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It's been an enjoyable and successful Winter season! My calendar for outdoor exhibits is shrinking and will be non-existent after the Downtown West Palm Beach ArtFest at City Place April 6 & 7. I'll continue to exhibit and sell indoors at several venues...all on my Exhibitions & Festivals webpage. I am considering an outdoor show at the end of May but nothing definite yet.

A one evening exhibition and sale, Art & Soul, which benefits local artists and Business for the Arts of Broward will take place April 11. I am very pleased to have 3 pieces for sale at this most enjoyable event. More information is below.

I'm looking forward to focusing on a new series of paintings in the months ahead. Exhibiting outdoors and at new venues has consumed my time, but it has been worth it.
Latest Painting
Outdoor Shows and Exhibits
Downtown West Palm Beach
Art Festival
Booth number not available until days before.
Art & Soul Art Exhibition
Large Format Reproductions
Two Sea Turtles recently sold as a pair 36x36" each.
Recently sold locally. Custom orders available.
Reproduction Print 36x36"
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Available locally or custom orders available.
Reproduction Print 40x40"
Large format behind 1/4" acrylic
Large format prints are reproductions of my work, enlarged and printed on high quality paper behind 1/4" acrylic glass. These large-format prints are designed for large spaces and appear dimensional because of the thickness of the acrylic. The acrylic gives them a watery feel. Sleek with no need for frames.

Custom sizing is available which will be proportional to the original painting proportions. I can crop for special sizing needs (change a horizontal into a square for instance). Ship anywhere.

There is approximately a 2 week turnaround time.

Contact me with questions or special requests.
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