, so they may learn from each others' experiences in a nurturing, non-judgmental setting.


For those unfamiliar, SMPGs take place over the course of 8-10 weeks and discuss topics including motivation, stress management, peer relationships, and discipline. Unlike other parent groups, SMPGs have always been a co-created, dynamic experience responsive to the unique individuals within each group. Co-facilitators are not therapeutic clinicians or "sage on the stage" lecturers, but rather experts in parenting and gifted education skilled at engaging parents in rich, relevant discussions to increase their capacity to nurture their children, themselves, and each other. Read More...

Survey buttonIf you participated in a SMPG in 2014 or 2015, SENG would be grateful if you would please consider taking a moment to complete the quick survey below. This data will help us take SMPGs to the next level. The survey is open until May 6, 2015 


The 2e Student: Damaging Myths  

by Michael Postma  


The seventh grade classroom hummed as the students worked in small groups to complete the assigned project for Ms. Lindy. Some groups worked quietly while others tested the threshold of Ms. Lindy's patience with their chatter and occasional laughter. The old chalkboard perched at the front of the class seemed to sag under the burden of the many instructions scratched across its breadth. The hum of florescent bulbs floated down from the ceiling each time the veteran teacher glanced crossly at the noisy perpetrators. Jillian sat quietly with the two members of her group offering only the sporadic suggestion when prompted by her fellow classmates. They didn't expect much more from her. Read More...
100 Words of Wisdom: Jim Delisle

In approximately 100 words, experts from 
around the world offer their perspective on some aspect of giftedness. V iew and share the online version.

Many years ago a gifted young man told me something I've never forgotten: "The only thing worse than being denied opportunities is being forced to take them." So many of our gifted kids are strivers and achievers, but they are still people who need to understand the importance of quiet and the benefit of doing absolutely nothing at all. This balance between drive and solitude is often hard to maintain, but it is vital to the personal growth of every gifted kid--and the adults who care for them. Remember: giftedness is someone you are, not just something you do.




Dr. Jim Delisle has worked for 38 years with gifted children and their advocates. He has written 19 books, including Dumbing Down America and the best-selling Parenting Gifted Kids.


2015 Conference Sponsors

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