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Happy Easter!
April, 2018

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Thanks for Welcoming us in Keizer
Thank you for helping us celebrate our new Keizer office location during our Open House on March 15th. Approximately 150 people stopped by to meet our providers (new and old, including Reyna Swift, M.D. who will join our office this summer), chat with product reps, watch live product demos, learn about services, and tour the office.

We are so thrilled to be part of the Keizer community. Check out our Open House night event photos here.
April Specials

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Microneedling gets Results

Microneedling treats fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and improves overall skin texture. At Dermatology Clinic, P.C. we use the Eclipse MicroPen® Elite to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin to aid in the production of collagen and elastin. The skin repair process results in a thicker epidermis with a softer appearance of wrinkles. Curious to know how it works? Check out our video and call to schedule with Katelyn or Julie at our Wilsonville, Salem or Keizer office locations.
How to Get the Red Out
Blog by Julie Miller, R.N.

I f you have unwanted dilated blood vessels or red dots on your face or body, there are some treatment options for you. 

Telangiectasia are small dilated blood vessels, most commonly noted on the face, but can be anywhere. On the legs, we usually call them spider veins. Factors that contribute to them are: genetics, sun/wind exposure, medications, hormones, trauma and steroids. Cherry Angiomas tend to be more circular, various sizes and the larger ones raise up. They are thought to be genetic and harmless but annoying if in the path of a razor where they may bleed.

Back in the day, we used the cattle prod (whoops, no not really) but it is an electrically charged tiny needle that caused vessels to coagulate. (Occasionally we still use this, it is like getting a little zip off the toaster).

Nowadays, however, we are more high tech. In the Keizer office we have the 1064 YAG laser. All lasers are attracted to a specific chromophore, in this case being blood. The energy is attracted to the blood vessel wall causing inflammation and scar tissue. This closes off the vessel and then the body breaks it down and they fade away over a period of about one month. In our Salem office, we have the VBeam laser, that also works on vessels. Swelling and bruising may occur with the Vbeam.  With the YAG you are usually a little pink or a larger vessel may bruise.  
“Don’t I need that blood vessel?" If you have ever seen the Body Worlds exhibit you know the answer. Body Worlds is an exhibit with cadavers and different parts of the body dissected. Super cool, at least to me. My favorite part of the exhibit is the vessels. We have so many that it is a total mesh and you can see the outline of the body part just in vessels.   (OMSI had it a few years ago and it is also at the Luxor in Vegas)

For leg veins the gold standard is sclerotherapy, which is injecting an irritating solution into the unwanted vessel, which like the laser, causes inflammation, scar tissue and the body breaks down the none functioning vessel.  

If you need to get the red out, just let us know.
On a personal note, I know many of my patients have been on the countdown to grandma with me. Well, I am proud to announce baby Liana was born on 3/23 at 7 lbs 4oz. Mommy, Daddy, baby and grandma are all doing well!

Julie Miller , R.N.
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